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Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko]

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Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko] Empty on Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:15 am

In many regards, the darker streets of any established city were somewhat alike parts of the frozen tundra. Where the deep shade cast by looming buildings onto the narrow streets offer little in terms of sunlight and warmth, and the deep scowls and hardened faces that were present along the denizens of these parts of town were seemingly indistuishale to those of nomadic tribesmen. In that respect, Caelynn found herself somewhat at home through the unknown streets that stretched before her. Having arrived to coastal country of Fiore some weeks ago, she had managed to find herself aimlessly walking through the lands, having arrived in Oak Town two days ago.

Her lips tight and her brows furrowed, the soft expression that the Half Elf cast was one of determination. Wearing a simple, well worn light blue travelling cloak, she briskly made her way through the streets. She was on the hunt for a younger male, the cretin having snuck into the open window of the room she was staying in and had taken her armour and swords from her homeland. Whilst they had seen years of use and were of little worth to anyone looking to fence them, she felt oddly vulnerable without the heavy metal that had once coated her body.

#2Ko Lesalt 

Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko] Empty on Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:02 am

Ko Lesalt

It was something of a lazy day for Ko, as he'd decided to take a break from strenuous training to walk around the city and familiarize himself with it a bit better. Thus far, the most Ko had become acquainted with in the city was the food stalls. In fact, he was carrying what the locals called a Chimney Donut, and while he wasn't usually one to enjoy overly sweet foods, he had to admit that it was a decent treat. It was certainly better then the food they'd had available up in Sieghart. Those people were too accustomed to living lean.

Unfortunately, Ko's enjoyment of his food didn't last. As he was passing by an alleyway, a small body suddenly dashed out, colliding with him at full running speed. Ko, naturally, was hardly even thrown off balance, as he was very solidly built. However, his donut was not so lucky, and it found its way down to the ground same as the older child that found himself stumbling to the ground. "Aw cripes, did I run into a horse?" A child's voice reached Ko's ears, and he looked down at the perpetrator that had ruined his treat. Ko knew a pickpocket when he saw one; the boy looked like a street urchin from head to toe.

Without missing a beat, Ko leaned down and grabbed the back of the boy's shirt, lifting him up into the air with one hand so the child was eye level with him. "HEY! HEY LET GO OF...me..." The child's yelling died immediately upon making eye contact with Ko. "You oughta watch where you're running kid." Of course, to an outside observer, this probably looked like Ko was bullying a small child, but Ko wasn't horribly concerned over it. He was, however, unaware that the little altercation already had an audience, not too far away.



Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko] Empty on Mon Sep 14, 2020 4:00 am

The hunt for the young thief was soon to come to a close as a certain amount of ruckus trumpeted farther up along the narrow, winding streets. Held in the hands of a dark-haired man, was the young boy. His arms flailing as he found himself lifted up into the air. There was a tense air about the two, which Caelynn was able to pick up on even from where she stood and the sudden aversion of eyes from the other surrounding men and women caused an instinctive reaction from Caelynn.

Darting forwards, her hands reaching towards her side, the blonde-haired Icebergian managed to close the gap her eyes caught towards the taller man's. Comparatively, the Half-Elf was dwarfed by almost an entire foot of height. Her lips still pressed tightly together, she resisted the urge to flinch as her hands grabbed at nothing but air, her blade having been stolen earlier that morning, she was left with little in terms of defence and offence.

"I have business with this boy," she stated, straightening herself up as she crouched into a battle stance. She spoke with a quiet tone, her soft accent matched her facial expression. Despite the thief's presence, her instincts told her to focus on the massive man before her.


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Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko] Empty on Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:08 am

Ko Lesalt

As irritated as Ko was by the loss of his snack, he wasn't an utter cretin who would assault a child for the sake of it. Of course, that didn't mean that others wouldn't look at the situation and assume the worst. Before Ko could finish chastising the child in his hand, he was interrupted yet again, this time by a passerby. Ko turned his attention to the woman immediately upon hearing her speak, yellow eyes raking over her in a flash. From her tone Ko had anticipated some kind of confrontation, but his immediate assessment showed that she was entirely unarmed.

Figuring the woman wasn't a threat, he smirked and looked back at the kid. To his surprise, the boy was looking back and forth between the two of them, clearly not at all relieved that the woman had interceded on his behalf. It was almost enough to make Ko laugh. "Ho~oh, isn't that interesting? You've been doing more than just bumping into people haven't you?" Ko set the child down in front of the woman, purposely keeping the boy between her and himself. He wasn't going to let the kid take off; this was an entertaining distraction if nothing else. Although the young boy looked nervous, there was an undercurrent in his posture Ko recognized. The little street urchin had spirit, at the very least.



Blameshift - [Quest; Caelynn & Ko] Empty on Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:01 am

Her eyes continued to lock with those of the man before her, the menacing air that surrounded him was a stifling. Easing her posture, recognising the difference in strength between the two of them, Caelynn reached a hand out towards the young boy's shoulder, giving the dark-haired man a nod. "I would rather no trouble," she spoke quietly, her eyes almost unblinking. The boy, immediately recoiling from her touch, would find that her grip would tighten on him. It would have been clear that she wasn't going to allow him to run away from her again.

With a sudden jerk reaction from his elbow, however, Caelynn's hand released as she felt her side flare up in pain. Gritting her teeth, her composure lessening for a brief a moment, she shot her foot out to her side, tripping the young boy to the ground. Standing over him, she broke eye contact with the man. Grabbing the boy by the back of his collar, she hoisted him to his feet. "I appreciate you catching this thief, he has stolen what is mine," she explained, her brows furrowing as she looked at the young man.

"Return my blade and armour," she ordered. Despite the quiet nature of her voice, she spoke with all of the authority that a warrior would.


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