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Sieg to Oak (travel)

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Sieg to Oak (travel) Empty on Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:57 am

The mountain path was empty pf anything besides rocks and other stupid things. Yugo couldnt eat anything he saw, and as such he didnt care for it. He made his way down the road, only to be jumped by a wild beast. The Goblin like creature uncurled from, a rock and attacked him with a fierceness that only made Yugo excited. It slammed into him, making him slide back as it tried to overpower him by sheer strength. However yugo didnt allow that to happen. He threw the beast to the side and laughed as he felt his muscles burn.

He jumped in the same spot for a few seconds, getting as limber as he could before the beast could recover. The creature turned and growled at him, as Yugo let loose a roar, before rushing into battle against the fierce creature.

Soon, Yugo was making his way down the road again, biting into the raw flesh of the monster he had klilled as he walked. It didnt matter if it was cooked or not, hed still eat it. He laughed happily, even though he was heavily injured himself. He didnt care, He would heal. All that mattered was that he won.

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