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Alice Duranndal

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#1Alice Duranndal 

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Alice Duranndal


Name: Alice Valentine Duranndal

Nickname: Katt or Valentine

Age: 19 July 18th x770
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning lesbian

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan raised Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: Right outer Thigh

Face: Momiji Inubashiri - Touhou project


Height: 1.46 meters

Weight: 65kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Golden

Overall: Alice is a nekomata, having two perky ears on her head and short bob like hairstyle. Her feline tail was more of the bushier type, deviant of her cat like heritage. Always wearing joyan garb. Always wearing a style of yukata, the armpieces reaching down to cover her arms fully, attacked by strings to the main torso piece.Wearing sport shorts underneath and a black back attacked to her waist. Her limbs were humanoid but half of her limb length was more animalistc, being covered in soft, silky white fur. having soft pawpads on her palms and feet. She kimono is tied together with a crimson floral sash.



Personality: Alice, being born in joya, having stayed there most of her life, she tends to be more ignorant to other cultures of the world, alway curious to learn but quick to anger, she has a short temper, taking the motto Fight first, think later to a literal meaning. Having spent little time in a romantic relationship, she tends to be ignorant of others need and greedy at time, if she sees treasure she wont hesitate to snatch it away from anyone who tries to claim it. Having a opposite personality compared to other bushido. Having no patience, doing things the way she wants, no matter what others say. She loves to party and is quite a heavy drinker.

Alice has a tendency to follow her instinct more offten then others, chasing shimmering lights and have the urge to chase rodents. Able to resist most of her instincts at times, but when she is relaxing, not a care in the world she will chase her instinct with a happy grin on her face. When drunk however she is the laughing type, Having a more mellowed attitude when drunk. She wont stop poking and playing with others, becoming more mischievous as the more she drinks.


  • Sleeping: Alice loves sleeping more then anything else, thinking a nice cat nap leaves her in a blissful state. Always dreaming of her adventures, treasure,and food.

  • Her cousin:  Alice has adored her cousin since she was a kit, seeing how they different races, her cousin when they were visiting studied her out of curiousity, the attention made her happy.


  • Snakes: She has a deep seated hatred for snakes, finding them worst then actual devils with how they slither and slimey they are. She would completly destroy a place to rid of snakes.

  • Waiting:  Due to her impatient attitude, waiting for something was pure hell to her, Having such a short attention span as well doesn't help that she get distracted by the smallest movement.


  • The thrill of adventure: Having no true life goal, she just wishes to travel around and live how she wishes. Traveling doing her iwn thing, following her own whims.


  • Being contained: Alice having the adventurous attitude she does, hates confinement, let it be prison, a normal cage, being unable to move, or being captured as a slave, all kinds of confinement she hates.

  • Angering her cousin: She knows how dangerous it is to anger her cousin, knowing how she was as a kid, the fear only grew and grew as they grew older, not knowing if she grew up to be like her parents, aka Alice's uncle and aunt.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 6

Speed: 11

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Magic Swordsmanship

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Holder magic; Swords

Magic Description: The magic makes it possible to use darkness swordsmanship, slashing the wourd with darkness. Sending shockwaves of darkness in many ways, using darkness mixed with the element of darkness. It is possible to use another element with this magic, once obtained the enhancement for double or triple element.
Offensive, Self-Buff, Supplementary and Debuffs type spells.


History: Alice's father moved to Joya to reconnect with his roots,Having being adopted by a, going by the name Nine Duranndal.
After having settled down and met a nice nekomata women, they had a childed named Alice Valentine Durandal. Being given a fioran style name, she was raised happily, meeting her cousin only occasionally but those were the best times of her childhood.
Her cousin reading to her when they were visiting was the best, it sparked her ideals of an adventure which did give quite an impact on her future. Being in love with treasure, not the kind of treasure one would expect, nothing like gold, gems and valuables. She saw treasure  as things she gained from an adventure, let it be a piece of enemy gear, or something a child gave her for saving them. This caused her to be more rampant tho in her childhood, getting into trouble far more, her mother loving her but frowned on how she acted, being groomed into a samurai like her, but the way she acts is the opposite, lacking any restraint in the sorts.

As a child she was hurt alot, thinking of it like a battle wound, making the even smallest moment such a big event for her, idolizing such adventuers within fiore. She aspired to set out on a journey for herself. Spending the days training swordsmanship inheriting the magical ability from her father, developing a talent for darkness. Working on that, she developed a method of sword fighting that also uses darkness to attack, Learning the Joyan art of Ki, she was able to sense more things then just mana, able to walk blindly with grace. After years of practice she had set out, set on joining a guild to help her along hoping to one day reunite with her cousin and have glorious adventures.

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Ello, I'll be grading your application. ~

First: Please put in your magic description that you may only do: Offensive, Self-Buff, Supplementary and Debuffs.

Second: Two fears please.~ It can be something silly even.

#3Alice Duranndal 

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Alice Duranndal
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Fioran : 00ffff
Joyan : ff66ff

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This application has been approved

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