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Morrigan's guidance [Spell Training]

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Morrigan's guidance [Spell Training] Empty Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:52 am


To be honest, the fact that Asmodeus had left her had hit Esperia hard, very hard. The Demon Lord of Lust her remark that she was being consumed by greed was an unpleasant realization for Esperia and perhaps it had been the reason why she had not been able to leave Hargeon just yet. Regrets and insecurity were holding her back, and yet frustration also was working its way into her being. With Asmodeus gone Esperia felt powerless, and it made her vulnerable, vulnerable to the manipulation of those who had power.

"There is no reason to keep relying on her Esperia. If you are willing, I can teach you a method, a type of magic that will help you in the days to come." Esperia turned her gaze sideways as she held the staff, looking at Morrigan. "Hopefully not another of your brilliant plans?" Morrigan chuckled in amusement at Esperia's snide remark, gesturing deeper into the forest. "Not exactly, let just say that today I'm in a generous mood."

Esperia couldn't help but feel both curious and skeptical about Morrigan's words, but for the time being she decided she would be willing to play her game. Slowly Morrigan led her deeper into the woods, till at long last she found something she had never seen before during her trips through the forest: a large ruin, reminding her of a tomb was awaiting her. "This... was this always here?"

Esperia's question made Morrigan chuckle softly. "It has, just there is an enchantment that keeps most people away from the ruins unless they are either chosen, or possess the power to force their way through the barrier. I'll leave it to you to decide which one you are."

Considering the subtle glow from Morrigan's staff Esperia had to guess she was likely one of the latter...

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Slowly she stepped forward, holding the staff close to her chest as she descended into the tomb, the eerie purple glow serving as a light for her in the darkness. She wondered where the ruins originated from, or who even made them and what purpose they held. It seemed Morrigan sensed her curiosity, for she decided to chime in calmly. "This tomb belongs to a sorcerer of an ancient civilization, if we ask nicely he might be willing to contribute to our quest."

Great, she was entering the tomb of an ancient sorcerer? As if that didn't scream trouble! "And what will we do if he decides to be disagreeable with our endeavors?" Esperia's question earned a soft laugh from Morrigan who shrugged her shoulders lightly. "Then we take it by force."

Typical Morrigan: when asking nicely didn't help you'd just blow them to smithereens. Then again, perhaps it wouldn't need to come to that. As she thought those words Esperia started to notice that the stairs descending further into the tomb were starting to crumble left and right, making her require to remain mindful of her steps. "How about I teach you a trick Esperia?" Esperia's eyes shifted back to Morrigan who explained with a smile "Just tap the surface lightly with the bottom of my staff and channel your mana through it."

Esperia blinked in confusion, but for the time being decided to listen to Morrigan's suggestion, tapping her staff lightly with the bottom onto the surface as she channeled her mana through it. Albeit, what she expected was an explosion or a trap, but instead she started to feel like she was walking on something soft and light, almost a cushion.

"Fancy trick right? Through this levitation spell you won't need to worry about the ground giving out underneath you, by the way you can also cast this spell by flicking your fingers while visualizing a surface underneath your feet."

At least for now Morrigan was being useful...

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Fortunately, it didn't take long for Esperia to reach her destination, the floating platform allowing her to nicely reach her destination without and tripping or falling incidents. However, it seemed she was expected, for a moment passed till the torches in the spacious chamber started to lit up one by one, the room becoming illuminated just at the same moment she stepped off the levitation platform.

It took her a moment to realize that rather than seeing a grave as she expected, there was an ancient-looking throne of sorts where a skeleton was seated. "It seems we came a bit late to see your guest..."

Esperia muttered under her breath, but just as soon as she spoke her words the skeleton stirred, a red glint in its eye sockets as the skeleton spoke in a deep masculine voice. "Why have you come here, stranger?"

O great, so she was now dealing with an ancient sorcerer who 'might' or might not have been a Lich?! "I come here seeking knowledge." Esperia stated softly, yet as the skeleton rose she could see something, it was as if something, a spirit of sorts was inhabiting it, and through some sort of magic it started to regain its human form, just an illusion or some crazy regeneration spell?

"Don't lie to me stranger, I can smell the witch's scent lingering on you. What you seek is power" Of course, she should have expected this much, raising her free hand to her forehead Esperia groaned softly. "Couldn't have bathed first Morrigan?"

Yet before she could hear Morrigan's snide remark in response she could see the ancient sorcerer raising a hand, a flick of his fingers making a large sword emerge in the air above her. "Wait I'm not here to fight you-" Yet the sorcerer didn't listen to her words, instead making a sweeping motion downwards with his hand. "BEGONE FROM THIS PLACE!"

Morrigan calmly looked up and hummed in amusement. "You might want to dodge that." And as the sword went crashing down Esperia in a panic lunged to the side "I KNOW!"

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Fortunately, she had moved just in time to dodge the sword that descended from above, but that didn't mean she was out of danger just yet, for the man had already started chanting a spell and raising a hand into the air.

Of course, Morrigan had an idea of her own "Esperia, imagine something powerful, something that would know the fight out of him."

Something powerful... Something like the power Alisa wielded? No, why now... The mental image that accompanied the thoughts of Alisa made her feel a sudden surge of something... She couldn't describe it: sadness, anger, guilt? Nontheless, the moment the thought was visualized it was enough for Morrigan to do her work, a blade of arcane energy manifesting at each flank and just as the man finished chanting Morrigan's staff glowed brightly, the two swords lunging toward the spot the man was standing at like missiles! Esperia's eyes widened in surprise as a shroud of smoke filled the room.

"Did we get him?" Esperia asked hesitatingly, but Morrigan merely chuckled in response. "That would be too easy then." And indeed, just as Morrigan told her, Esperia watched in disbelief as the air distorted in front of the mage and the missiles disappeared, leaving the man entirely unharmed!

"Now, let us talk in private 'child'"

As the man spoke, he suddenly disappeared, making Esperia raise her staff preparing for an attack, but instead of that the young woman felt a hand resting on her shoulder, a forceful shove at her arm making her drop her staff and suddenly her vision started to twist and distort, her body seemingly being sucked into the spell by the ancient mage.

Soon nothing remained of the spacious tomb, instead she felt onto the ground in what seemed to be an entirely different realm! Not to mention Morrigan was gone, and the sorcerer? He was simply gazing quietly at her from a few steps away.

"Now that the witch can't interfere, how about you start at the beginning: Who are you, and why have you come to disturb my rest young one?"

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Even if Morrigan's influence had disappeared, Esperia still felt it, an emptiness of sorts. And yet at the same time the man had given her an opportunity to talk, so the least she could do was try. She wasn't certain why he had changed his mind, but if it's dialogue he wanted, then he could have it!

Esperia started her explanation at the beginning, the very beginning and despite her frustration, it seemed the elderly man was willing to listen to her story without any interrupting. If she had to explain how she felt right now, amidst the frustration there was also a sense of relief, comfort in knowing someone was willing to hear her out.

She spoke of Blue Pegasus, of how she joined it in order to be closer to her childhood friend Liana and their mentor Alisa who she admired and respected, of her relationship with Fia who had disappeared all those years ago. Of the time she spend under Asmodeus her guidance, a guidance she had now lost due to being consumed by greed instead of Lust.

Her feelings of frustration and loneliness, of how she thought she didn't really belong in Blue Pegasus. It was a bit of a painful thing to admit, and yet it also reassured her that at least the elderly mage didn't berate her for those thoughts.

Of how she had found Morrigan's staff which had set the recent events in motion.

"Be careful of that one Esperia, Morrigan is powerful, but she is a clever and dangerous benefactor to have, far more than Asmodeus."

Esperia had gone silent, lowering her head in shame. "Morrigan always has been driven by her desire for power, her greed for it is never-ending."

The man went quiet for a moment as he crouched down in front of her.

"But what about you? What is the source of your greed? What is it that you desire?"

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What was it that she desired... Was it power? Was she similar to Morrigan in that regard? "I don't know..." Esperia whispered weakly, making the man look at her in a moment of confusion as she continued. "I don't know what it is that I desire, this empty feeling in my chest... But I long to find the answer, I desire to find it, and for that reason I want to discover it all."

The man smiled briefly at her "What you seek is not power then Esperia, power is certainly something that brings you closer to it, but what you desire is something magicians have longed for since the first of their kin came into existence."

Something every magician wanted, something they all desired to a certain degree? She wasn't entirely certain what he meant with those words... "Knowledge Esperia, what you seek is to discover all that is to be discovered, to consume the emptiness inside you, you desire to fill it with everything. This everything you seek is knowledge."

Esperia tilted her head to the side in bewilderment, not entirely certain what the elderly man meant. "I seek knowledge?" He nodded his head in formation, a smile forming upon his lips. "In the past I was just like you, I always was driven by a desire to learn, my curiosity toward the unknown, to the things I didn't understand, didn't know. So tell me: if you obtained what you desired, then what would you do?"

Esperia went quiet for a moment. "Would you use it to rule the world? To indulge in everything you desired?" The man's question made sense, what would someone do when they obtained all this knowledge? Even now she had to admit she was not entirely sure of the answer, but there was one thought she had in mind, a thought that lingered behind.

"I would continue to search, for there will always be new things to discover, new things to learn about, new things to experience."

The man laughed softly at her words. "You really are a greedy girl Esperia, but your answer tells me enough."

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"You are not Morrigan."

The words made Esperia blink in confusion at the man's statement, and noticing her confusion the man continued to speak. "She has long forgotten that knowledge is an infinite journey, instead she has become obsessed with obtaining more power so she can reach deeper into the infinite. She only sees the destination, and would consume anything and anyone to get closer to it."

Power, and knowledge... Were they essentially two sides of the same coin? In a way she thought that might had been the case. One who sought knowledge, sought the power to reach it. It was a complicated cycle, and she wasn't entirely certain on how one would reach for it. Nonetheless, it seemed her next question would be that set things into motion.

"What about you? Why are you here? I mean, why are you in your tomb in such a state?" Her words, filled with concern made the man chuckle heartily. "There it is, that curiosity which is born from a desire of knowledge that I longed to hear. To answer your question Esperia, I have been here waiting, waiting till I could pass on the magic of my people onto someone else."

Esperia paused for a moment, hesitant. "But... if you were to let me leave, surely Morrigan will use her power to devour your essence and claim your power as her own."

The old man shook his head lightly in denial to the statement. "Not if I have nothing left to be claimed."

The man stepped forward, a hand reaching for her face. Of course Esperia flinched lightly, muttering softly "W-Wait I don't swing-" But the man merely laughed in amusement as the palm of his hand rested on her right eye, and a moment later she felt a sharp pain coursing through her entire body...

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The pain that coursed through her being was immense, to the point she fell onto her knees, yet she could feel something, some sort of magic being engraved into her right eye, and once she opened her eyes she noticed the elderly man was starting to turn his back toward her.

"Fortunately this place is quite spacious~ Even Morrigan won't find me if we play hide and seek, either way..."

The man paused for a bit as Esperia climbed back onto her feet. "Now that you have gained this power, you will have to figure out the rest on your own. I look forward to finding out where your journey takes you: Witch of Greed."

Esperia smiled weakly at the nickname that the man had given her, if he could truly hid himself in this place, then perhaps there would be no need for her to worry about the future. Still, how in the world would she be able to return back to the tomb?

"Wait! Before you leave! How do I even use this magic?" But in response to the words the man merely hummed in amusement "Trust in your eyes young one." And with those words he walked out of her sight and into the shadows. Esperia was left pondering quietly the words of the man, a hand raised to the temple of her head as she pondered about a solution, when suddenly a surge of mana escaped from her right eye and she felt her body being sucked back into the warping spell that had taken her there in the first place!

Swiftly she manifested back in the tomb, noticing how Morrigan's staff had remained standing upright, and the moment she grasped a hold of the weapon her voice already resounded from within her mind. "What happened?" Was the first thing she asked, but all Esperia answered with was a devilish smile and a soft hum "I dealt with him."

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So far it seemed Morrigan was pleased with the response, at least aside from a "I see..." but since she didn't press her further on the topic Esperia thought she had succeeded in tricking Morrigan. With their business in the tomb done Esperia started making her way back to the entrance when Morrigan suddenly asked her quite an unexpected question.

"Say Esperia~ Do you know what every tomb usually has?"

It was a curious question, but Esperia would soon figure out what exactly Morrigan was trying to say, for as they reached the entrance of the tomb Esperia spotted three suspicious looking men approaching from amidst the trees.

"Tomb raiders~" Morrigan hummed in amusement, earning a loud audible groan from Esperia who brandished her staff. She might as well but try to put her magic to good use, right?

The first of the tomb raiders called out to her, remarking how she got here first and how she should drop the spoils she found. If he thought she was going to leave Morrigan's staff behind then he clearly was crazy! With a simple pointing gesture of her staff she caused a pair of arcane missiles to manifest, one at each side of her that started to rapidly hone in on her opponent, the projectiles detonating in a fiery blast while one of the raiders worriedly called out for his comrade. The other however was armed with a bow, pulling back the string against his arrow as the projectile fired toward her! As good a time as any for her to try out her spell, right? Tapping the bottom of her staff onto the grass Esperia felt her right eye changing in form, the air around the arrow distorting as it was sucked into the dimension she had been at earlier. Hopefully, the elder mage wasn't anywhere near that spot!

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So far the battle was clearly going into her favor, one of the tomb raiders had been dealt with, the second one was confused about where in the world his arrow disappeared off to, and the third was... ah right, he was charging straight at her!

Unfortunately for him Esperia had seen him coming in advance, so by the time he reached her, her eye already had a eerie red tint in it as she gestured with her staff at the approaching man, and indeed just like she had expected, his body started to twist as he was dragged off into the Kamui dimension!

"That's handy..." Esperia muttered softly while the remaining raider looked in disbelief at her. "W-Where did you send my friend to?!" He asked in a mixture of fear and a attempt to sound intimidating, but Esperia decided that a bit of deception was in order. "The abyss~ If you leave and tell your friends never to cross paths with the Witch of Greed, I might be inclined to bring him back."

It seemed the mentioning of the abyss was enough to make the raider's face turn pale, a momentary opening of weakness for her to exploit, and with a light tap of her staff she made a warp point above the man, forcing the raider she had pulled in earlier to come crashing down on top of his buddy.

"There, now leave this place, or you will never leave it."

The two tomb raiders rapidly shambled back onto their feet, grabbing a hold of their unconscious friend as they started to drag him away, making Esperia watch them leave. "Hmm, effective." Morrigan muttered absently as Esperia tried her best to suppress her smile: Yes, it was an effective magic to possess, and one that she wouldn't hand over to Morrigan!

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