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Shopping District - B Rank (Things have been Stolen)

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Shopping District - B Rank (Things have been Stolen) Empty Sat Sep 05, 2020 12:21 pm

Caspian Kaldwin
"I am as benevolent as I can be to whom I respect dearly. A Conqueror's body, with its scars and birthmarks, is the sight of true beauty. I am not nearly as satisfied as I was with my original body, nor am I no longer displeased at what I've become... In the actuality of life, I could never be more into the state of euphoria that I am in right now. But, why is it that I never felt this happy before? Why is it that I was never able to be so calm, or even be able to admire my body the way I do now? My old body was just as resplendent as my old, yet I feel more satisfied with this one... Could it have been that I held secret affection towards my enemy? No, all I felt for the Drake was respect and nothing more... Why is it that I, Caspian, couldn't reach nirvana the way my emotions can now? If I had to make a guess, my fascination revolves around that star on the side of that Drake's neck... That birthmark—that Dragon representation. This is what make me whole as the "True Caspian". No longer does the poor blood course in my veins. No longer does my father's reputation infect my own. No longer do I have to carry the blood of that bastard in my body. Now that the Dragon and I can become one, the "True Caspian" can flourish into something beyond elegance. We are one, World. We are perfect... I have abolished Transcendence, as I can become God through my own path. My own meaning. I shall Conquer, overthrow all those whom oppose me. I, Am Caspian Kaldwin. The true King of all Drake, the Deity of Power. I Am God."

Caspian softly uttered to himself with pure bliss, staring at himself in a mirror. It was as if he had rehearsed such a monologue, however, he hadn't. It purely came to him as he washed away the sins of fusing with Mana itself, a smirk coiled up his lips.  A malicious grin as he couldn't help but cackle slightly at his own reflection, slowly the man of Fairy Tail. The aspiring member to become Guild Master and abolish all opposition, started to become psychotic. Clawing at his features slightly, they tilted their head slight. They couldn't help their laughter, as their markings slowly faded away. Draining the excess power his being could be able to grant, he licked his lips. Before covering his mouth in realisation, trying not to laugh any further. The glares of confusion were plastered upon him, as he struggled to contain the joy in such a small vial of his body. Caspian hummed softly, flicking the mirror slightly. It shattered upon impact, as he ventured off away from the current stalls. Several merchants witnessed the psychotic individual wander throughout the district, somewhat concerned about his presence as he could hinder their business.

But, these men and women were desperate. They were constantly being harassed and nobody could prevent the threats. They were either too weak, scared or they simply just conned the merchants altogether. They were truly desperate for the man to help them with their endeavours. With a huff and a shattered sigh, one of them spoke up. "Young man! Could you help us?" One of them spoke, as Caspian continued to laugh at his own palms. Somewhat ignoring those in need, he left them helpless with a grin. Cackling to his self before a certain reward snapped him out of his trance. "We'll pay!" The merchant barked. Throwing the blonde off slightly, his golden hues averted toward the older individual. Slowly finding his place back into sanity, Kaldwin rattled his head side to side. Trying to find himself much faster, he marched toward the merchant. The barbarian flashed a confused smile, trying to make light of the situation and the fact he had made one of the worst impressions imaginable within the entire merchant district. He stared around the area, he was born near here, living in the slums and watching each and everyone pay their dues. Handing out money with inflation prices, forcing Caspian as a child to pay over market price purely due to his social standing. However, the fire mage kept his mouth shut. Finding himself silent, he looked at the job offer. "How much?" He asked in response, as the merchant smiled warily. "Enough, around one hundred thousand jewels, if you rid of them for good. Because they have been hurting our foundation as a merchant and trading circle." The old man hummed. Caspian rose an eyebrow, somewhat forgetting he was still in Fairy Tail. He planted his hands behind his head and nodded along. "I'm in." he responded without hesitation, scratching the base of his skull. "Alright, so i get rid of these thugs. Where are they?" Kaldwin questioned, before finding a head shake as a response. "We request you become silent, wait for them in the wake of the night. When they come for their protection fines. We resist, you step in and get rid of them. Sound like a deal?" One of the Merchants asked, causing the aspiring Deity to coil a smile upon his lips. Nodding and throwing his hand. He had a plan to get rid of these thugs harassing the district, slowly the scene faded to black. Having a minuscule time-skip, it advanced to Caspian humming to himself softly in one of the closets. Cracking his neck side to side, he waited. It didn't take long before the obnoxious ring of the bell sounded the internal alarm for Caspian. Peeking out of one of the holes, he analysed the situation. Three men, wielding obnoxiously large weapons. He scoffed to himself, witnessing the old man claim he would no longer pay the thugs for protection. This erupted into a uproar, forcing the blond to burst out from the shadows.

Rolling his shoulders, a deep red hue surrounded his body. A wicked smile coiled up his lips as he couldn't help but cackle at his approach to the mission, his heart began the slam against his chest at inhuman speeds. Bouncing from 100 beats per minute, to 200 to 400! Eventually making their way toward 1,200 beats per minute! His body began to radiate intense body heats with immense waves of steam. The sweat of hiss body evaporated before they could form into droplets, depleting his stamina and mana respectively. He couldn't help to burst into a louder, deep and devilish cackle. Finally snapping again, he released the intense rage and bloodlust. Launching himself to one of the thugs, he swung his fist down with intense force. Out of reflexes, they rose their large blade as a shield. However due to the man's newfound and bolstered strength. The weaponry shattered upon impact, causing the thug to widen their eyes in shock. Before finding themselves pelted in the body with a wild assortment of blows, sending them hurtling through the shelves of one of the stores. Causing others to collapse upon them like Dominos. This of course, received mixed reviews and reactions. As one of the thugs launched themselves toward the blond brawler, attempting to swing their large sledgehammer down upon their crown. Caspian was the overconfident individual, taking the blow to full assault, their head snapped downward. Crimson dripping down from their crown, before they swung their head upward. Uppercutting them with his skull, their chin shattered upon contact. Forcing the man's hand, he quickly grasped their wind pipe with a grip. Comparable to that of a Cobra, the menacing smile never ceased. Erupting into a louder cackle, his cobra like grip eventually rendered the thug unconscious. Collapsing to the floor as soon as the mage released his grasp, his golden hues darted around the surrounding area. Noticing the leader had left, as his departure would have disbanded the group altogether. Kaldwin couldn't help it, he could barely contain his laughter. This is what he wanted, his godly and higher state of power granted him sheer nirvana. Sheer bliss and pleasure, he could feast upon the weak whenever he chose. He could pummel those strong as well as long as he swung first. He couldn't believe such a thing. However, he was rudely interrupted by the merchant. Whom cowardly held the bag of Jewels. "Y-You destroyed my shop.." He quivered, as their eyes met. Caspian swiped the bag of pay from his hand, before looting the shelves. This caused a stir with the manager of the store. "H-Hey, what do you think you are doing?!" They cried. Before the barbarian backhanded his recent payer. Sending them flying back into the cash register, Kaldwin smiled again. "Taking my pay, you're overdue. You're under new management. I hope you understand that." He barked in response. Kicking down the door, salting the wounds further. He left the store, with his extra pay.

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