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Summer Nights [Gunter/Open]

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"I've been on a journey
collecting crystals~..."

Ezekiel began. The entire theatre was silent and dimmed. All of the seats had been occupied by people from different walks of life, none of them probably having absolutely no idea who the Savannan on the stage was. Their eyes were glued to him, trying to guess what his performance would amount to. Truth was, people were usually waiting for you to fail more often than they wanted you to succeed. Ezekiel was a talented singer. He was easily able to rift and shift pitch on will. His talent wasn't under question, it was his performance skills. He was a normal teenage boy if you don't mind the fact that he's over a hundred years old. This would be easy though right? After all, he had performed in front of people in other ways before. The bronze-toned mage sat nervously on a stool in front of an organ. It was kinda like a piano, only it wasn't. Ezekiel closed his eyes to ignore his anxiety, he could not mess up.

"Take the shrooms, just to level out my mental~
Clean my spirit...I am the vessel.
I am a god~
I survived all that I went through~"

His fingers moved to each key as he sang. He was feeling it now. Truly getting into the groove. His brown head bopped to the melody of his own voice. Mlezi, the Dardian, stood all the way to the right of the stage hidden within the curtains. His eyes were focused on both Ezekiel and the crowd. Suddenly, Ezekiel's voice began to rise, and no longer was he holding back.

"My spiiiiiiiriiiit~
and my conscience are two beings co-exiiiiiiiiisting~"

The people in the crowd seemed to be taken away by how soulful his voice was. There were no boos or cheers, just occasional gasps, and silence. None of these people knew who the elf was, but as rose petals began to form around him "oohs" and "aahs" filled the room. Now they were beginning to enjoy the performance. As an artist, he worked best when the listeners reacted positively to his music. The song Zee was singing was a song he wrote only a few days ago. It was about a person figuring out their place in the world and acknowledging how small they were in the grand scheme of things. Though the lyrics were simple and straight to the point, it was a song of truth. If Mlezi hadn't pushed him to sign up for the Open-mic in Hosenka City, he might have never gotten the opportunity to perform in front of all these people and speak his truth. The Wood-elf felt alive. He could feel a mixture of emotions taking over him but at this moment, it felt like NOTHING could go wrong. This was his testimony.

"My conscience has an essence, can you...feeeeel it~

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter, by chance, found himself in this performance. Not due to the fact that he wanted to listen to a performance, but more due to the fact that he was mistaken for someone else. Perhaps it was his clothing or perhaps it was simply how he presented himself. He was mistaken for a priest. How they made that mistake, he couldn't tell you, but they made it nonetheless. He was escorted inside and put in his seat, told that the show was starting and he needed to hurry. Apparently he was here for some kind of fundraiser.

As the show began, Gunter saw the lights shine on a wood elf. His bronze, peanut butter complexion skin was not what Gunter was used to when it came to elves. Based upon this, he assumed that the fine gentleman and performer was probably Savannan. Probably. Suddenly the performance began. As it went on, Gunter was speechless. Completely speechless. He begins looking around at the crowd as he listens to this music. He sees people completely and utterly captivated by this Savannan singer. In all honesty, Gunter didn't get it. To him, it wasn't music. Simply noise. That being said, the man clearly had talent when it came to vocals. Gunter could at least respect that. The music being sung wasn't to his taste, but taste differs between people.

As this was going on, Gunter's Dardian who was outside slowly tried to make his way to his master, but was stopped at the gates. The men outside don't want to let him in, so the Dardian simply looked at them and dug underground, entering by force. Eventually the Dardian made his to the popcorn stand and picked up up some popcorn with money he pickpocketed off of some random passerby. He can't speak, so he simply slammed his fist with the money into the popcorn stand, pointing at the popcorn hungrily. As soon as the scared food stand worker passed over the popcorn, the Dardian once again dug underground and made his way to Gunter.

Digging underneath the seat next to Gunter, the patron sitting next to him is grabbed and shoved into a hole that the Dardian made and is consumed by the earthen abyss below while the Dardian arises like a gopher. The Dardian then takes the seat formerly inhabited by the poor soul now stuck in the hole below, unable to escape, and takes a bite of popcorn and enjoys the show.

Gunter and the Dardian both sat there patiently, eating popcorn, waiting for this Savannan man to finish his performance.


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At this point, Ezekiel was no longer anxious. As he continued to sing the words of his song, he found himself growing more and more comfortable by the second. The crowd was still quiet but the rose petals added aesthetic that they could not ignore. All in all the young Desiertan would say that this performance was a great one. He continued to sing, harmonizing with the instrument before him and dropping his head back with every rift. This ability was really one of his most prized possessions. Not many people could sing. In fact, there weren't many people who could sing without using magic at all. Finally, the song was coming to an end. When he finished he moved his fingers from off the organ and opened his eyes. The first person he looked at was his Guardian who smiled proudly at his friend. Then, he turned to the audience and suddenly they all stood and clapped. Some people in the crowd cheered, others whistled. Ultimately, it was very obvious that his performance was well worth it. Zee took a moment to embrace the love he was receiving. His eyes scrolled over faces he had never seen before until he saw a creature that looked exactly like Mlezi. The elf squinted his eyes to make sure he wasn't just seeing things, alas his eyes weren't tricking him.

He Quickly threw his eyes towards Mlezi who had been waiting for Ezekiel to come backstage. "Another Dardian? That's interesting..." he whispered to himself before turning back towards the crowd. Beside him was a pale-skinned, long-haired individual. Ezekiel didn't like judging people before conversations but this man looked a little bit like trouble. The elf stood up and left the stage, making his way towards Mlezi as people began to clear out the theatre. "Mlezi, it seems that you are not the only one of your kind here. You have kin in the crowd." Mlezi's eyes widened slightly. The creature shuffled past his companion and stood on the stage, his eyes meeting with the other Dardian below. Zeke smiled and walked out behind him. The guardian just stood there, staring at his kin. "Hello! I'm Ezekiel and this is Mlezi. He hasn't seen another one of his kind in a very long time." Ezekiel shouted to the man beside the Dardian below them.

Mlezi frowned and grunted at the Dardian. "Hm? What's wrong?" Z asked.

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter looks down at the wood elf and says, "Name's Gunter. Pleasure to meet you. I'd suggest keeping your friend under check. My companion, Kratos, doesn't take kindly to people staring at him and grunting. He's less the protective type and more the aggressive type." Just as Gunter says that, Kratos reaches into the hole next to him, picking up a civilian, and tossing him towards the stage with his Dardian strength. Kratos then points at Mlezi and puts one hand against his neck, making a motion of slitting his throat. Gunter looks back at the wood elf and says "Well, let's let these two kids have fun. Tell me, Ezekiel, when did you get into singing?"

Gunter looks at Ezekiel and asks his status: guild mage, wanderer, traveling performer? He could be any number of these things, or multiple at once. After making small talk and such, he decided to comment on Ezekiel's performance. "Oh, and your performance. Based off of vocals and visuals, the style of your music gives way to your talent as an artist."

Gunter gets up off of his chair and walks towards Ezekiel, sizing him up. Checking his equipment, the way he holds himself, and any signs to give away tells of what this wood elf is thinking. He doesn't make it obvious, of course. Nonchalant, not intimidating, but not joking either. He gave looks to Ezekiel as if the man had strength and potential, but that he could still kick the elf's ass.

Getting right up next to Ezekiel, arm's length away, Gunter looks the wood elf dead in the eyes while smiling. In that moment, Gunter slams his hand on the wood elf's shoulder and keeping his smirk up, saying "Let me buy you a drink, bud. I know a good bar right across the street. We can talk about life stories and our sexual conquests."


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"Hm? Oh... I do not think Mlezi minds fighting, haha!" Ezekiel smiled warmly. It was true as much as it was remarkably fascinating to see how to beings of the same kind interacted. Both were majestic, mighty even. These creatures possessed some of the same magical abilities that humane being possessed. Ezekiel turned towards the long-haired shortly after gazing upon the glory of his Dardian. He almost had no reaction to the civilian being thrown upon the stage by the angriest creature of the four. "Oh?". The wood-elf raised an eyebrow curiously. Kratos was the other Dardian's name. Years of extensive studying was the only reason why that name was familiar to him. Kratos was a god know throughout the Icebergan religion. That alone brightened an idea in Ezekiel's mind about Gunter. If Z knew any better about Icebergans, they were strong and violent people. Though perhaps they were no different from most people over the world. Whilst Kratos seemed to have some of those qualities, Mlezi was a lot different. Grumpy yes, but overly violent? No. Ezekiel knelt down beside the unconscious civilian while the two Dardians glared at each other. Gunter wanted to know more about the young Fairy, even complimenting him on his own performance.

Ezekiel looked up at him, rubbing the back of the civilian lightly with his hand. "Thank you!" He smiled warmly. Though this mand struck him as someone who'd walk down a path darker than the midnight sky, Zeke was in no position to judge. "I started singing when I was about four years old. My mother used to sing the songs of ancient Elven hyms. I do not believe me to be as talented as her, she would have put on a much better show." Then Ezekiel looked back down at the civilian and twisted his lips almost as if he had just bitten into the most sour lemon. "Ya know.. you should not allow your friend to treat innocent people like this. His brash and violent attitude could be the end of you both in the future." Once again his eyes flew over to meet the eyes of this mystery man. For a moment there was silence. Ezekiel took a moment to see what else he could figure out about this guy. Then when the moment was right he said, "I sense something very mighty about you- god-like almost. Hm..." The Ainken placed his hands on his knees before pushing himself up. "A drink? Haha, no thanks. I should actually get going." When he finally stood his arms bent backward. He was stretching as if he had a long day of hard work. "I am very sure I will see you around for one reason or another. Anyway, later friend."

"Mlezi!" Ezekiel shouted. Immediately the giant creature grunted. His eyes were still locked with the other of his kind. "Pick this person up, will ya? We should make sure he has not suffered any injuries." Without another moment passing, The Dardian marched over and picked the man up. The the duo left the theatre. What to do next?

- EXIT -

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