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Babysitting (Quest Ricardo)

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What's Eaten

Now it's a day to help a young noble literally called Reign. Might as well meet the local fake power before departing. Really, can any nobles control Hargeon with Blue Pegasus around? His father might have died unexpectedly for a reason. On to the contents of the day, Vice loves ignoring sick children. Childcare is so amusing when the bundles of energy have been deprived of it. For the good of the public, Vice really doesn't want to let this sick child go infect other people. Warming up masks in his dark grey robe pocket, Vice hopes people don't find him weird! Before going to the beach, Vice hangs around the mansion.

Why can't Reign leave his mansion, is he afraid of getting sick? It must be related to why the dad died unexpectedly. Having to manage the children of smart companions before, Vice feels experienced enough with kids at his young age, and hasn't abandoned any. In a way, this is a practical use of time, coddling up to the nobility of Hargeon. If the child was of regular identity Vice has a more efficient way of watching children. Usually, he just likes to ruthlessly match the energy of a child until it gets tired. Blatantly command the kids to run around and lose their smol energy reserves. No need to feed the children in the process, as that would replenish them. In case a child resents you, expedite the process, and ignore their pleas for attention entirely. The case differs here! Vice must make this child hate her uncle, and make Blue Pegasus reign supreme in her heart!

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#2Ricardo De Sylvainn 

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Ricardo De Sylvainn
Contrary to his partner, Rick cared none for the child's tendencies or adoration. He cared none for the reigning guild, and cared none for the governing body in town. No, his interest in undertaking a mission of this caliber was easily in his curiosity: find out who is to govern Hargeon eventually.

Coming from a nigh-noble house in Era himself, he's seen it all before. He knew exactly what to expect and simply projected it all unto this Reign person and his daughter. "I see, I see." He affirmed, playfully; chest sticking out some as his head was lowered a bit, staring intensely into the nobleman's eyes; having reached the scene by then, promptly ignoring the child hiding behind her (supposed) father's leg. "Worry not, Lord Reign. We will take great care of your child." Snicker.

God knows why the blond nobleman allowed the kid to tag along someone so obviously unintended to commit. Though, alas. He wouldn't be allowed time alone with the kid before the other man arrived. Truly a pain, having to wait. And with that, Rick treated himself to some touring around the house, uninvited and without permission; tolerated simply on fact that, he was here for a job.

Where is, whoever-it-is-I'm-working-with anyway?

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What's Eaten

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"I WANT TO PLAY NOOOOW." Anxiety filled the little girl still in the mansion, so much so, she yelled out unbecoming of her image with her uncle close. An escort called Rick had arrived, but she couldn't leave? Looking out the window, she saw the other escort, and promptly hopped out safely. Confident in himself, and his ability to satisfy the true challenger, Vice doesn't want to go meet Mr. Fake Lord. A competent lord is aware that Vice has arrived, and there are escorts protecting from the shadows! The usual story. Vice has no work to do! Isn't that how it usually goes?

Turning his back to the mansion, while keeping fully aware of his surroundings, Vice in sync follows the shadow of the little girl that begins to run away. Vice notices immediately she doesn't want to engage with a stranger. The butler situation has probably been experienced by her before. If anything, the nobleman is hosting a tryout for the little girl to find a toy. Looking at her appearance, maybe she's one of a hundred nieces, so Vice tries to determine her ordinariness.

"Scouting the perimeter, Mr. Quester!!!" Vice shouts toward the mansion! Haha, quester should have been outside, it's just proper business sense! Now, is the landlady disciplined and protected properly? That isn't Vice's job. All Vice needs to do is stay in this little lady's service, while limiting his energy output, and maximizing hers. She dashes toward the beach as a good pet.

"Firrrst, get all the seashells. Or you're gone." Having her pant in anxiety, Vice purposely didn't catch up with her so she could keep wearing herself out going to the beach full-throttle. A little game of tag edged in.

"Okay, but you must follow, to make sure I complete your task properly." Straining his words, Vice begins running over to different patches of seashells chaotically, Vice allowing the little one to get confused and frustrated at the inefficiency. Tilting his head back, Vice also prepares to get to know his quest companion, if he has caught up. Along the way, Vice plays a game of catch with the little one, making her flustered to repeatedly fail to catch seashells.

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Ricardo De Sylvainn
Oh, goodie. The quest partner showed up much sooner than expected, as it seems; judging from the little lady running off out the house, as opposed to what was instructed. Fair enough, finally they could get to business. Thing is, whoever this guy was, appeared to occupy the little miss a considerable bit; between edging her to play tag and run, to very obviously collecting seashells (per her request) very slowly -- which, Rick was honestly not going to do -- he was indeed efficient in his skills with children. "My. There's a sharp one." He remarked to himself, simply standing a good distance from the two as he watched.

Being relegated to a bystander wasn't in his style, but he wasn't into doing this brat's bidding either. In fact... He reckoned this needed a bit more spice. "It's not nice to ignore people, you know." He exclaimed, making his presence known as he hastened to pace towards the two; in between breaks in which the small girl tired herself out. Looking to the supposed partner, and then to the lord's daughter; Rick smirked as he approached the small one first. "You get punished for that."

...Yeah, picking up seashells? That's lame.

Promptly, he picked the unsuspecting girl up and threw her in the air; the noble child screaming in all sorts of emotions rushing through her in that sudden act, soon caught and dropped to the floor. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING!!!" She yelled, only to once again be lifted up; tears welling in the corners of her eyes as she was flung into the air once again. "Up you go~!"

He once more caught the child as she fell to his arms; despite her obvious protests and reddened face, an exhilarated smile formed on her face. Breathing hastened further. Rick didn't care that the girl was 'apparently sick'; if she could run outside and play on the beach, she was healthy enough to survive some thrill. "No more seashells." The young man decided, once again picked the lady up and flinging her up in the air. This time, aimed at his partner.


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What's Eaten

(377 words)

Children get bored quickly. Vice is bored of the little girl. Also, he is not a child, Rick is a child! How dare the quester not pick up the seashells? Vice wasn't ignoring the approach of Rick, all Vice wanted to dooo, was make sure Rick was close enough for any plot Vice might cook up. Waiting that other child-hater out, Vice first squandered his time to let the little girl keep playing. Seeing things mixing up, the little girl gets thrown into the air, and Vice's build-up of her apathy is negated! Zoning out, Vice takes a deep breath, and sneezes. Leaning forward, he avoids the flying little girl completely, and makes no contact with her innate danger.

"Oh no! Are you alright lady Wahwah Valystasia? Actually, we got all the seashells in our hearts, so we're all done. Your uncle wants to keep seashells here for your next party! Ohohoh and Mr. Quester, my name is Vice, fancy meeting you here." Trying to distract the girl rushingly, Vice accepts his companion's help. It is time for good cop bad cop.

"WAH WAH" There there, Vice pets the crying thingy that fell on the ground. After a while of all this work, the noblelady is exhausted, and Vice beams off her task completion. Only special seashells matching the noblelady have been picked up, to accentuate her cuteness! Lying with children is also important, as they are ignorant and useless, but must be kept up to speed. Lying is purely good! Survival instinct does kick in for the child though, and she starts to sober up. Of course, provoking the survival instinct is the goal. Self-improvement is the greatest icebreaker toward a child's happiness.

Somehow, the Ms Valystasia thought she was helping, as all silly children do. Now that she has noticed the heat and dangerous thrower-man, she audibly groans to complain, and motions Vice to stay in the sun to make shade for her. Nodding his head along, Vice accepts the progression, and takes the opportunity to take his shirt off. Then, fanning of the little one starts. With gusto, Vice might be throwing sweat off his body toward the girl, but he's picking up a tan. Ah right, Vice's guild tattoo is on his back.

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#6Ricardo De Sylvainn 

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Ricardo De Sylvainn
Bam. Wincing, making a silent 'oof', Ricardo watched as the noblelady faceplanted straight into the sand; burried slightly in. Fortunately there wasn't much damage it appears as the girl was quick to recover and resume her prissy crying fit, meaning there were no casualties and Rick could go on as is with his life, unmoved. Though that spectacular sneeze and miss was almost too perfectly timed, and the bratty boy was easily amused.

"'Mr. Quester is too formal, Mr. Quester." Rick replied, eyes narrowed as he looked to the two. This 'Vice' person earned just enough in the amusement department to warrant Rick to provide an answer. "Ricardo. Call me Rick." Rick calmly announced, a hint of a snicker in his tone.

So now little ol' noble-chan wanted some shade. Wow, she was much faster to recover than she seemed. With Vice removing his shirt and voluntarily standing to present her with sufficient shadow, Rick was fully exposed to the guild tattoo on his back. Blue Pegasus, huh? "(Seems I got myself involved with some important people.)" But if that's the case... This guild was renowned for being rather proper. Not too many exciting things, only several exciting mages.

So besides the coincidental dodge, how exciting was Vice, really?

--"I think," Rick started, approaching the girl as he crouched some, offering her a playful grin; "We've had enough fun at the beach. How about we go somewhere where we can really have fun?" He suggested, met soon with a clear answer; "Then I want to go to the forest! Take me there!!" She demanded.

Naturally, Rick wouldn't be the horse in this situation; but going to the forest was a nice idea. Staying out here in the sun, at summer time, is bad for his skin and generally unpleasant. Last thing he'd want is to work up a sweat for nothing. Straightening himself, Ricardo looked back to the blond; "You've heard the lady." He exclaimed, immediately taking the girl by the hand and making a quickened walk to the forest near; causing her tiny legs to struggle, trotting after him.

"Let's go."

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What's Eaten

Pushing the little girl to fan herself too, Vice gets sad when she makes a lackadaisical effort out of tiredness, and distracted toward her next game. Infact, the battle is already won, as the little girl didn't have her guard up. Being the overlord of Hargeon, or part of that guild, Vice has no fear of any noble family. From the first sighting, he had determined he'd exhaust this little girl to make things as they should be. Suddenly, Vice is compelled to actually fulfill the happiness of this child. She wants to go to the other side of the beach, to the forest. While she looks pleadingly toward the questers to carry her, Vice ignores her, for this would give her energy a break. She'll understand the dangers of carrying! Resoundingly excited to go to the flowers, Vice pushes her to go with a furious nod ignoring her!

"Rick! Great to meet you. I'm sure we'll come across each other quite a bit. It's all swampy and small here in Hargeon. We'll stick to each other like maaagic." Rushingly replying to Rick, Vice prepares to sprint out the little lady's quest. As many children do, the noblelady forgets that Vice has ignored her actual immediate desire to be carried. Letting sweet adrenaline take her, Vice is happy he took a mask for this girl, so she could be more tired and safe for the public. Initially, without knowing the child, he couldn't apply the mask. Eventually, he got it sneaked in on the pretense of safety, bumping into her as she goes forth on her new childish journey. Ignoring any onlookers, Vice will just advertise Blue Pegasus on his back for this day, and follows along with the party. Indoctrinating children into the guild would be weird, as it's not like creepy child beauty pageants exist.

"Let's go ahead and pick some flowers! By picking them at that spot, you will make sure even more beautiful flowers will grow safely!" Finding the objective focus, Vice patiently lies to the lady, and points toward random flowers. Nodding her head in sync, Vice's mind wanders in unison. Yeah he has no idea how flowers work and doesn't care if they die. But! Momentary happiness leads to permanent joy. Taking the opportunity to pick up the flowers, Vice forgets where the lady was located. Oh no she actually ran away and was tired of Vice's swindling maybe. The nightmare scenario has arrived! Vice has no idea about popular spots in Hargeon, or somebody could have just kidnapped this noble for ransom. Hopefully the second case happened, as Vice can't fight anybody anyway. But by the power of tanning in the sun, Vice eventually finds the girl, and notices her coddled up.

"Oh! I wonder why she's so tired Rick. She must have imposed too much fun on herself. Wah Wah! It's time to go! We'll do even more fun stuff later!" Pretending he's out of breath, Vice makes a shaky voice. Actually, she wasn't that far away in the forest, as she has been crippled with tiredness. Imposing the niceness of Blue Pegasus, Vice will not allow her a break. Aw, it's just in true child-like fashion, she's sad she couldn't keep up with all the fun! It's time to go home for the girl, lying that they can plan out an even more fun day going forward. When Vice has crystallized the fact he will never see her again, fun will be at it's peak! Payment is also needing to be done. At the castle, Vice gratefully accepts his reward, and goes away.

(602 words, 1617 total)

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Ricardo De Sylvainn
Out to the forest! Once Vice had took charge again and led the girl in his topless sprint, Rick took his sweet time following behind them; at some point, ending up losing the couple, only regrouping once they'd stopped (inevitably, with the girl's far smaller legs). When the dark-haired found the two at a forest, that is... After a long while of walking seemingly aimlessly, looking around at the bystanders and the occasional yawn, Rick spotted Vice picking flowers alone. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you're enjoying yourself." He commented, same snicker present as he proceeded to look around.

"So? Where's miss crybaby?"


Let's assume that they found her seemingly in no time. With Vice continuing to occupy her interests despite the child's obvious tiredness, Rick figured his presence was unnecessary in this case. As it is, if they were forced to look for a little girl anyway, he wanted nothing to do with it. There was no fun with that, no; and he already got bored with the girl himself. His solution, however, wasn't in looking how to entertain himself with the present situation, but rather to change it. "I'd say it's because someone had her running the whole day." Rick jested, grinning; "But, maybe it's better that way." All in all, it was thanks to Vice that Rick had a relatively easy day; and an awfully easy pay, at that!

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