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The Star [Tarot]

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"So this city does sleep..." Ezekiel spoke to himself. All day he had been wandering around the city of Hosenka all alone, without anyone to keep him company. This was the first time he had ever seen the city so empty. Usually, people were up and about at all times of the night here. Suddenly, however, it seemed as if everyone was too quiet to party. Ezekiel liked it this way. His sudden frustration with humans made it hard for him to feel anything but anger when he was around them. It didn't help that there were so many of them, like a group of flies around a big pile of poop. In this case Hosenka was the poop and the humans were the flies. No matter how many times you dodged or swatted them away they kept coming back for more. It was so annoying, to say the least. With a sigh, the Wood-Elf ran his fingers through his hair. He had to get his mind right. Nothing would ever be the same. The more he thought about how big of a loss he took, the more upset he became. Now was not the time to think about things that he could not fix. As he strolled through the city he couldn't help but notice how bright the stars were tonight. Ezekiel threw his head back. His arms folded across his chest as his fingers lightly caressed his shoulders. There was nobody to hug him and tell him that everything would be okay so he subconsciously hugged himself. In the stars though, he felt safe. For some reason, he felt as though the stars were welcoming him. The Savannan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, dropping his head forward as he strolled. He focused on the sound of the crickets and not of the sound of people in their houses. Anger was not going to help him now. That was Mlezi's thing.



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What was his purpose? This was the only question that troubled the mind of young Ezekiel. With his companion no longer amongst the living, he found it hard for him to understand the direction that his god was pushing him in. Aizo had never failed him. Although the answers to his questions were never answered when he needed them most, Aizo always pulled through. For so long he thought that his existence meant keeping Aizo alive but how could he do that if Mlezi wasn't here to keep him alive? His ancestors believed that the stars had the answers. They believed that the stars were all the questions beings of the living asked but they also represented all the questions that went unanswered. Was the answer to his question in the sky above him? The Desiertan reached towards the skies as if he was trying to grab it. With a sigh, he dropped his head. He hadn't really given himself the time to reflect on this past week. It was for a good reason too. If he did, chances were he would break out into tears. Alas, here alone, he figured that it was the best time to weep for all that was lost. His family was gone, his best friend was gone and now there was just him. Ezekiel had never felt so lonely. This world was cold and harsh and he understood that compared to the vast majority of people, he was lucky to have had people who cared about his well being for so long. He had a duty to be grateful to all that he had. For the sake of all those who couldn't experience the luxury of family, he had to be strong. It was becoming harder for him to move on with that strength though. It was becoming harder for him to understand anything. The light breeze picked up and suddenly evolved into an angrier breeze. The season was changing and if he remembered correctly the world was in retrograde. Maybe that was why he felt this way...hopeless.



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When the saddened former Fairy Tail mage lifted his head, he realized that he was walking right into starlight parade. The beauty of the stars mixed with the nature around him made for the perfect reflection spot. If he didn't know any better he'd say that this place was magical in the literal sense of the word. It seemed like the stars here were more vibrant than any other place in Hosenka city. The Elf walked deeper into the parade, finding the softest patch of grass and dropping his body to the floor. There he lay, gazing upon the dancing balls of light in space. "I am in need of direction..." he began once his body was spread out on the grass. "I do not understand why I am to spread love amongst beings who would much rather embrace the darkness of hate." The stars would keep his secrets. The stars would listen to his feelings and never tell a soul. They would not leave him even in daylight and they most definitely would not betray them. The stars were his only friends. "Humans are destroying each other. They are destroying the very earth. How can I protect life if the ones killing it are roaming freely every day?" He asked. The Savannan balled his fists up as his rage crept upon him. "The truth is... I was told to love an entire race of people who I did not know. Now...I can not find it in my heart to appreciate them. What do they offer the world besides violence and death?" They were offering nothing else. "I do not know if this anger is turning into hate, but I know for certain that they do not even love themselves. Mlezi was taken from me because of this society. They endorse battle and blood. They enjoy it, and they do not even think twice about the world. They do not appreciate her beauty or the fact that she does not hesitate to give them life." For a moment he closed his eyes. "Am I wrong for believing that they are the problem? Am I wrong for thinking...that in order to protect the earth, someone must destroy them all?"



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"Not at all, child."

Ezekiel turned behind him quickly. Someone was here. Someone was listening. The Elf was completely caught off guard but when he turned there was nobody to see. The most he could see were the buildings that stretched on the streets behind Starlight Parade. The young elf quickly looked around for the source of the voice. He could not find a single person in sight. The strangest thing about the voice was that it also spoke in Desiertan. Though the Elven mage was born and raised in Savannah, his mother was from Desierto and taught him the language. Not once did he come across a person so fluent in the language. That alone was enough to raise concern. "Who's there?! Reveal yourself or I will not be so kind!" Slowly the former Fairy Tail mage grabbed his bow. After certain unexpected events, he was on edge. Sweat dripped from his forehead as his eyes darted to and fro. Nobody answered. Was it all in his head? Lately, it seemed like the world had been putting him in expected situations. It was probably foolish of him to believe that he could control everything that happened to him. The best thing he could do right now was to breathe. Ezekiel hadn't slept all day, so perhaps his lack of rest was getting to him. Taking a deep breath, he calmed his nerves. Then, he lowered himself back onto the ground before crossing his legs. His bow, however, would not leave the palm of his hand. "Perhaps I just need to grieve." he whispered to himself. "I am still here, boy." There the voice was again. The brown boy jumped to his feet and aimed his bow forward. He didn't know where this voice was coming from but now he was sure that there was someone or even something here.



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"Look up"

The voice said gently. Something in Ezekiel told him not to be afraid. Although he had every reason to react impulsively, he found himself at ease as he slowly looked into the sky. The stars continued to dance but now something was a little different. One of the stars in the sky seemed to be shining brighter than the others. It was a beautiful picture to behold. A work of art, really. This very same star seemed to be moving closer and closer as if now, it was trying to reach out to the elf. Zeke's eyes widened, unsure how to react at this moment. The young elf was in awe but...this was by far the most interesting thing he had seen. As the bright light came closer, it slowly began to change shape into what seemed to be a woman. The woman was was bronze-toned, with an afro. Her body was curvy, and although she seemed to be alive the Desiertan mage could tell that she was not amongst the living. He dropped his bow and fixed his posture as the figure then placed herself in front of him. "Who are you?" He asked. Those three words seemed to be the only words he could muster the courage to speak. For all he knew, she was a wicked spirit here to claim his soul...yet he felt so at home in front of her. "Hello child. My name is Safiya. It is a pleasure to meet you at last." She smiled. Her smile was as bright as the gold fabric upon her skin. Her hair was cut short and atop of her head was a circlet holding a turquoise stone. Ezekiel gulped before taking a step back. "Do not fret, Ezekiel. I assure you that I am a friend." She knew his name? "H-how do you know my name? Why are you here? I've never heard of a Safiya." The woman laughed, taking a step forward. "I know everything about you. You are me."


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Safiya was a beautiful woman, and she was obviously Desiertan so when she said she was him, he wasn't taken back by surprise. In fact, he knew that as an Ainko he was a reincarnation of the Ainko's before him. It was possible that Safiya was an Ainko herself before but why would she reveal herself to him now? "You were an Ainko..." he said aloud in Desiertan. The woman nodded, still keeping her warm bright smile. She was strong, Ezekiel could feel it. "Correct. Though I no longer identify as an Ainko, you are correct." That was enough to raise concern. Being an Ainko was the greatest honor, he thought. "Hm? Are you not honored to be respected amongst all of our people?" He asked. "Why?" The woman chuckled and shook her head. Obviously the young elven mage didn't know something in particular. "That's exactly why I'm here. There are things that you should know as an Ainko. Things that I discovered too late in my life to do anything about." Safiya stepped forward elegantly, her demeanor becoming a lot more serious as she closed in on him. "You are not what you think you are, child. You may want to sit while I elaborate.: She told him. Ezekiel gulped and slowly sat himself down. He didn't know exactly what was happening, but the more he knew the better. "I am Safiya, the seventh Ainko. I am from Desierto originally but was moved to Savannah for training. As the second female Ainko in history, the elders believed that I had to be protected a lot more than the other Ainkos, which meant I could not do much. I learned the history of our people, I learned the languages of all lands until it was time for me to Ascend. However, the more I learned, the more Aizo's story and origin didn't add up. I asked questions... too many questions which resulted in my death. I am unable to tell you the details of that story because I was cursed. Even in death, I am not free of it. However, what I can tell you is that I fled the village before my ascension period. I wanted to make sure that what I was doing was for a righteous reason. The elders never explained to me what I was, only that I had a duty as a portion of Aizo to protect the Ainkens so that they could continue to serve them. I don't blame them though because I later learned that even they did not know the truth of Aizo." Ezekiel's eyes widened. "Wh-what? What are you saying...?"



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Ezekiel felt like Safiya's lack of details was making it hard for him to understand her point. She seemed to be opposing the religion of Aizo though and that made him slightly uncomfortable. After all, Zeke had dedicated his life to serving Aizo and protecting his people. He made his purpose to continue to do only as Aizo wished after his people vanished. This whole meeting was making him uneasy. He feared that what he was about to learn was going to change too many things. "I traveled to a sacred pyramid in Fiore. I am unable to tell you why the pyramid is in this country, but if you want to learn more you need to go. I have denounced Aizo as my god but the mission of the Ainko- the purpose we've been taught we have- is still a righteous one but it's up to you to determine if you will follow Aizo. Find the pyramid and you will be rewarded with knowledge none before you have been able to obtain. Being an Ainko is far from what you believe it is." Ezekiel's eyes moved away from Safiya. Hinting from her words, all that he thought he knew was a lie. "When you reached the Pyramid, did you successfully obtain this knowledge?" His eyes slowly moved back to meet hers. She towered over him like a goddess but she was not one. "No..." she shook her head. Her eyes pierced the elf's heart and spoke more than she needed to. From that moment, Ezekiel knew how dangerous this Pyramid was. Putting two and two together, he concluded that the Pyramid is where she died. "I... I don't know if I can do it. If you were unable to get ahold of this knowledge then I doubt that I can." Safiya looked away. She thought for a moment. "The truth is, you and I...we both carry a portion of Aizo's power. That is not a lie. I am you and you are me. I can help you obtain that knowledge if you are willing to take the risk."



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What risk could Safiya have been referring to? How could she help him? From what Ezekiel gathered, Aizo was real but he wasn't exactly the same person that the Ainkens made him out to be. There was no doubt that Ezekiel needed to hear about all of this himself. If there was a source who could reveal the truth- a source besides Safiya to confirm that this all was true- then Ezekiel needed to take the risk. "H-how can you help me?" He asked hesitantly. Safiya looked at the ground, turning away from the younger elf as she began to think. "We would become one. We would merge and become of one mind, body, and soul. I would exist as you. For me, it is a form of death yet in it, a form of life. I would be freed from this curse and once again amongst the living." The Desiertan Elf raised an eyebrow. His jaws clenched as he balled his fist, wondering what power would come from this. "Your power would become mine also, then..." He said. "Yes. Whatever powers you already possess would be amplified in some way." "And I would have complete control over my body still, correct?" His eyes scrolled up to Safiya. She nodded lightly. "Our personalities and appearances would merge. We would become one... I...I do not mean to pressure you. If you are unc-" "Let's do it." Ezekiel's tone suddenly changed. He was sure that this was what he wanted. He would still be himself...just better. He had nothing left to lose anyway. Safiya smiled warmly. She took a moment to allow Ezekiel to brace himself, then she would float forward slowly. Soon the distance between them would be mere inches. The elven boy looked her directly in her eyes, nervous about what was about to happen but ultimately excited. The goddess-like woman slowly lifted her hand and placed it gently upon Zeke's cheek. "Relax..." she whispered. "You have nothing to fear."



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The woman's hand was soft and warm. Just the touch was able to calm Ezekiel's nerves. Something about this though, seemed surreal. As she touched his face suddenly the stars above them began to glow even brighter and the winds picked up around them. Still, Ezekiel was calmed as Safiya's hand remained upon his cheek. He felt safe. It was true that despite all he knew of the world from constant studying, having been protected by his people for so long only gave him anxiety as he roamed the lands of Fiore. Especially now that Mlezi was no longer with him and considering all the had learned in a matter of moments from this Desiertan woman before him, he felt completely lost really. He was afraid. Safiya slowly shifted her hand under Ezekiel's chin, then lightly lifted his face. Ezekiel looked into her beautiful brown eyes and saw years of pain and trauma. However, he could see just a hint of darkness in her eyes. The darkness that wasn'texactly off-putting. In fact, the darkness seemed necessary. Then, something strange happened. Safiya began to lean in to Ezekiel with her lips puckered. Almost as if it was happening in slow motion, Ezekiel braced for impact. He wanted to move away but for some reason his body seemed to be planted into the ground. To deny that he didn't feel an odd attraction to her regardless, would be him lying to himself and so he closed his eyes to embrace what was coming. The lips of Saifya pressed against his lips. Her tongue slipped through her mouth and parted his own lips, connecting with his tongue as the two began to swap saliva and exchange energy.



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As both Desiertan elves kissed, their bodies began to glow. Safiya's body began to glow vibrant golden energy while Ezekiel's own body began to glow a vibrant green. The stars began to move closer and closer to both beings as if they somehow had a magnetic pull. For a moment the two both felt like stars. The heat between them grew and the winds around them began to pick up blowing dust, creatures, and everything else away from them. A ringing noise began to sing from the stars as they closed in on them. Both bodies began to levitate as they held space. Then, Saifya broke away from Ezekiel smiling as the two began to circle each other. Ezekiel was incapable of feeling anything. He was incapable of reacting to this moment because right now he seemed to be at peace. Safiya's body pressed against Zeke's once more but this time she began to enter his own body. This was the merging process. Ezekiel screamed out in pain as he felt her twisting and turning inside him. It was as if she was trying to get comfortable. He felt his bones snapping and his limbs stretching. His body was shifting while he was awake and the pain was nearly unbearable. The stars closed in until finally they surrounded his body. He stretched hisarms out, the stars danced around him creating a great amount of light. As moments passed the light generated from the stars began to increase until little by little his eyesight had become blurrier and blurrier. The stars completely blinding him and the ringing sound defeaned him. Then there was nothing. Ezekiel blacked out.


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