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Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt) Empty on Thu 10 Sep - 9:39

Ko Lesalt

It seemed that Ko's reputation was truly beginning to precede him. He hadn't even been in Oak City for a week before he'd received a message from an anonymous party that was interested in securing his assistance for a job. The messenger was a professional at the very least, though Ko had seen the sweat on the man's forehead when he'd seen Nantosuelta for the first time. Even if Ko himself wasn't intimidating enough, having a Flamewyrm on standby did wonders for keeping people polite. Considering the job was for some of the local 'flavor', Ko didn't see a problem in at least meeting the man.

The location the messenger lead Ko to was fairly mundane at first glance, being your run of the mill cafe for travellers and locals. It wasn't until Ko was lead into the back that he started to piece together what he was getting into. In the back room of the cafe he met a man in a suit who introduced himself as Frankie Marino. Ko could tell immediately that this man was more accustomed to dealing with people like Ko, as his nerves weren't apparent at a glance. He seemed calm and eager to begin talks.

Without wasting much time, Frankie explained who he worked for and why he'd asked to speak to Ko. He knew about the previous work Ko had done, both the violent and the not-so-violent. This time, he was hoping to make use of both. He explained that there were a couple of outsiders that had moved into Oak City's territory recently, and were trying to make moves on family owned businesses in the area. Frankie couldn't let something like that go without interceding, but he was also having difficulty getting people together who could handle the outsiders. They clearly weren't the typical muscle hired by their competitors. Thus, he was asking Ko to get involved.


#2Ko Lesalt 

Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt) Empty on Thu 10 Sep - 9:40

Ko Lesalt

It certainly sounded like the kind of work Ko enjoyed, but then Frankie insisted that Ko not kill the men. He needed Ko to follow the men unnoticed, reassure the businesses they threatened that the men would be dealt with, and then show them that their activities had been noticed in order to force them out. As Frankie said, he needed Ko's work history, both of the violence and the not-violent parts. Naturally, what the man was suggesting was more difficult than just killing them, but he was willing to pay a premium for Ko to leave them alive. Honestly, he had no good reasons not to accept the job.

Ko agreed to Frankie's terms, shaking the man's hand firmly before getting up and walking out of the back room. The messenger outside informed Ko of the last business to receive a visit from the outsiders, and suggested Ko wait there for them. It didn't take long for Ko to find the place the messenger was talking about, and he took up a spot outside to wait for the men to arrive. It was slow going, as it didn't seem as though the men were all that worried about making good time.

Eventually, Ko finally spotted the two men Frankie had described moving towards the business in question. Waiting until they were out of sight and inside, Ko held out a hand towards the ground, conjuring a violet magic circle. Dark magic seeped up out of his shadow to encase him, fading his body out until he was nearly invisible. Between the plentiful shade and some creative maneuvering, he'd have no trouble hiding from the two men inside. Quietly, he slipped inside the business to hear what the two men had to say to the owner. They wouldn't see what hit them.


#3Ko Lesalt 

Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt) Empty on Thu 10 Sep - 9:40

Ko Lesalt

Sure enough, the moment he snuck inside he heard some very interesting things. The two men were indeed trying to force the business to start handing over money for protection, but the intriguing part was that they were doing it in the name of Vincenze Tessio, the boss of the guy who had hired Ko in the first place. Normally that kind of thing would stink of a power move inside their organization, but after what Frankie had explained it was easy to see just what exactly these men were doing.

They weren't interested in actually getting money from the business, that much was becoming clear the longer Ko listened. Instead, they seemed more concerned with hammering home that Vincenze was suddenly deciding to change the way the family was doing business. Naturally the business owner was upset, angry even when the two men refused to back down and insisted that this was how things were going to be. In the end, however, the men were throwing around weight that didn't belong to them, and the business owner had to back down. They said they'd be back later for the money, and left.

Before they could get too far, Ko moved up to the counter and approached the business owner, his form still mostly obfuscated by magic. For a moment it seemed like the man was afraid that Ko was there to attack him, but as soon as Ko started speaking he seemed to understand that wasn't the case. Ko explained in even terms that the men didn't work for Vincenze, that their agreement hadn't changed, and that those men wouldn't be returning to bother anyone again. The owner was understandably thankful, but Ko didn't stick around to hear his thankful outburst. He wasn't here to make friends or neighbors, just to do a job.


#4Ko Lesalt 

Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt) Empty on Thu 10 Sep - 9:41

Ko Lesalt

It didn't take Ko long to catch up to the two men, who were moving through town as if they owned the entire place. They swaggered about, striding with such utter confidence that Ko wasn't even certain he'd have realized they were full of bunk had he not been told beforehand. They absolutely broadcasted an air of pompous authority that wasn't their own. As they walked, they talked amongst themselves, and Ko picked up a few key words that would come into play later. Specifically, a few names and locations.

Ko had expected it to take a little longer for them to let slip who they were really working for, but it seemed believing they were alone was all it took for them to start discussing delicate topics. At the very least Frankie had been dead on about their motivations; they weren't here to directly take over any of the businesses they were visiting. Their only goal was to sow discord and discontent with the territory that Vincenze operated. If they managed to come away with some extra cash, they were willing to take it. It was rather insidious, if Ko thought about it.

Over the next few hours, Ko watched the entire situation repeat itself several times. The two men would enter a business, and Ko would follow. They would engage the owner and press them for money or favors, insisting that what they were doing was at Vinceze's behest, even going so far as to name drop him at every opportunity. It was almost surreal, considering Ko knew that real thugs would never out their superior so easily in order to ensure they wouldn't be directly connected to any crimes. By the time they'd left the third business, and Ko had assuaged the owner's concerns, they'd dug their own graves. Well, metaphorically speaking. Ko had been asked to leave them alive after all.


#5Ko Lesalt 

Scare Outsiders (Solo Quest; Ko Lesalt) Empty on Thu 10 Sep - 9:41

Ko Lesalt

Finally, Ko followed the men until they were somewhat secluded, only to suddenly reveal himself in a flourish that startled both men so badly they nearly fell straight over. Ko chastised them openly, smirking down at them as he did. At first they tried to throw around Vinceze's name, thinking Ko as just some local who was angry about what was happening, but when Ko start repeating some of the things they'd been saying back to them, they quieted down rather quickly.

In no short terms, Ko explained what was going to happen. Their cover was blown; it had been almost as soon as they'd shown up in Oak City, but Frankie and his people couldn't make a move because it'd throw their entire operation into disarray. Now that Ko had caught them literally red-handed, throwing around the Vinceze name under false pretenses, it was a simple matter to show everyone in Oak City that the man was still in control and had no intention of changing any of his business arrangements. The fact that someone had been lying about it was proof enough that something shady was coming.

Ko made sure the men understood that he wasn't killing them on purpose. He had more than enough ability to do so, after all, and he'd killed people for a lot less. It was their own good fortune that Frankie didn't want to start an outright war. What he wanted was to send a message. We see you, we know you, and we're watching. After that, Ko let the men run along back to whoever their master was, and he himself returned to Frankie. As expected, the man was very pleased, and the pay was well worth the few hours Ko had spent running around. Maybe he'd go check out that nice grocer's place he'd been in a moment ago...


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