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Name: Heisuke Tachibana.

Age: 10/10/X764 (25 Years Old).

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese.

Class: The Hunter.

Race: Half-Elf.

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail.

Tattoo: Black, Right Pectoral.

Face: Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach.


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair: Orange.

Eyes: Amber.


The man known as Tachibana is a young, handsome, male early in his prime. He stands at a hulking height of 6'4 an almost abnormal height for most humans but can be considered a bit below average for his Half-Elf heritage.

His body is lightly toned physique with wired, hard, muscles, born from years of turbulent training and supernatural fights. Amongst his other oddities is his natural orange head of hair - in which rather short yet pointed elven ears peek out from the fringes, and his dark amber-brown eyes.

His fair complexion is riddled by various old egregious scars and burns that litter his skin like a grotesque patchwork canvas - hidden by his usual generally well-dressed attire. While he appears relatively harmless in expression - at times a more serious visage emerges showing a battle-hardened warrior beneath the kind and inquisitive facade.

Extra: Lots and lots of scars, burns, and old wounds cover his back, chest, stomach, and limbs, just barely visible hidden by his clothes - though none feature on his face, fortunately.



Tachibana is a man who lives in the present. As he has all but forgotten his past and is undaunted by his future - he has developed a very "live in the moment" type of personality.

He's a person who comes off as warm-hearted and compassionate. Who holds a passionate zest for life and treats everyone the way he would want to be treated.

While he is a bit naive at times, he is also quite intelligent and resourceful and holds a variable treasure trove of knowledge of how to quickly and efficiently take down a target. A fact that terrifies him at times due to how well he seems to know how to kill without being quite sure WHY he knows it.

While for the most part, he's rather laid back, he is a bit hot-blooded too. He loves challenges and games and can drink with the best of them. He can get rather rowdy and loud when the blood gets flowing as well.

There are even times he shows a bit of a perverted streak - though this is far and few in between and often after too many drinks in his system.

While he appears to be fun-loving and somewhat reckless - deep down there's a sensitive, lost, soul who holds many doubts and fears about his past and even future.

He hides them well, but secretly wonders what kind of man he was in the past and if that person will ever come back - or if he would want him to.


  • Alcohol: It tastes good, goes down smooth, and keeps him from overthinking things. Plus, it's a good icebreaker!

  • Food: What goes good with booze? Food! Preferably lots of it! He loves to eat as much as he loves to drink. It's just a fact of life.

  • Friends: Whether it's his guild or people he befriended down the street - Tachibana considers the bonds he makes as very important.


  • His Past: Tachibana honestly dislikes whoever he was in the past. He loathes the idea of becoming someone else. He rather lives for the present than go back and be someone he and those close to him don't recognize.

  • Wanton Violence: Destruction for the sake of it is something he can't adhere to. When friends, allies, and innocents lives are on the line because of some madman's violence streak he'll do anything to stop them.

  • The Undead: He's not quite sure why, but he has a deep-seated dislike for supernatural beings specifically the undead. He's not quite sure why - but whenever encountering them he tends to get needlessly angry.


  • A Fulfilling Life: A pretty basic want, but he wants to enjoy life to the fullest - see what the world has to offer. The good, the bad, the crazy.

    Maybe one day down the road he'll find someone to start a family with. Or just a life partner to spend his twilight years with. Regardless of what the future holds he wants to see where life takes him. It's about the journey, not the destination.


  • Himself: Some nights Tachibana wakes up in a cold sweat waking from a dream of blood and darkness with himself at the epicenter. Though he hides it well, Tachi fears himself more than anything.

    The darkness that lurks in his soul and the madness that hides in his past. While the past is murky - he fears becoming the man he witnessed in his dreams, a constant fear of "what if?". If the past him emerges.. then what will happen to the version of him that exists now?

  • Loneliness: A simple if childish fear - but a very real one. Loneliness tears at you - eats away at everything you are. And he honestly can't go through that again. Never again. He can't go through that all-consuming emptiness one more time...


Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Derelict Shade.

Magic Element: Darkness.

Magic Enhancement:
Double Elemental Magic

Price: 1,000,000J

Description: The user can select another element that will be added to the magic. The user will now be able to create spells of that element as well for their magic.

Magic Description:

Derelict Shade Magic is a unique spin on Darkness based arcana utilizing the shadows present in the world to fight for the user in combat. It is a sneaky, cruel, type of magic that turns your very shadow into a living weapon.

Derelict Shade allows it's current user - Tachibana to manipulate his or the surrounding shadows of nonliving creatures to his advantage.

It pulls on the surrounding shadows and creates eerie semblances of humanoid beings to fight alongside him on the battlefield. As well as bind targets to the spot or even rise up to grasp his foes and deal Darkness aspected damage to them.

It is violent and deadly magic that can easily turn on its user if used carelessly.



Tachibana was born twenty-five years ago in the year X764 as Heisuke Tachibana. He was the result of a union of two world wary beings - one, a Joyan human man who was a Hunter by trade. And the other - an adventurous Caelese Wood Elf whose curiosity led her outside her home and into a greater world.

Their meeting would soon become one of many until eventually, their wanderings came to an end - the man hung up his sword and the woman hung up her bow. The two would move to Fiore - not wanting to be tied down by family and friends - and start a new life - where they would settle down and have their one and only child, Heisuke.

Heisuke's birth went surprisingly well the family of now three couldn't be happier. While they lived a rather reclusive lifestyle deep in a small woodland village - they were happy and took nothing for granted. Life was simple and although they didn't have a lot of money to their name - they made an honest and humble living as village folk.

Much of Heisuke's early life was one of joy and peacefulness with rarely an issue save for the occasional magical beast that strayed too far to their home - which was easily dispatched by his parents.

Yes, life was very peaceful... So of course like all things - that time came to an end. It seems his father had quite a few enemies in his past - enemies that refused to remain dead. And in their survival, they secretly raged in the night - planning their revenge as they licked their wounds.

They came from within the cloak of the night - quickly and brutally slaughtering all that they encountered until they came across the humble abode that the small family lived in. Heisuke's father noticing the signs, forced his son to hide in the hidden cellar.  

And as Heisuke secretly watched in terror he watched as the monsters murdered his parents in cold blood - too fearful to do anything having only been eight years old.

When the creatures left - Heisuke was all alone among blood and ashes. Filled with grief and anger at not only the monsters - but himself - the boy buried the bodies of his parents and the villagers and left his home behind setting out to become stronger.

Years went by as he taught himself to survive, to hunt, and to kill. He grew older and wiser but also more cruel and vicious. He had taken up his father's former trade as a Hunter having all but forgone his humanity in order to become a perfect monster killer. In his slow descent into madness, he was unaware of what was friend or foe and savagely took the life of an innocent.

The survivors in their rage mercilessly attacked him in revenge leaving him to die. But he did not, and what survived was a man with no memories. All that he could recall was his last name "Tachibana" which he assumed as his new name from henceforth.

He stumbled around the world lost and confused until a kindly guild noticing his skills took him in and gave him a home. That guild was Fairy Tail. Wanting to pay them back for their kindness he joined the guild of mages and assumed a new life as a Fairy Tail mage.

That was four months ago...

And so, Tachibana's journey begins...

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