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Name: Caelynn

Age: August 15th, X746. (43)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right Shoulder

Face: Okita Souji, Fate/Grand Order


Height: 1.64m

Weight: 69.3kg

Hair: Caelynn's blonde hair naturally falls down to the ends of her shoulder blades, ending in a rough, self-trimmed manner. Whilst travelling within a settlement, she tends to tie her hair back into a simple ponytail, framing her face and forehead with her front. Whilst in combat or when donning armour, she'll keep her hair in a tight bun, keeping all of her hair to the back of her head. Her hair is regularly washed, but beyond staving away the grease and grime of an adventuring and travelling lifestyle, it is largely left unmanaged.

Eyes: Icy Water Blue, large,

Overall: Still within her first century, Caelynn is still within the height of her youthful strength, having yet to reach her physical peak. Her body, whilst far from battle-scarred bares the trademark signs and tells of someone who lived in life without much comfort. Her palms are notably hardened and calloused from wielding weaponry from a young age and the rest of her body seemingly lacks the delicate nature that many city-dwellers tend to possess.

Across her body are old and faded scars from her life of hardship and labour. Despite these markings marring her body, she has no issue with displaying them and discussing their origins with anyone curious enough. The general air about her is one of confidence and pleasantness, a rare trait of someone born within the wind-wrought tundra of Iceberg. Caelynn speaks with a soft and quiet tone of voice, more often displaying her emotions through facial expressions and thoughtful glances than openly emoting through her voice.

She has a resting smile and despite her quiet voice, she enjoys sinking hearty songs. Oftentimes, she'll be found with deep bags under her eyes, as her experience of having to be alert whilst resting has left her in a state of constantly teetering between sleep and wake instead of getting a full rest.

She possesses a strong, muscular body, the likes of which could be found on many hirelings and heavy mercenaries. No stranger to daily exercise and tough climates, she is rare to find herself under heavy physical duress or find herself perspiring to any major degree unless properly pushed into action.

Extra: She has multiple piercings running through her ears and small, faded scars line various parts of her muscular body.


Personality: A kind and brave heart is a trait that was seemingly instilled into Caelynn form birth. Her father had told her many times that she was born with a soft smile on her face, despite the chilling climates that surrounded her. Having continued on throughout the remainder of her lifetime, the Icebergian Half-Ef has found herself constantly seeking to do right by herself and those around her, a trait which has gotten her into many more scraps and brawls than she would have liked to have been apart of.

Despite this, she was born and raised under the guiding hand of her father; Calder, with his serious and stern worldviews. Through this, she has adopted the ideology of a warrior of the Wild Tundras of Iceberg. Having lived a life as a mercenary, she has grown accustomed to the wider world, being far more accepting and adaptive than many others of her kind.

Regarding her Half-Elven heritage, she bares no large resentment for the odd glances and vile comments made her way, as the majority of her community would have judged her on her strength and prestige in combat, rather than that of her blood. However, having never heard stories of her Mother from her late Father, she has always questioned who she may have been and the relationship they must have once had.


  • Winter: Having grown up surrounded by the ever stretching blanket of snow, Caelynn finds a semblance of longing to venture towards any snow-capped haven that her travels may take her towards. The soft crunch resounding from beneath her feet is something that she finds always takes her back to happier times trekking the hinterlands with her Father.
  • Fire-Roasted Masked Okapi: Her favourite food, a root-based stew that can be mixed with almost any of the indigenous fish of Iceberg. Saltier than what most would be comfortable with and certainly lacking in any fiery spices, this pungent dish is one that Caelynn lives to eat. As something of a survivalist herself, she'll tend to recreate this dish using the local herbal roots and game, experimenting with the varying properties and tastes, hoping to match its filling and thick broth.


  • Extravagance: Having been born and raised beneath a Mercenary banner, Caelynn is someone who has lived on the opposite end of decadence. From her point of view, those that are able to afford the luxury of hiring sellswords are those that lack the convictions to become a warrior.
  • Deserts: The arid deserts are the antithesis of anyone who grew up within the frozen frontier of Iceberg. Being unable to cope with the sweltering heat and the grainy texture and nature of sands, Caelynn tends to find herself become uncharacteristically antsy and whiney when placed in such a setting.


  • The Way of the Warrior: Seemingly born from her Father's own convictions, mixed with the lingering teachings that had taken hold from her Joyan Mother, Caelynn lives to walk the Way of the Warrior; believing that is the best path suited to her reach the Halls of Enlightenment. Through this, she takes strides in order to live life with honour and dedication to mastering her mind, body and soul.


  • Memory Loss: During the final throes of his life, Calder, her Father, had begun losing many fragments of his memory, something which he lamented as he began forgetting the origins of his many markings alongside the faces of those he had slain in battle and had promised to remember. This left a large impression for Caelynn, leaving her with a deep-seated fear.


Strength: 7

Speed: 2

Constitution: 8

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 2


Magic Name: Warrior's Spirit Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn

Magic Description: A spell form that's meant to act as an overall supplement to Caelynn's fighting style, By augmenting her weapons strikes, empowering her muscles and being able to conjure additional supplementary abilities, she's able to strengthen herself in order to reach new heights in combat.

In essence, the ability relies on the usage of Self-Buffs in order to better enhance her physical stats, allowing her momentary bursts of power during a fight in order to obtain better advantages against enemies. Through offensive skills, she can acquire powerful spells to allow her to perform deadly melee techniques, such as elongating her blade's length and strength or even performing slashes through the air.

Combining the offensive nature of a warrior with the utilitarian needs required of them, the Warrior's Spirit Magic allows for a mix between the two roles that feature prominently within a vagabond's life.


History: Having been born during the rising of the morning sun during a particularly nasty snowstorm within the snowcapped frontier of Iceberg, the young Half-Elf would find that her life would be met with little comfort beyond the heat of a campfire. From the moment she was born, she found that the first face that she had met would be the one that she would spend most of her time with. That being her father; Calder. A man of very few words and those that he did manage to muster tended towards life lessons. Her mother, as she found, would be a figure of mystery throughout her life, as she had left sometime after her birth. The image of her Mother's face was absent from her memory and her Father refused to speak anything of her.

Throughout the rest of her life, she was trained in the art of the warrior, having been apart of a Mercenary Guild, living the life of a nomadic sellsword. Hanging off of the words and lessons of her father, she saw herself not only as his daughter but as his protegé too. Training fiercely, Caelynn has become the fierce warrior she is today through the many battles and skirmishes that she had fought alongside the band of brothers she had formed.

Her life, for as long as Half-Elves tended to live, seemingly was destined to follow the trails of bloodshed and warfare, until the political skirmishes and disarray that plagued her motherland seemed to finally erupt, causing large-scale battles amongst the nomadic tribes. Hers was caught in it and during one of these battles, her clan met its end, with her father receiving a grievous wound to his head.

In the two years that followed, Caelynn watched as her aged Human father began to grow weak and fall into the throes of memory loss and illness. Doing her best, with what little care skills that she had possessed, she made sure that the last years of her father's life were as pleasant as they could be.

Now alone in the world, the warrior left her homeland in pursuit of new horizons in order to achieve a form of spirit that her father had once told her of. Her travels bringing her to adventure-filled lands of Fiore.

Reference: None


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