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NQ: What lies beneath - D

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NQ: What lies beneath - D Empty Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:26 pm

The winds blew roughly around the forgotten cemetary. The necromancer who stood over the grave was busy working his magic to raise the corpses that interested him. Yugo stood at the Gate watching guard. The man had offered him a lot of money to help protect him while he worked. He didnt care about corpses, seeing them as nothing but a dead body, but he did care about having money. He waited bored and sitting on several head stones he had ripped up and made a chair by stacking them ontop of each other. He sighed as he sat cross legged and waited, his tail flicking in annoyance. He had thought some heroes would have come to stop him, yet he had been there for 2 hours and no one had arrived.

But soon enough he would have his fight. A former Rune Knight, Returning to Combat with their old armor and weapon approched the cemetary. He was old, with a White Mustach on his lips. Yugo stood up eagerly, until he saw how old his opponent was. He insulted the mans age, and told him to fuck off and let someone who could stand a chance come and fight him. The man simply smiled and slashed the air with his sword. The attack nearly took Yugos head off as the blade of wind that flew by barely missed him.

“Forgive me lad, Im a little rusty, But rest assured the next attack will take your head off.” Yugos grin grew wide as the vein on his forehead bulged in anger and excitement. He rushed the old man and dodged to the side as another wind blade sailed by him. He slammed his large fist into the mans chest, only to be blocked by the mans blade. The rune knight did slide back, but Yugos hand exploded into a shower of blood. The old man had countered him right as he struck. Yugo laughed and rushed again. He repeatedly punched and attacked the man, and each attack was blocked and countered causing Yugo to be covered in bleeding cuts.

Yugo struggled to stand for a second before he smiled and spoke.

“Insteresting….You’re very interesting!” he Clenched his fist, small spurts of blood shot out of his wounds on his hand as he did. “I didnt think an old geezer like you would be able to push me this far.”

Yugo began to laugh, before regaining his composure. “Sorry...But im honestly very shocked!” He then stretched his body, even as he bled from all the small cuts. He didnt even seem bothered by them anymore. As he strained in a stretch he spoke. “Well then...From here on out old man… Ill be serious. Fighting you seriously… I dont need to hold back, right? I wont bother pulling my punches anymore. I’ll come at you with one hundred percent of my power.”

His mana Overflowed as the necromancer was forced to move away from the fight. He had completed his task and tossed Yugo the sack of Jewels and fled. But Yugo didnt care, He had found a serious fight!

“Now” he took a battle stance, and got ready to charge like a raging bull “Lets have some Fun!”


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