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El Sael vhellal [Ko, Mythal] (Closed)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

El Sael vhellal [Ko, Mythal] (Closed) Empty Mon 07 Sep 2020, 07:54

Ko Lesalt


Within a somewhat secluded forest clearing outside of Oak City, Ko was filling the air with sounds of his strained voice counting off repetitions. It had been some time since his battle with Erebus, and he had come away from the spar with a clear idea of his shortcomings. As was his nature, Ko couldn't stop himself from training to overcome them, and thus here he was. Nantosuelta, his trusted partner, lounged on an enormous stone nearby, bathing in the sun.

He'd been training nonstop since sunrise, and already the sun was starting to climb to the highest point. At the moment he was training his strength, having tied bundles of large weights to a long rod and resting the rod on his shoulders while squatting up and down in place. As was typical when Ko trained, he'd shed his upper body clothing early on to avoid getting it soaked with sweat. His muscles were on clear display, and the sheen from the sun overhead was distinct.

"I still don't understand what the point of all that...moving around is."
Nantosuelta commented from the sidelines, peering at Ko from her lounging spot. "All that exertion seems rather pointless." Ko couldn't help but roll his eyes, continuing to count under his breath. When he hit 200, he dropped the weights and stood up straight, stretching his back out. "Of course you'd say that. I swear you're more Cat than Dragon sometimes. If I ever find out the Flamewyrm equivalent of silvervine I'm keeping some on me at all times."

Nantosuelta huffed loudly, sending out a puff of smoke. "Such disrespect. It isn't my fault your pitiful human body fails you. Though, I suppose I can't call it strictly human anymore, can I?" She was clearly commenting on his Dragon Slayer status, but Ko was convinced. Certain things might have been different, but as he looked down at his body, he could only frown. "Someday maybe. For now, I'm still subpar." His somber mood didn't last long, however, as he quickly smirked back at Nantosuelta, striking a pose that showed off his abdominals. "Still, I can't deny I look pretty good for subpar."

That got a bit of a chuckle out of Nantosuelta, who went back to sunning herself. "You have your good points, Ko, but I wouldn't call your looks one of them. You're closer to a wild beast than a majestic dragon." Ko sputtered indignantly. "Shows what you know, Nan. Ladies love the wild beast aesthetic." "If you say so, Ko." "Hmph. I do say so." If you'd accused Ko of pouting, he'd deny it, but you wouldn't be wrong either.


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Her nimble fingers slid against the bark as she could feel the cuts from someone's attack. Who would dare attack a tree? It was obvious that some sort of beast or shemlen, but why not just cut the tree if you were going to harm it anyways? Her purple eyes studied the tree as she saw the next tree that was cut. As she studied each tree it was turning out to be more leading towards a creature instead of a shem. Her long elven ears heard a crack from a small stick, making her shift towards where she heard it. A cute small nose poked out of the crack of the bushes to end up seeing her adorable fox creature. She has never seen such a beautiful creature before. Sure foxes were common, but one with such a color and the way its tail curled was magnificent.

It was like her spirit animal for the moment as the little one found her after leaving some town. What was it called? Oak? She lived mainly in the forests as the shems had nothing she was interested in other than perhaps quests that gave her money. Her fox needed to eat and sadly she was not much of a herbivore. "Shall we go see what beast has caused our little forest friends a scare?~" she gave a mischievous smile towards her little lamb of a fox. She wore a crop top of white with her long skirt. With a tie of long lavender cloth, it made it look like a dress. Her right thigh could be seen as it had a slit that went up to the upper thigh. Mythal wore no shoes, mind you as she enjoyed the feeling against her feet. From the tickle of the grass to the cold dirt.

The closer she got, the more she could clearly hear two voices. "My, look at that." She quietly spoke to her furry little friend. She licked her lips and climbed up a tree. Her fox friend hid behind the trunk itself. Tilting her head down she chuckled, "Oh, there's nothing to be scared of." She gazed at the shem who was doing some sort of work out. It was obvious weight training, but then she realized what was beside him from a distance. Her eyes widened, "Oh!" she gasped as she saw what looked like a lamb of a dragon. "Ir galanor." She purred. Her eyes shifted back at the man and wondered if perhaps they were friends, companions such as her little fox. Her body continued to rest against the thick branch as her long beautiful lavender-white hair curled over her shoulders and hanging off the branch itself. Surely a shem would not mind her gawking. Wasn't very often she could gaze at one, definitely not at one that had a magnificent companion such as that.

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#3Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Oblivious to the presence of someone else nearby, Ko was still entirely focused on his training routine.  Or, more specifically, he was focused on his partner's complete lack of interest in training at all.  He could understand that she was accustomed to a lazy lifestyle where she only exerted herself when absolutely necessary, but things weren't the same as they were when he and Nantosuelta first began travelling together.  They needed to be ready for anything.  A mischievous grin crossed Ko's features, and he stroked his chin while he assessed Nan's lounging features.  "You know Nan, I didn't notice until you got out in the light like this, but have you put on weight?"  The lazy motion of Nantosuelta's breathing stopped for half a moment, and she craned her neck to glare at Ko.

"Oh, yeah, definitely.  It's all that bear you've been eating.  You know they gorge on honey all the time."  Ko's tone seemed genuine enough, but the shit-eating grin on his face belied his intention to rile Nantosuelta up.  She even knew as much, having become accustomed to Ko's personality, but that didn't stop what was coming.  "So I'm getting fat am I!?  I can still take you on, you brutish little man!"  She was already getting up from her place on the stone, the corner of her mouth lifted in a grin that would have scared the pants off anyone who didn't know mannerisms.  "Prove it you lazy lizard!"

Just like that, the match was on.  Nantosuelta charged at Ko in a flurry, crossing the space between more quickly than Ko could move at a sprint.  Naturally she wasn't actually trying to hurt him, as that'd be counter productive, but that didn't mean she was afraid to toss him around.  Rather than attack with her talons she buffeted Ko with her wings, using the surprising amount of strength in them to send the young man flying without hurting him too badly.  To his credit Ko took the blow with ease, falling into a roll that broke his fall and left him on his feet.  Wasting no time he charged back in, a violet magic circle forming under his feet and sending him rocketing forward quickly.

The two of them wrestled back and forth like this for some time, both trying to gain an upper hand but neither clearly going so far as to injure the other.  Ko was hanging from Nantosuelta's neck, grinning madly, when the wind changed and he caught a whiff of something in the air.  He'd been in the clearing long enough to know the smells of everything there, but this was too unusual.  It smelled like fresh rain, and honeysuckles.  More importantly, it smelled like a person.  Patting Nantosuelta on the side of her neck he let go, and scanned the tree line.  "Its not polite to watch someone without announcing yourself.  I might get the wrong idea."  Nantosuelta, despite having not noticed the extra presence, was on guard as well, standing at her full 3 meter height.


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It was rather amusing to watch a shem and a beast such as that act as friends. Many dragons and gods did not really waste their time with shems and her kind alike unless they needed something. Her beautiful hair was line lilac vines hanging off the branches. Her fingers crawled upward as she watched him speak to the beauty. They speak to each other like they have been old friends. So amusing. It turned into something even more wondrous as they had a little friendly battle. Her wings were long, amazing and awe-spoken. It all ended so quickly as the man noticed her existence upon the trees.

She leaned back to flip off the tree, landing on her feet. She left the shadows as it was quite rude to not introduce herself in her own way. "How can one not stare at such a Shemlen and quite a --." As she walked forward more and out of the shadows. Her tall and rather curvaceous figure was revealed. Her purple lilac eyes gazed at the dragon-like creature with a genuine smile. "An'daran Atish'an, relative of the dragons." She bowed her head and gave another look with awe. Standing up straight again she shifted her gaze towards the shem. They were about at least ten feet away. He did not seem dangerous enough in her case. "Come now. None to be afraid." Her body twisted and looked towards the direction she once came. There a small fox appeared and trotted its' little feet towards Mythal, hiding behind her long legs.

"I hope you did not mind me watching." She smirked with her right hand on her hip. Truly, there was no harm into it. Right? Her fingers from her left hand combed through her long lilac hair as it shined like white snow from the sunlight. She was curious about their story, how they met and everything, but for now she will deal with common pleasentries.

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#5Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Ko immediately saw something drop out of one of the nearby trees, its true shape hidden by the shade. His guard was up, naturally, but as the figure left the treeline and became visible, he had difficulty hiding his surprise. During his time in Fiore Ko had happened upon some interesting characters. Some of them had been physically imposing; that barbarian Ragnar came to mind in that regard. This woman, however, still took him by surprise. She was tall. She had to be at least 2 meters tall, at least a full head and shoulders above him.

"Holy shit you're tall."
The words just fell out of his mouth unbidden, not that he would have stopped them had he possessed the presence of mind to do so. Only Nantosuelta seemed immune to the newcomer's appearance, slackening her defensive posture at the sight of the elven woman. It took Ko a few moments to realize she'd spoken to them; to both of them in fact, going so far as to rattle of some kind of language Ko had never heard towards Nantosuelta. The Flamewyrm seemed surprised, only to begin preening almost immediately.

"Finally, someone who knows how to show some proper respect. Leave it to the forest people to uphold some decorum." Nantosuelta even went so far as to sit up a little higher, emphasizing her regal posture. Ko groaned out loud. "Great, now I'm gonna be dealing with this all day." The Flamewyrm really did have an enormous ego. Ko was about to say something when the woman said something about 'not being afraid', but then he was cut short by the appearance of a snow vulpix. Immediately, Ko's mind went to Winter, and Rinni. A whisper of guilt slithered through his head at the memory, but he shunted it aside. No point in agonizing over things now; what's done is done.

Seeing as she was finally addressing Ko directly, he watched as she ran her hand through her hair, and he immediately realized why Nantosuelta liked her so much. He couldn't be sure yet, but he had the feeling the two of them were more similar than not. Smirking, Ko decided to play along. "Well, even if I did mind I guess I couldn't blame you. I do make quite the spectacle." His bluster was met with a derisive snort from Nantosuelta, which he promptly ignored. "You know you're the second woman I've met out in the middle of nowhere accompanied by one of those cute little guys." Ko gestured at the snow vulpix, giving the skittish thing a finger wave. "I'm Ko Lesalt, by the way. And if you're gonna be watching me run around with my shirt off you should at least tell me your name."


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Once she came out of the forest she was embraced by the light. Her ears did not trick her as the first thing the shemlen noticed was her height. Their differences were not that huge. His neck would perfectly go in-between her chest if she so desired for it to be. That was rather blunt of him in which she liked. His beautiful friend noticed her words and understood. Thank the higher-ups for them to notice her. She perked up and walked towards the dragon. Her palm opened up and went towards the snout of the dragon and kept it at a small distance. She did not want to intrude on their space at all a welcomed for her to rub it against her palm.

If a beast of any welcomed her to pet and get close they approached her. If not, then she will go away from her. Either way, she could not believe she was this close to someone - something so magnificent. Her head turned to look at the man who was talking about himself. He noted he knew one other person who traveled with such a pretty companion (not in his words). "Oh, this shy little thing? She has been a wonderful company." She kept her hand the way it was till the dragon responded, but till then she continued on talking to the Shem.

"Ye can call me, Mythal." Her voice was soft and as she spoke the wind breezed towards the right, causing her hair to wave towards that direction. "It seems the wind is breezing a little fast randomly, hmm?" She giggled and gazed at him with her beautiful gems of lilacs. With her free hand, she pieced her loose hair behind her ear and gazed at him once more. "Ko, is it? I will have to remember that. And hers?" Her head turned over to look at his companion. Truly, she wondered how they met, and really perhaps he was traveling with more than just themselves. "Are you traveling with anyone else? Surely, someone such as detailed as you and your friend has more company.". Rather they knew what she meant it did not matter. An answer was all that was wanted.

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#7Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Ko knew, perhaps better than anyone else, the sort of creature that Nantosuelta was. Though their time together had mellowed her out, she was first and foremost a prideful being to the point of arrogance. It was egregious enough that Ko still didn't understand why Nantosuelta listened to him as intently as she did. After all, while she might give him back talk at the slightest opportunity, she accepted his instructions in battle without complaint. Yet watching as the elven woman held her hand out towards Nantosuelta, Ko could see that the Flamewyrm's arrogance hadn't diminished nearly as much as he'd thought.

It was clear that this 'Mythal' was asking if she could lay her hand on the Flamewyrm; Ko did the same thing often, and Nantosuelta was almost always accepting. However, unlike her behavior with Ko, rather than placing her head in the elf's reach in silent acceptance of her touch, she extended one of her wings, pressing the soft hide against Mythal's palm with surprising elegance for such a large creature. Looking at the entire display from the outside, it was clearly more akin to a Lord or the like granting a favor to a subject, rather than someone accepting affection from an equal. Ko could see in Nantosuelta's face just how much she was enjoying the entire thing too. He couldn't help but shake his head.

"Hey name is Nan-" "Nantosuelta, Wyrmlord of Fatal Peak." The Flamewyrm cut in before Ko could shorten her name like he always did, and she even shot him an incredibly smug look, proving undoubtedly that she was enjoying the reverence of this strange elf. "Son vhellem, esha'lin or Dalish." Ko's eyebrows shot up on his forehead. "Wait, you speak elf Nan? You never told me that!" Nantosuelta hummed loudly, the sound more akin to a purr than anything else, looking incredibly pleased with herself. "And why wouldn't I? The children of the forest were much more respectful than any human I ever met."

Ko groaned, rubbing a hand through his hair. She was really going to be insufferable after getting all this pampering. Looking back to this Mythal woman, Ko shook his head and crossed his arms over his still bare chest. "Nah, its just me and Nan. I've got a friend here in town but we don't travel together like me and Nan do. We're just here for work." As much as Ko was trying to keep his wary posture up, he couldn't stop his eyes from wandering the more he looked at this elven woman. There was a lot to look at. How the hell was she so tall? "What about you? You native? I wouldn't think so, considering I haven't met an elf once since coming to Fiore."


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The wyrm approached with her wing instead of using her nose. It was rather a rare thing for such a thing to happen. She noticed that Ko was watching as well. It was interesting, to say the least. Her name? For short it was Nan. Surely the wyrm deserved her name to be spoken fully of, but perhaps just this once she will not mind her calling her Nan as well. A wistful smile formed from her beautiful lips as she looked at the beautiful wyrm. "Ar onhar, mar shemlem a felasil?" She spoke towards Nan while looking at Ko right after. She listened to Ko's questions in which she felt it was obvious.

Why would her people come out in public? Her accent did sound off of Fiore, but that was because it was its own ethnicity yet not really. They hide away from shems and they wonder why, don't they. Such fools as they enslave her kind. Her right hand went against her cheek and chuckled. "Nan, if ya don't mind me calling ya that. I also wondered if perhaps you don't mind showing me places around here. I don't really come around these parts - that Oak place." Her head turned to look at Ko's eyes. Could she even trust this shem? Was he like 'them'? Her head turned back towards Nan as she could be trusted.

"Is aaron a hellathen?"
She gave a serious facial expression as this was no joking matter. She did not know this shem well, but this precious wyrm probably knew more than her. She ignored his stares towards her height as maybe he was judging her. Typical shem. Ignoring the beauty and all attention on a simple thing such as height. Her gem large eyes half-closed as she waited.

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#9Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

The conversation between Mythal and Nan just seemed to continue after their odd connection, with Ko simply standing to the side as the two exchanged words in some foreign tongue.  Mythal, in fact, said something to Nan right before looking pointedly at Ko, and judging from the subtle chuckle it elicited from Nantosuelta, Ko couldn't help but smolder a bit.  "Why do I feel like you just said something about me?"  Nan looked in Ko's direction as well, mirth dancing in her eyes.  "Is onhar em la'var son."  "Oi!  Stop that!"  

Nantosuelta was practically tittering at this point, her entire body shaking with poorly concealed mirth.  It was bad enough when she traded barbs with him normally, now she was exchanging barbs against him with an ally in a foreign tongue!  "Yeah yeah, laugh it up."  Blessedly, the elven woman continued speaking in Fioran again, but rather than speak to him she seemed to be pointedly addressing Nantosuelta instead.  What was going on here?  It was as if some forest spirit had appeared out of nowhere to try and seduce his companion away from him.  Ko met her eyes evenly when she turned to look at him, watching silently as she looked back to Nan with a serious expression.

Nantosuelta, on the other hand, had since stopped laughing, and leveled a similarly serious gaze at Mythal in turn.  Even if Ko was oblivious to the struggles of the people, Nan knew, at least in passing, and understood why Mythal was asking.  "Is myan ghilan'him banal'vhen.  I might even say that between you and Ko, they wouldn't know who to grab first."  Taking a bit of pity on Ko, Nantosuelta switched back to Fioran for his benefit, which left Ko looking confused.  "What?  Who would grab me over her?  Are we talking about bounty hunters, cause there's no way anyone would even notice my face if it was next to hers."  Rather than answer him, Nantosuelta stepped away from Mythal and bumped her snout right into Ko's chest, looking him in the face.  "I'm hungry.  Take me into town for food.  She can come to."

Ko's jaw actually fell open as he struggled to find words.  Nantosuelta had never been this straightforward about anything.  She always talked around issues, and she never asked for anything.  After a moment, all Ko could do was close his mouth and take a deep breath.  He looked at Mythal again, and this time he really looked.  Who was this woman that could connect with his closest friend so easily?   His eyes dipped a little lower, and he sighed heavily.  Maybe everyone would be distracted by the walking fertility statue.  "Seriously, where the hell did you come from?  Fine, I can't exactly say no since Nan is asking.  Any requests?"

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Mythal ignored Ko in a teasing manner while speaking to Nan. She jested with her as they talked about the Shem. Giving a happy smile with some chuckles, the woman turned to look at him finally as if giving him some acknowledgment. "I would be pleased with anything. I am not picky." she combed her hair while gazing into the shem's eyes. Oh, how they were pleasing to gaze upon. With Nan's serious answer she accepted it as she wondered about somethings. Without really sulking around the subject she then went closer to Nan and soothingly patted the lady against the side.

It made her heart jump at the excitement. "I am from Fiore. I will tell more through food, drinks, and more." She agreed with a nod as it was obvious he wanted to know more. What a cute boy. Her little babe followed her and rubbed her nose against her leg. Slowly, Mythal leaned over to pick her up and stood back up. Perhaps she should get more different types of clothes too, but truthfully she felt no shame if her body could be seen. What was there to be afraid of? He was obviously not attracted to her so there was no worry.

"Lead the way, Shemlen.~"
She teased with a flirtatious yet teasing smile. She was curious on what type of place he was taking her. The forest was silent nonetheless. Were they going to walk or perhaps fly on the beautiful Nan that is before her?

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#11Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Shemlen. That word definitely sounded like some kind of slur; it certainly wasn't anything flattering. Ko was almost certain of it. He ought to be irritated she was continuing to use words she knew he didn't understand. Instead, Ko found his ears suddenly felt very hot. Why was that, he wondered? Certainly it couldn't have had anything to do with the tone of the woman's voice, or the posture she'd taken while speaking that seemed to emphasize some of her natural attributes. It was a testament to Ko's temperament that even though his ears were turning red, the sour expression on his face persisted. "Again with the elf words. I can already tell this is going to be a thing all day."

Still grumbling somewhat, Ko climbed up onto Nantosuelta's back before turning to Mythal and holding out a hand. "Walking would take too long, so since Nan wants to go eat so bad she can carry us both there." Normally carrying two people would be too much for Nantosuelta, but it wasn't like they had to go too far. It'd likely be a few minutes at most. "Just try not to fall off on the way, alright?" Ko remembered how difficult it was to get used to riding on Nantosuelta's back at first; there was a lot more motion than one would expect. Of course, once Mythal finally climbed up, the close proximity they'd need to endure was an extra obstacle Ko hadn't anticipated. As Nantosuelta lifted off into the air, Ko did his best to keep his eyes on anything other than what little of Mythal he could see from his position.

The more that this woman interacted with him, the more Ko was beginning to come to the conclusion that she was dangerous. Not so much in the sense that she could physically harm him or Nan; after watching the way she moved, the posture she held, he was convinced that any physical confrontation would end thoroughly in his favor. No, what Mythal was could only be called a mystery. Even worse, she was a distracting mystery. Ko had enough trouble with impulsive thoughts, he didn't need to have an extra set centering around some elf woman he'd just met.

Even so, he couldn't help but speak up as they were flying. "You people eat meat and stuff like that, right? You're not vegetarian? I feel like I heard something like that somewhere." Since Nan was flying lower and slower than usual, making conversation was much easier than it would have been normally.


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He seemed to dislike the fact that she was talking with her honey dalish words. Truly it was just a signal that her words were more for Nan than for him to understand, but many that was it. What was bothering him? Her lilac eyes gazed at him as she watched him hop on Nan's back. "Ah, wonderful. I cannot wait to see you fly, Nan.~". She spoke smoothly and cool with her little accent that sounded breathy. She saw where she was going to sit, but before that, she saw how the boy's skin turned a little pink if not red. Was he getting embarrassed or frustrated? The poor little lad he was.~

She grabbed his hand and hoped on. "Oh.~ Don't worry, I'll hold on tightly so I cannot fall." She purred close. Due to their height, her bosoms were against the upper back and his neck while her breath tickled his ears. As Nan lifted she wrapped her strong soft arms around Ko. "See, how can I fall in such a position? This is how it is supposed to be done, right?" She assumed innocently. Her eyes looked forward while her beautiful long hair waved back like a shimmering lilac stream. Her eyes lit up like the purple sun as she gazed at the sky. It was beautiful and she never thought she'd get the chance to be up here.

"Ah, yes. We do eat meat. What a foolishly thing to think." she chuckled as she found no harm in assuming silly things. Her smile brightened as she could feel every ounce of the wind and the warmth between their body. She saw nothing out of it other than a tease and perhaps a friendship. "This is wonderful, Nan!~ It's so beautiful up here!" She laughed sweetly. She wanted to spread out her arms like a dumbass, but she knew better than to trust her wishes. "You are lucky to do this often, Ko." Mythal whispered softly into his ear. She decided to call him by his name this time. Perhaps he deserves that much for now. The shemlen got the respect of the wyrm so maybe he should get some as well.

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#13Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

The moment that Mythal climbed up onto Nantosuelta's back behind Ko, he realized that he'd placed himself in a very compromised position.  It was as if every sensory nerve in his body suddenly switched focus to the soft mounds pressing into his neck and shoulders.  Immediately Ko's back stiffened like he'd been turned to stone, and he refused to react at all.  He could practically hear his Mother's voice screaming about indecency from beyond the grave.  To make matters worse, Mythal had absolutely no mercy, going so far as to wrap her arms around his waist.

If it had been anyone else Ko would have made the reasonable assumption that she was simply ensuring she wouldn't fall off.  After all, this sort of posture was standard when riding double on any kind of mount.  Somehow, however, Ko couldn't help but feel like she was doing all of this on purpose.  Her tone certainly seemed to indicate that she was, if those honey-sweet words were any indication.  Even with Nantosuelta in flight, Ko was surrounded by the scent of honeysuckles and rain.  If he weren't so tense, he probably would have found it rather relaxing.

Thankfully, her response to his question about meat gave him something to focus on aside from the melons resting on his shoulders.  "Yeah, well, I've been finding that people in Fiore are pretty foolish.  Its practically a standard at this point."  As he spoke, Nantosuelta cleared the denser part of the forest, gaining a bit of height as they closed in on Oak City proper.  Ko couldn't help but smile at the sight, and just a little bit at Mythal's reaction to the view.  He definitely agreed with her on that end; flying with Nan was probably his favorite thing to do.

Of course, as he was enjoying himself, he suddenly felt Mythal's breathy whisper against his ear, and his entire body jolted in surprise.  He slapped a hand over his ear, turning to look at the elf over his shoulder, a clear line of red starting to climb up his neck.  "Shedayya's tits woman!  Are you trying to kill me!?"  Nantosuelta craned her neck a bit out of curiosity, only to pout a bit at the antics going on between Ko and Mythal.

Without any further warning, Nantosuelta dropped into a shallow dive, approaching the ground shockingly fast.  Thankfully Ko was well accustomed to such maneuvers, so when the Flamewyrm pulled up and touched down on the street outside of a building fashioned out of a tree trunk, he was hardly rattled at all.  "Whatever's in there smells good, Ko.  I want to eat from here."  Once all the wind died down, Ko could smell some kind of spice in the air, making his mouth water.  "Smells good to me."  He hopped down quickly, trying and failing to stop the burning of his ears.  Ko really was a boisterous young man, but his defenses against this sort of thing really seemed weak.


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Mythal chuckled at his flustering reactions towards her when all she did was speak to him softly. He seemed innocent enough, but she felt darkness within him almost the same as hers. They were quiet after that as Nan landed and he got off without much to say. He didn't even offer a hand for her to hop of. 'There goes manners.' she jested in her own thoughts as she slid off. Her body twisted to turn towards Nan. "That was a wonderful ride. Ir abelas, isenatha for any discomfort." She made a small smile and attempted to brush her scales with her own nails soothingly.

"Shall we order and eat outside then?" She was confused since she did not want Nan to eat alone and surely Nan could not fit through the shemlen doors. Shemlens did not consider creatures when creating doors to enter and leave. The type of housing she had accepted all creatures as they could duck and make it in. There were doors of large as long ago they met some Vikings who had large doors just because they could. Within their history, there were only shems from other countries that got along with her dalish clan. It was all for trade; knowledge, food and nessesities. She did not want to leave Nan's side, but if she must she followed Ko inside to order some food - however they did it.

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#15Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Nantosuelta preened smugly under Mythal's attention after she dismounted, looking supremely pleased with herself. If Ko hadn't known any better, he'd almost think that Nan was starved for attention somehow, but he knew it was just because she enjoyed being treated like she was important. Even he, despite being away of her predilections, would capitulate if he needed to cajole her into doing something. Mythal, it seemed, was willing to do so for even the smallest of favors. Maybe she was just the kind of woman who enjoyed spoiling people. "This much is nothing for me. A trifle, a mere trifle, esha'lin."

Ko rolled his eyes to himself, but didn't make any move towards the restaurant itself. He watched it expectantly, apparently disregarding the reaction from most of the people inside and out who had been surprised by Nantosuelta's sudden appearance. If anything, Ko had been anticipating this; it wasn't the first time he'd opted to just buy food for both him and Nan after all. When Mythal asked if they'd be eating outside, Ko gave her an incredulous look. "Obviously. We'd never get Nan inside a place that size, and she'd gnaw my scalp off if I just left her out here."

As if on cue, a young man in a waiter's uniform emerged from the interior of the restaurant, looking incredibly nervous. Ko couldn't tell if the man had recognized him or was just afraid of Nantosuelta, but either way it was about the reaction he'd expected. "E-excuse me, uh, c-could I ask you and your...um, dragon to m-move somewhere else? You are disturbing our customers..." "We are customers." "Eh!?" Ko crossed his arms, smirking as the nervous young man tried to maintain composure while throwing glances at Nantosuelta. "I want 10 pounds of whatever meat that is I can smell you cooking in there. Don't worry about making it look pretty, as long as it tastes good. Also some of those skewers I see you serving in there." Ko looked in Mythal's direction, prompting her to order whatever she wanted with his expression.


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It was odd as she waited for him to go inside, but instead of going inside, they waited outside. Was he expecting something to happen? The Dalish woman did not understand as she was curious about what the shemlen was doing. Should they not just go inside? She bit her luscious lip and gazed nervously at the door as she then noticed more people gazing at Nan. Soon enough a shemlen from inside came out and talked to Ko. Her eyes shifted towards them and lifted her eyebrow curiously.

Did they not appreciate Nan? Instead of it turning into some battle, Ko ordered some food which most of it probably was for Nan. His eyes switched to hers as they gazed locked onto each other. 'What should I order? Do I be careful?' Mythal was unsure what they all had, but she might as well list the things she has heard and things her clan in the past has told her about. "I suppose I'll order a thing of Animal Style Fries with jalapeno peppers, a few bierocks, a plate of chislics, a bottle of spirits and to the top if off perhaps a bowl of fruit if you may." She bowed her head, spoke politely towards the random shemlen. Her hands slowly went against her own chest as she felt nervous. Were these shemlens like Ko or were they savages like those she knew before?

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Ko Lesalt

Both Ko and the Waiter seemed to be taken aback by Mythal's order, though whether it was for the same reason or not nobody could guess. In Ko's case, he was surprised by the fact that she seemed to be ordering some kind of regional cuisine. He had no idea what "Animal Style Fries" were, nor bierocks. Chislics, at least, he recognized. From the look on the Waiter's face, it seemed like he was about to say that they couldn't fill the order, but Ko immediately locked eyes with the man, giving him a look that said 'Shut up and make it work'.

It was strange, after all, seeing Mythal's mannerisms while dealing with the Waiter. When she'd happened upon Ko in the forest she had seemed much more confident. Was she only showing that confidence because Nan had been with him? After all, she had been interacting with the Flamewyrm primarily. "I-I will see what I can so." Ko sneered at the Waiter as the young man scurried back towards the restaurant. "Yeah, you do that." Looking back at Mythal, his sneer turned into a simple smirk. "You sure you can eat all of that? I'd ask where you'd put it all but I think I could hazard a guess." His eyes wandered a bit at that, focusing on her ample hips and chest. As tall as she was, she wasn't skinny in the slightest.

Seeing as Nantosuelta had already settled into a relaxed posture outside the restaurant, Ko leaned up against her flank as he often did when they were at rest. His arms were crossed, and he continued watching Mythal as he turned recent events over in his mind. "So what is your deal? I can tell you've got some hang-ups regarding people, just from your interaction with that waiter. You didn't seem nearly so worried about giving me a hard time." His tone wasn't accusatory, but it was clear he hadn't forgotten her and Nan's teasing from earlier. Ko wasn't the sort to let that kind of ribbing go without reciprocating.


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The Shemlens left their sight after they ordered their stuff. She analyzed Ko's expressions as they kept changing towards her and the waiter. If they did not have her stuff then she would not have cared. Truly she just did not want to talk to the shemlens. Her nimble fingers combed through her lavender white hair and twirled the ends of it as she heard his questions. He was a curious thing he was, asking such a question about the amount. "Tel'din ema manners, I see." She twisted to gaze perfectly upfront to Ko and finally sat down on her legs. "I have a rather large appetite, dear Ko.~ Would you like a feel?" she teased. She honestly did not think he'd take the offer as she was truly just teasing him.

A cheerful smile escaped the Dalish's lips while her large purple eyes shined like the jewels they were. That was all till he asked about why she acted so differently around the humans from earlier. Her smile? Instantly disappeared as a cool wind went past time silently. Her hair flowed a little to the wind's current while her bangs tickled in front of her eyes, covering them. "If you must know. A hundred and so years ago... My people were peaceful, kept to themselves, till the Shemlens attacked. They enslaved all the children and women, slaughtered all the males unless they had talent." She started and tilted her head. Her eyes for once started to water as she felt numb inside.

Her expressions told much. "Throughout time the Dalish slowly either became slaves or attuned with the shemlens and treated like animals." she shrugged, "So every time I see or talk to a shemlen I always have the need to feel cautious - show I have manners." She felt cold inside, "Someday... those nobles and royals will get what's coming to them..." She darkly spoke in a smooth calm tone. It reminded her that she has been quite alone for over a hundred years. So maybe the fact that she was finally able to sit and talk to a shemlen who was not like the others - so far - was giving her hope or maybe some other feelings she just obviously was ignoring. Stupid feelings, who needed them anyway, right?

"Now where's that drink." She softly sighed, looked around and pretended everything was good and normal.

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Ko Lesalt

Now that Ko wasn't being subjected to Mythal's flirtations directly, like say having them whispered into his ear, he was able to take her offhand comments more in stride. He was, however, still a bit taken aback at how brazen she could be, despite somehow seeming reluctant to engage with the other people they'd seen so far. Still, Ko was Ko, and he didn't take that sort of teasing without giving back. Smirking, Ko feigned a scandalized expression. "Jumping straight into second base just like that? I should offer tandem rides more often." The Flamewyrm grumbled at his comment, and Ko received a smack across his forehead from her tail in response.

Ko shot the wyrm an indignant look as he rubbed at the spot, but she only glared back. Their little wordless communication was over quickly, as Mythal took a seat of her own and decided to answer Ko's real question in more detail than expected. To say that Ko was shocked to learn about her people's history would be disingenuous. Ko wasn't shocked; he was surprised, certainly, as he hadn't know such practices were happening in Fiore, but it wasn't a shock to learn such an unsavory thing. If Ko had come to learn anything in his recent time travelling about Fiore, it was that there was something wrong with this country.

Naturally, Ko had his own history, but he knew that this wasn't the time to try and share it. For one, he barely knew this woman, and for another he knew it wouldn't help her to know he'd suffered in his own way. Her burdens were her own, and learning that other had them seldom alleviated the weight. Instead he focused on smaller things. "Shemlen, there's that word again. You were calling me that when we first met. I'm guessing its your people's word for "Human" or something, right? Well that explains some things."

Thankfully, it seemed that Waiter had gotten the message earlier, as they didn't have to wait long for him to reappear with Mythal's bottle of spirits in hand. Since the elf was drinking, Ko told the Waiter to bring him something to match as well; he wasn't going to let someone drink in front of him and be left dry. "It might be rude to say it, but I can't say I'm surprised. This country is rotten to the core. The Nobles are void-headed sycophants either lost in empty decadence or pursuing meaningless schemes intended to hoard power and screw each other over. The people aren't much better. Just look at them!" Ko gestured towards the people inside the restaurant who were still stealing glances in their direction; not a single one had left the building since they'd landed.

"They cower at the slightest provocation, crumple in the face of adversity. This country is utterly devoid of strength. The only things worth anything in it are the Guilds, and they're all placid, content with the status quo. Sooner or later something is gonna give."
Ko wasn't going to bring up Lucas and the others just yet; it was too soon, and he didn't know this woman well enough yet. If she was telling the truth, however, she might find a way to get what she wants sooner rather than later. It was worth keeping it in mind, at the very least.

Taking a deep breath, Ko let out a loud sigh and forced the somber expression from his face. "Sorry, not exactly a topic for a casual meal, is it? I apologize if I asked an insensitive question. I'll answer one of your own if it'll help keep things even."


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She snickered as she saw Nan give him a little smack. It was good she did not have to say anything at all about it and thankfully he did not take the offer. It was all in good fun. For a moment they continued to wait on their drink. She felt really thirsty after her long walk through the woods and then the flight right after. She could even make a joke talking about how watching him work out made her thirsty as well. The wind felt calming, a breeze that could make anyone sleepy fall asleep for a nice few hours.

"Oh please, I doubt I'm your type anyways.~" She laughed and gazed at the door. "It is indeed for human. We Dalish have many words for your English ones. Although, I could say you guys made it out of ours as old as we are." She gave a small smile towards him and Nan. She lifted her hand a little as she rested against the beautiful grass. "Nan knows our words as we are as old as they." Her head turned to look at nan with a smile. What Ko said next took her by surprise yet not really. She did not expect pity from him or anything like that, but it was nice to know that he feels that way about his own kind.

There was a reason for sure, but she could tell that he was not ready to open up. A late bloomer it seems. Seeing him like this, hearing him speak these words were really making her wheels turn. After he was done he apologized, making her laugh a little, "My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." She winked and fingerbanged him with a flirtatious smirk. She tried to make the atmosphere light even after a dark conversation. Finally, their stuff arrives as the waiter comes out only to give them their food and drinks before rushing to leave again.

"Pft, cowards - those shems." She whispered and shook her head. Her eyes gazed down to look at all her food. "At least they're useful for this." She jested and took a bite of her fries. "Mmm, fattening." She chuckled and just eats - letting Nan eat in peace as she surely was probably just as hungry. Her eyes gazed towards Ko and then back at the people who were just watching them like they were animals at a zoo. "Delavir ghi, those shemlens.". She knew she was beautiful, people just couldn't see it. That was alright. They can see her as a savage or hideous all they wanted. They'll get their turn.

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Ko Lesalt

Ko was grateful to have something in hand to wet his pallet at last, and he wasn't shy about slaking his thirst either. He drank like a man well accustomed to alcohol; perhaps more accustomed than he ought to be. All the same, he didn't seem ashamed of it at all. It was just a part of who he was now. Her comment about his type coaxed a short bark of laughter from him. "As if a woman like you would need to worry about 'types'. You could wrap anyone around your finger if you wanted, Shem or not. You've already got Nan doting on you; do you have any idea how long it took her to warm up to me?"

Nantosuelta actually looked a bit embarrassed as Ko started to bring up the story of how they met, and she started to grumble in a deceptively cute manner. "It isn't my fault you couldn't take a hint." Ko only grinned in her direction, amused by her refusal to meet his gaze. "She wouldn't say more than two words to me when we first met. And that was all while I was camping out on top of a damn volcano." The Flamewyrm huffed loudly, blowing smoke in Ko's direction. Ko just continued talking. "Besides, not even I know what my 'type' is. Maybe I've secretly been into tall girls all this time?"

Just then the waiter returned with food, placing an enormous platter of grilled meats down in front of Nantosuelta. Unlike a wild beast, she began daintily picking the meat up in her claws, savoring her food. Ko, ironically, showed a bit of decorum as well, taking bites from his skewers with reservation. He did look curiously over at the food Mythal had ordered, chuckling at her declaration that it was fattening. "Like I said, I bet I know exactly where you're putting it."


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The two seem to have something going on, raising an eyebrow to question them. Was something more going on between the two? Her eyes looked at each other and then went back to her food. She did not care anymore as she started to eat and listen to them. He felt like there were no problems when it came to 'types' for her. Oh, how he was wrong. Her people always kept to themselves so there were no shemlens on about to pick as their mate for eternity. Yes, the things people call 'divorce' did not exist as over her hundred and so years os walking amongst their lands she has heard of many bizarre things.

Her eyes rolled as he spoke about how he doesn't really know his type, possibly being into tall girls. A chuckled escaped her lips and took a sip from her alcoholic beverage. It made her feel better about living. Simple pleasures she enjoyed as she took a deep sigh after a few drinks. It was hitting just the spot. "Tis true, I am not particularly thin yet most of the calories go towards certain places more than others." She purred teasingly as she then plucked a toothpick and picked out a delicious cube steak to put into her mouth. Her head turned to look at Nan who was neatly eating her food as well as Ko. "What manners. It humors me to see such a beautiful Nan eat in such a way." She gave a sweet smile. "Perhaps it is better than making a mess and waste such food." She grasped onto one of the bierocks and nommed on it, gazing away towards the forest.

She felt strange living this life as the forest life is what she was so used to. From birth and till recently. She felt that the only reason she felt comfortable as is with a shem was because of Nan. Her lilac eyes gazed back towards him as she watched him eat, but notices that he gazed towards her or her food. She could not tell. "Does my food look appealing to you?~" She teased as she jested a little. Another drink and she could feel the buzz. "Tell me about yourself, if you don't mind and I'll answer any questions you two have.".

Ask a question and you'll get a question, but give an answer and you'll receive the same! Oh, I do so love to trade!

Or so the crazy hermit man said before I killed him...

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Ko Lesalt

The flamewyrm hummed smugly at Mythal's comment on her eating manners, lifting her head in a downright haughty posture. "Of course, I am no simple minded beast, unable to savor the quality of my food for fear of scavengers. I eat as I do all things: with leisure." Ko couldn't resist his urge to roll his eyes this time, and shaking his head with a smile on his face. No matter how much he liked Nantosuelta, he couldn't deny that she had an ego the size of the volcano she used to live in.

As their meal continued, Mythal it seemed had no problem continuing the pattern of suggestive comments, and Ko being the sort that he was couldn't help but meet it like it was some sort of challenge. "I can't deny it; I don't think I've seen any of the things you ordered before. Very exotic. Maybe that's appealing all on its own." It was a harmless suggestion, but considering how they'd been going back and forth it had other connotations as well.

At her proposal for an exchange of information, Ko shrugged. It wasn't such a bad trade; he didn't have much to hide anyway. "That's fair. You did explain the whole elf slavery thing." Finishing off his bottle, Ko threw the thing over his shoulder hard, sending it flying well out of sight before it could fall. He crossed his arms, wracking his mind for how to proceed. "...Well I'm not Fioran, as you might have guessed. Father was Caelese, Mother was Joyan. I was born in Caelum. Had twin sisters growing up. Father was an alchemist, Mother tamed beasts. Pretty simple. Then Mother died. After that..."

For a moment, Ko felt like he could tell her what happened, like his acceptance of that darkness in his heart had given it less control over him. But as he opened his mouth to speak, it was like invisible hands clenched around his throat and no voice came out. After several seconds, he let the breathe he'd taken to speak go in a sigh, clenching his jaw. "...Then my sisters died. Then Father died." It was a gross simplification of what had happened, leaving out all detail, but it was the best Ko could express. "I didn't have anything left in Caelum so I burned the house and came to Fiore. Since then I've taken what work I could find, made a name for myself. Got a bounty even, I think it was over 2 million last I looked. Mercenary work has started to get a little empty though, so I've been working with some friends on something more ambitious. Can't talk about that yet. Someday maybe."

Though his mood was somewhat soured after failing to recount the death of his sisters properly, Ko didn't let the feelings linger, forcing them down quickly. "What about you? You talked about Fiore a lot, so you must be a local, yeah?"


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Mythal gazed at the sky as the sun was beginning to cover itself and the air began to get cooler. Her eyes shifted to Nan who responded towards her assumptions. She chuckled at the wyrm's attitude and words that she spoke. The air became more serious as she listened to what Ko had to say. He told the story about his sisters, family and it became rather humanly morbid. It was not truly morbid for her, but the story itself could be called such a thing. Her hand rested against her cheek as she tilted it a little, gazing at Ko.

"Aye, I am from Fiore, but that never stopped me from traveling to other locations among my many years of living alone."
She paused and rested against the clean prickly grass. "Can you imagine?" Another pause as she could not have imagined her life ending up like how it did. "Being alone for one hundred and forty years?" She gave a weak smile as her lilac eyes mirrored the nature they were surrounded by. Her head turned to look at Ko and then Nan. "So truly this feels rather... new to me - even if this is only a one-time meeting.~ It has been a pleasant one." Mythal gave a side smile as she then sat up and finished off her drink.

"So, what relations do thee have and what relations may thou take?" She chuckled and gazed at Ko's eyes.

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