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Signup Time (Quest)

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What's Eaten

(300 words each post)

Vice may or may not feel like he's beginning to rest on a retirement home. Where's the sense of adventure on the island or lands? Headfirst into the sandy beach, Vice is trying to keep up his dignity for his guild. Anybody asks, he's just going to say he's tanning on the burning ground. Confident without any upper-wear, Vice still feels he's lacking in progress. The sunny weather's nice at least. Isn't the weather good elsewhere though? Vice can't help but think it's time to travel. Little tears start to build up in his eyes. The sand is getting in his eyes and it hurts. Kicking his legs up like he's cycling, thoughts start to become childish. Vice wants something scary, manageable, and cheap! Cheap rewards are needed for the time Vice spent coming to this pretty beach. Listening closely, Vice starts to take in the sounds around him. There are lots of kids running around and families congregating. The kids are getting closer, and Vice more distracted. Hold up, Vice's mind takes a pause, he raises himself up from the sand. Some kids are building sandcastles on people! Nooo, Vice has work to do and he will delete these kids from his mind.

Hopefully, these kids do not become the final boss. Racing toward the manly beach gym, Vice will go train himself in mature thoughts, preparing for what's to come. Bumping into Jay Holiday, Vice is in shock, as he didn't receive any Halloween candy.

"Welcome to my home! There's a competition coming up, and I need to sign up NOW for a sunset deadline. It'll help get you in the swing of things if you do too. How about you race on over for me?" Jay Holiday has such a helpful tone. Speaking to the muscles, Vice prepares to whisper the secret formula, of how to convert to Blue Pegasusism. Mr. Holiday seems to be in a rush and an opportunity is deprived. Pushing an info paper that activates an imprint on Vice's face, Jay Holiday points to XXXXX coordinates classified. What a manly finger, possessed by fingerbuilder Jay Holiday.

Vice Gamebell
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The finger seems to be pointing to the end of the world, so Vice steels himself to go there. Trying to motivate himself to undertake the task proves difficult. While rushing out of the beach gym toward the FINAL destination, Vice provokes the heavenly image of Jay Holiday, which Vice had made. Does that man train 24/7 and always lose his competitions? Will he train until the last second, before he naps and relieves himself, for less than a second? UNLESS! Vice's mind races, as does he, and he comes to the conclusion. Safely, maybe, Jay Holiday is a cheater. Did he give the right sign-up information? Was builderman hinting, for Vice's life to be preserved, they must win the competition on threat of death? Relaxing, Vice realizes that Blue Pegasus assassins have probably already sorted out all pretty contests, to ensure fairness. A cold sweat begins to run down Vice for some reason.

Cheating is bad, Vice would never do that openly. Lalalala, running on over to sign up, Vice has now made sure everything is perfect for his arrival. Landmines of people sandcastles by the children? AVOIDED! Drinking teens? They will be conscripted into cleaning the beach later, and then fined in an evil country. Hargeon naturally has no silly laws. Growing up his impression of Hargeon has been wonderful for making sure Vice performs adequately. Endless respect blossoms from Vice, as he doesn't let a single elderly native pass him first. Zoomering into a queue has reached the peak fun part of that day's experience. Hoping he is in the vicinity of liquid sweat, not liquid other things, Vice finally signs Jay up to complete all requirements of his task. Winning the competition already in his mind, Vice doesn't need to sign up, and hastily departs the beach mini-world.

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