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Chasing Dreams [Part 2]

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What did it mean to make a phylactery? What exactly made something a phylactery? Was it just a bunch of magical scrolls that contained your magic? Was it a beautiful artifact that contained your spirit? So many questions about the phylactery's nature remained in her mind, and yet no answers came to Esperia's mind on the matter.

Even as she was lying in her bed in the inn of Hargeon, having chosen to stay there instead of the guild building for the time being. Morrigan's staff was cleverly hidden, wrapped under bandages and concealed in the corner of the room, at least Morrigan's whispers had ceased, giving Esperia the comfort of some peace to set her thoughts straight on her plans for the future.

First she needed to figure out what a phylactery actually was, then it was a matter of figuring out how the ritual worked. Fortunately, Morrigan seemed to be asleep so she didn't need to worry about deception, instead, she quietly raised her hand to the temple of her head and took a deep breath, allowing her magic to teleport her back into the Kamui dimension.

She had to admit it was awkward, standing there in her nightgown, and equally awkward was the fact the ancient mage had seemingly expected her, for her was quietly sitting on the edge of one of the prisms, fishing into the dark void underneath him "Damd fish never bite when you want them to- Ah, back already?"

The man's words made her smile weakly as she sat down beside him. "Say, do you have a name?" The man nodded his head lightly in response. "They used to call me: Arbert, so what can I do for you on this fishless night Esperia?"

Esperia paused for a moment, only smiling weakly at his jest upon which she finally inquired: "What... is a phylactery?"


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Esperia's inquiry made Arbert flinch for a moment, yet he soon sighed softly in response to her question. "I guess you arrived at the same thought as I did. But are you certain about this Esperia? The path to becoming a Lich is quite... dangerous, unpleasantly so even. Most will not understand your choice, they will see you only as a greedy mage who shed her mortal coil to obtain power-"

Yet as he looked at Esperia he noticed the resolute look in her eyes and took a deep breath. To think someone so young had already made the decision with such conviction... How could he possibly deny her the wisdom she desired?

"A phylactery is the embodiment of one's want, their desire so to speak. It can be anything physical, but since a Lich relies on their phylactery for survival you will need to be incredibly careful about it, something to secure it in and protect it, for should your phylactery be destroyed, you will cease to be."

An ominous warning to say the least... "How does one make a phylactery?" The question asked by Esperia made the ancient mage reach a hand to his chin, pondering for a while. "It depends from mage to mage, but usually the ritual behind its creation involves infusing a particular object of interest to the user with their mana, a immense amount of it which is then sealed within a container to protect it."

Esperia felt her hand instinctively trail up to her neck, where small silver necklace hung, it was the gift Fia had given her on their first Christmas eve... "Seems you already got your answer there, the final step however will be more dangerous, and in all honesty? you will likely have wished you died when it comes to undergoing the ritual to become a Lich..."


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Despite the grim warning, Arbert gave her, Esperia was still unwavering in her decision. Esperia had made her choice, and the ancient mage understood this. A hand raised to the man's forehead, a deep sigh escaping from him.

"When you are that determined, nothing I will say will likely stray you from this path. Fine then, I will help you obtain the means to gain your immortality. Fortunately, I see your pesky babysitter isn't around, so we can do this undisturbed. But first, you'll have to prepare your phylactery, I'll lend you a container."

He spoke calmly, although for some reason she felt as if he was in pain, perhaps not physically but... emotionally? She watched the man gesture toward the spacious platform in front of them, and Esperia soon saw the air twist and distort as a small golden lockbox fell onto the platform. Quietly she approached the box, slowly pulling the necklace off her neck as she gazed softly at it. "Together till death tears us apart, there was irony in your words... But I still believe that you meant them Fia." She smiled bitterly, placing them in the box as she took a deep breath and looked at Arbert, waiting for further instructions as the man approached her.

"Now, you should have gotten a grasp of this spell already, for it is very similar to the Essence Shift that witch uses, but now try to do it in reverse: try to infuse the necklace with your essence, and then let your mana form a protective layer around the box.

A brief nod of affirmation was made by Esperia who raised a hand over the opened lockbox, allowing her mana to start stirring, channeling it through her hands, letting it pour into the jewelry. It was an odd sensation as if a small part of her was slipping away, a part that she felt resonate within the necklace.


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As she felt her essence slowly slip into the necklace Esperia watched with fascination as her mana started to coil around the necklace, as if to form a protective cocoon around it, protecting her essence from whatever might threaten it. However, as the spell reached its completion Esperia felt her stamina falter, her body staggering backward, but fortunately for her Arbert was there to catch her. "For now this is where we take a break."

The man spoke firmly, yet Esperia protested feebly in return. "I can still continue!" Yet the man shook his head in return, stating as a matter or fact. "This spell has split your essence Esperia, most mages would have fainted by now already due to the mana drainage, I only seen a few of you nowadays on Earthland who possess a mana reservoir as huge as yours. But the point remains, your soul is vulnerable right now, if we were to continue the process you likely would fail in becoming a Lich and simply die."

The man's logic and reasoning made sense, and it honestly frustrated Esperia a little. "Rest up, take a walk around Hargeon, take in the sights, eat, feast, sleep, and then when you are able to come without any regrets I will await you here with your phylactery."

Esperia's gaze shifted to the box, watching Arbert close it as magic seemingly pulsed from it. "So the spell..." The ancient mage smiled sympathetically at her. "It worked, splendidly even, for your first try it is quite an impressive feat. Now go back before the witch senses your absence."

And with those words as warning, Esperia knew the time had come, retreating back to Earthland while Arbert shook his head firmly.

"To think she would be so willing to walk the path... I can only hope the decision to help her, is one I can be forgiven for in the future..."


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Once she found herself back within her room inside the inn Esperia silently thought back about Arbert's words. Do things in a way she wouldn't have any lingering regrets or doubts...

It was clear what she would have to do then. Stiffling a yawn behind her hand Esperia prepared for the start of the day, a quick shower, getting herself dressed and grabbing the concealed Morrigan's staff

The first step for her would be to take a walk and visit her favorite spot within the port. She wanted to go there, although she couldn't exactly describe what reason she had behind that wish. Even as she left the inn and made her way down the streets of the port, all Esperia thought of was that she wanted to see the sight of the light-tower, the top of the light-tower that had the sea stretch as far as the eye could see, and the beautiful scenery of the port behind it. It was also the scenery she had shared with the first friend she had made in years. How could Esperia possibly not enjoy the sight? As she finally reached the docks and climbed toward the top of the light-tower, a brief chat with the elder in charge of the tower led her to be allowed to climb upstairs, ascending the stairs till she was at the top, allowing her body to sink lightly against the center of the tower as she enjoyed the scenery.

For a moment it felt calming, easing the sense of worry that haunted her mind, not even Morrigan's whispers seemed to do anything in particular for her right now.

In a way, those peaceful and quiet moments had their own beauty, and Esperia couldn't help but adore those moments for that, as odd as it might had sounded. Just, to be able to see such sceneries forever sounded nice...

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