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Silk and Threads [Quest;Solo]

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Having just joined the guild, Fairy Tail decided to start Tachibana's quests out small. It made sense since he didn't have much experience with people outside the guild and it would quote on quote "build character".

Tachi wasn't going to complain, it meant he would meet more people! And even possibly even some friends! Though, the orangette had to mentally remind himself that this was a job, not a play date. He had to take this as professionally as possible!

So of course the moment he stepped into Hinoki Theater and his amber eyes met the dark beauty known as Manager Yua - he was a loss for words. Rebooting his halted thoughts and attempting to get his jaw moving again he gave a small fake cough into his fist before putting on a more serious expression.

This display simply got him a soft chuckle a wry smile as the Joyan woman patiently waited for the young man to get his bearings. "Uhm... I'm Tachibana - from the Fairy Tail guild. I- I was told you need help, ma'am?" He questioned with a somewhat success.

"Yes, of course, Tachibana, was it? Hinoki Theater requires some help getting some fabrics from the various stores around the city. We have a big event coming up and we require them for the outfits we need to make."

"Oh." Was all he could say at the moment, not quite understanding everything - but he assumed this was a big deal and wanted to help. It was his job after all!

"Quite. Here, it's a list of locations you need to go to and what you need to collect." She expressed giving him a slip of paper scrawled with several stores and what fabrics were needed next to each name. Right, this was simple enough!

"I'll have them back in no time!" He said with a confident smile turning around with a lazy wave only for the Manager's voice to stop him in his tracks.

"Please be careful, some of these stores will try to swindle you - there's been a sudden swarm of counterfeit fabrics being circulated through some of them and a few owners are knowingly selling them. It's smart to be wary."

Nodding he gave a thumbs up before making his way out to his first stop, the paper clutched in between in his fingers tightly.

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The first two shops went quite well, the owners didn't fuss with him and they were quite nice - however, upon reaching the third one was where Tachibana met quite a confrontation. The owner was a portly man draped in expensive Joyan robes his hair done in a traditional topknot. He was irate and not willing to work with the Fairy Tail mage no matter how much he tried.

He was quite insistent that the fabrics he had were "top of the line quality" and that Tachi was dumb for evening questioning him. Despite the fact that there was an obvious tear and the silk felt nothing like silk. It was far too coarse to be silk! Even an idiot like Tachibana knew the difference!


Tachibana was tired of arguing as his patience was near the end of its tether. This loud, rude, jerk, wouldn't budge and he was close to telling back at the man. Or possibly even worse. He sighed, knowing that he had no choice but to take the "silk" with him back to Lady Yua. Hopefully, she would help him sort this all out.

After one more stop at the last (and far more nicer) fabric store - Tachi made his way back with his purchases in arm - honestly hoping to get this whole thing over with. A D Rank quest shouldn't be this taxing if there was no combat!

"Manager Yua! I'm back with your fabrics!" He exclaimed loudly setting down the sets of cloth down on the table she wordlessly instructed him to lay it on.

Rubbing the back of his neck he stood quietly as she checked each silk fabric with exquisite expertise. Until she got on a specific one her dainty fingers rubbing over it a frown etched on her beautiful face before looking up at the young man who waited impatiently. "This is fake. It's not even silk!"

He sighed as he looked at it. "I know but the owner insisted it WAS silk and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. I just got fed up and took it. I was hoping you had a solution..." He trailed up a bit of pink on his face as he looked away embarrassed at his inability to solve a problem as simple as this.

She put the silk fabric down as a mischievous twinkle lit up in her dark eyes. "Well dear, you're a Fairy Tail mage aren't you?"

Tachibana tilted his head like a confused puppy but eventually nodded. "Yeah...?"

She gave the kindest smirk Tachibana had ever seen. Somehow looking both deadly and elegant at the same time.

"Then do what you do best."

Tachibana couldn't stop the almost evil smirk that threatened to split his face from forming.

An hour later, Tachibana came back with the REAL silk, the owner closed shop terrified to his wit's end, Manager Yua got her precious silk. And Tachibana got a decent pay for all his hard work! All and all everything went quite well! Well, for everyone but that one horrible (former) shopowner!

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