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Quest; Interrogation Tactics

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Quest; Interrogation Tactics Empty on Thu Sep 17, 2020 11:59 am

Yugo smiled to himself as he accepted the balaclava. But he wouldnt need it for very long. He didnt care if the man saw his face. He wanted to be attacked in revenge. But he accepted it anyway, as hed use it to clean his knuckles off when he was done. He had been hired by some crime family to come and beat important information out of him. The door opened and he stepped in, the room was pitch black after the door closed. The light bulb above the mans head turned on as the room was suddenly flooded with bright intense magical light. The man was bound to a chai.

Yugo laughed and roughly removed the gag the man was forced to endure. The spit covered cloth rested against the mans neck as he squinted to clear his blinded eyes. Yugo walked behind the man and placed his massive hands on the mans shoulders.

“Im going to be very honest with you. Im here because I truly enjoy hurting people. I wouldnt trust anyone else to get this imformation except for me. But, Given I need you to answer me regardless, Ill give you one chance.” he messaged the mans shoulders and gripped them tightly before relaxing his grip. He had bruised the mans skin just by squeezing. “Tell me where the Money transport is going down and when. I want full details.”

The man answered by insulting Yugo, and telling him he would never talk. But that only made Yugo grin wide and happily. He leaned close to the mans ear and moved his large hand down his arm and to his fingers and with little effort managed to get the mans middle finger uncurled from the arm of the chair. “He could feel the man struggling to get free of his grip. “People like you are the most fun to Break. Because youve never felt real pain before.” He pulled back on the mans finger with only one of his own. He kept pulling and pulling even as the man began to scream in pain. But he hadnt broken the finger yet. “Its so satisfying toi hear peoples resolve break.” he pulled backla dn snapped the finger in half.

The man screamed in pain. Yugo asked him again, and was again met with an insult and a violently shaking chair. He broke another finger, his ring finger this time. Yugo held the man by the shoulder with his other hand to keep him from shaking. He asked again and when the man chose silence, Yugo broke his hand by snapping the wrist. After a little while longer of torture, and repeatedly asking questions, Yugo left the room and informed his client. The men took down all the information as Yugo pocketed the balaclava and the jewels he was given and left. He was off to Drink and whore himself to sleep tonight. Nothing better then that after a hard days work, except perhaps a Proper fight that was.


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