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Starlight, Starbright. [Natsumi]

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Tachibana had been to quite a few places - but Hosenka was completely new to him. The young man found himself traveling around a lot during his life - even when in a guild like Fairy Tail, not that he minded.

He always felt like he was destined for the road. The unbeaten path felt familiar to him - almost nostalgic in nature which left a deep-seated emotion of want in the void that was his memories as well as an ache in his red beating heart.

He wasn't sure why he felt the way he did - but he would never want to let go of that feeling. Letting out an awed gasp he felt himself drawn the glimmering shining lights of the Joyan based city. The town lighting up like stars in the sky or glamourous diamonds in the dark.

As night approached closer and closer - the Hunter felt the desire to take a deeper look at what the place had to offer. Upon entering the city he was bombarded with various sights, sounds, and smells - each new sensation pulling him one way or another making him almost dizzy. It was a lot to take in - but eventually, his stomach won out as he found himself padding towards an area known as "Starlight Parade".

As he found himself looking at the various stalls holding an assortment of goods - from food to trinkets. Pulling out his wallet he looked at his pitiful display of money as he released a tired sigh. "Broke again." He lamented as he pocketed the change. His stomach growled as though agreeing with him and he sorely wished he didn't blow his Jewels at the pub he hung out at a day ago.

Sure he got a great meal - but it left him floundering with barely a Jewel to his name. Suffice to say, he wasn't very bright when it came to conserving. Letting out another loud sigh he rubbed the back of his neck as he made a motion to move on...

Only to collide with a solid object as Tachibana found himself on his ass. Grimacing he rubbed his head as he squinted looking up with one open eye he noticed the person who he collided with, and man, was she tall! Taller than Tachi, even.

"Uhhh... Sorry about that." He grumbled as he got up dusting himself off lightly with his hands. "Yo! Nice too meet'cha! I'm Tachibana. Sorry about running into you like that, wasn't paying attention... Uhm... Miss... Lady?"

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#2Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was walking through the starlight parade area, running from the fact she just blew up some oil lamps with her fire, keeping an eye out for any of the lamp as she didn't wish to blow anything else up. She stopped at a few stand to get some food and drinks on the way, having a massive appatite, already have eaten enough for three people, Still craving more as she seemed to burn off most of the calories she had eaten. She sat down for abit and looked to the sky.

"I wonder....is there anyone interesting out there, I mean sure the people from my guild are amazing, a theatrical demon, A wanted Swordsman and the forth but still.....I wish someone like me would come along....Someone I can drink with.....or drinking contests" She starts to laugh as soon she stopped getting up and walking as she was wearing a regular tshirt and some jeans, yawning softly as before she knew it, someone walked into her chest. Looking down at the man, she looked at him.

"My name is Natsumi Duranndal. It is a pleasure to meet you Tachibana" she said as her guild emblem was on her tongue


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"Nice to know your name, Natsumi!" He smiled as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. Unfortunately his stomach decided to cut in, releasing a loud gurgle as he grimaced holding his abdomen as he let out another sigh. He stood up again a faint blush on his face as he wanted to be anywhere but in front of his new aquantince. This was quite frankly embarrassing - showing such weakness in front of a pretty lady!

"S-Sorry, I haven't eaten all day..." He grumbled as he glanced at the food stall almost longingly. "And I'm outta Jewels..." He whined despondently. "I really shouldn't have spent all of my hard-earned money at that one pub..." Attempting to save some of his dignity he stood up straight and crossed his arms. "But look at me being a baby! It's no way to act as a Fairy Tail mage!" He said loudly, even earning a few glances by passerby's enjoying the sights - not that Tachi even noticed. He was quite oblivious to these types of things when in a certain mood.

Especially when talking about his beloved Namaka! "I'll be fine, I've survived worse!" He boasted with a cheerful grin. "Anyways, my food woes aside, what're you up to Natsumi? You here to see the sights too?" He asked inquisitively.

"When I first got here I was so enthralled by how beautiful the lights were... It was like a bunch of stars or even shiny diamonds! So I had to check this place out!" He said enthusiastically not able to hold back his jubilance at what he had beheld and wondered if she saw the beauty of it all like he did!

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Natsumi Duranndal
Hearing him ramble on as she grined, thinking abit it quite abit.
She couldn't help but remember when she was in Fairy Tail, having left to be one of the founding members once penumbral guard had started up. Grinning as she soon said.
"That is interesting, i use to be apart of Fairy tail myself... Before leaving to help start a new guild. The one I am in now, it might be new but we are strong. Anyways if you like I can buy you some food, I am still quite hungry still myself, so pick a meal and I will pay for it" She says smiling as soon she stated to lead him down the street, rather bluntly as she still struggles on picking up on social cues and social interactions, during her unknown training, she had no contact with anyone outside of the area she was in.

"Maybe we can be friends despite being in different guilds, and maybe....we can fight some time"
She says in an excited tone, as she breathed fire into the hair as if she was just exhaling, to show her strength without making a threat or to seem like she is dangerous to him

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Natsumi Duranndal
Noticing the time she got up, ready to leave, despite just making a new friend, but She had to leave.

"Hey sorry, I have to leave now, but lets make sure to meet up again someday, maybe as enemies or maybe as allies, I am always up for a friendly match, We could train together sometime too.

She soon runs down the street, ready to go full force to help some people, or whatnot......Looking at the sky, she smiled as she ran off, Remembering the days of her youth, reading to how she is now, fighting and reading. She had made alot of friends, something she had always desired, She started sing in such a lovely voice as she left "Fairy where are you going hikari zenbu atsumete kimi no ashita terasu yo

Oh yeah kikoeten no kako no koe wa
Oh yeah kare tatte sakebu kara
Oh yeah kikoeru made kimi no kokoro ga
Oh yeah oh yeah

Tsuki to taiyou no haitacchi wasuremono wa nai desu ka
Okashii na kimi ga inai to hoshii mono sae mitsukaranai

Snowing sunao ni egao ni nareta no wa
Futari yorisoi kasaneatta jikan ga aru kara
Fairy where are you going hikari zenbu atsumete kimi no ashita terasu yo

Oh yeah namiuchigiwa ni ukabeta kanjou
Itsu no ma ni ka orenji sae shiroku kawatteku kisetsu
Oh iee bokura futari mitsumeteta reinboo
Ima wa omoide no naka de nanairo ga yuki ni kawaru


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