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From Era to Myras (Travel; Closed)

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#1Noel Raion 

From Era to Myras (Travel; Closed) Empty on Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:36 am

Noel Raion

Noel Raion.

Jūryoku Ōkami @ Blue Pegasus

Sitting atop his mount Mustang, Noel begun to head towards the place where he voluntarily went to the authorities. It was a brisky afternoon, and Noel had just been released from the prison in Era. It came to a shock to a few who were expecting he'd surely meet his demise against lady justice - the opposite revealed to be the case. The hooves of Mustang hitting the smooth cobble which covered the roads in and around Era were audible as he galloped through the inner sanctum of the town to get on a road that led to the southern parts of Fiore.

The passing town people gave him passage - though upon recognizing his face some were to react surprised. It wasn't common that they saw a war hero traveling around these parts - least not one as controversial as Noel Raion. Who ignored the faces and continued galloping towards the main road leading out of Era.

To go to Myras, he'd first have to head towards the East side of Fiore - and then follow the road until he reached the south. He was quite excited to meet his guild mates for the first time. Perhaps Kenzo had already found his way well within the guild? Noel hadn't even set step into the guild hall yet, so it was quite exciting. As he passed by East Fiore, he'd travel next to roads leading to towns such as Magnolia, Dahlia and Hosenka. Noel recalled how his kids with Arisa were in Magnolia, so that was going to be a town he'd visit in the near future. Hosenka hadn't been crossed on his mind before to visit - maybe he'll go there one day too. After arriving in Myras, he'd try and find Blue Pegasi members.

But for now, his destination was Myras. Sofia had been very kind in helping him transport there - but alas, it turned out that he felt the need to turn himself in before he could really make use of her special ability. It wasn't an issue though, as Mustangs speedy trot led him to Myras in a split of a moment. It didn't take as long time as it used to in the past, when the roads were worse.

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