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Quest: Intimidation tactics

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Quest: Intimidation tactics Empty on Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:59 am

Oaks streets were filled with cowards and ghosts, decided Yugo. The demi-Human made his shirtless way down the street as he took a large swig of whiskey from a large bottle he carried with him. As he did so, the average citizen got out of his way as if they already knew of his anger and tempermental nature. He grinned happily as he saw the Humans cower from him. It made the Demi-Humans pride swell knowing they were in their fearful places. He made his way to the bar where he was directed toward by the mission message. He drained the bottle and tossed it onto the ground behind him as he entered the bar.

He looked at the barkeeper, who wanted to say something. Yugo could see him struggling to keep his words in and not make a mistake. But that only made Yugo curious as to the man he was meeting with. If the mans mere presence was enough to keep him from being yelled at by the owner of a place he must have some serious power in the city. Yugo made his way to the bar and walked behind it. The barkeep just moved out of the way as Yugo grabbed a full bottle of whiskey from the shelf and hopped the counter. He was next to the man he was meetin g finally. He didnt even give his name. He stated the mission and how to do it then told Yugo to get going.

The demi-human left without arguing. He was curious about this man but he didnt want to lose out on a job because of his own nature. He made his way across the street and entered the shop. It was a quiet day for the storekeeper who, at first was excited to hear the door open. However he shortly became very afraid once he saw the large humanoid standing in his store. Yugo smiled and Drank some of the stolen booze, before casually walking by the shelves, pouring the booze onto the items as he walked to the counter.

Yugo hadnt expected the man to pull a gun from behind the counter, let alone did he expect him to fire it at him. But he caught the metal ball between his teeth as the gunpowder smoke faded. He grinned and spat the bullet out before grabbing the gun from the mans hands and breaking it in half. He pressured the man into giving him his word and sliding it into an envelop.

“See? Its easy when you just listen. I wont burn your store down this time, But if they tell me you havnt paid them within the week ill make sure you lose an arm and your store.” he pat the man on the back and left as the shopkeeper collapsed from fear. He returned to the bar and gave the man the envelop. He took the bag of jewels and waved to the barkeep as he left with a smile on his face. He would need to get that kinda power one day, where he could do what ever he wanted without anyone getting involved.


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