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Ventri Crocodilis Is Back [Private]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Ventri Crocodilis Is Back [Private] Empty Sun Aug 30, 2020 12:59 am

Daiko Flayme
Oh no…
It was happening again. One morning in the room assigned to him in Myras, Daiko woke up to severe stomachaches that lasted for about an hour. Him, wringing and squirming on his bed in annoyance and pain, wasn’t a pleasant sight to anyone who would enter - especially not to Coda who cawed in fright. “M-My stupid stomach, it’s… arrrrrgh, aching again-“ Daiko moaned, trying to force himself up on his feet and leave the bed. It felt like rocks were poking through his intestines… ah, yes, that feeling was familiar.
What did the druid call it, again? Ventri- ventri something… ventri crocodile, likely. Crocodile stomach. The feeling of having swallowed rocks and digesting them was unbearable, but the trigger to it was insignificant to a fault.
It must’ve been that cake he tried at the inn where he met Lambert. Or maybe, it was the candy he foolishly accepted from an offering child after having let her pet Coda for five minutes straight. Argh, it hurt to think… focus… he had to go and seek some strong herbs to dampen the pain-
Wait… he was no longer in Worth Woodsea, right? The nearest woods in Myras was miles away! Damn it, that made things one hundred times worse! Who was he going to seek help from, now?!
There must’ve been a doctor or nurse in the area… but first, he should inform staff or ask them about it. With his legs shaking, Daiko helped himself towards the door and opened it with a sloppy pull, letting his arm fall and dangle on the side of his body before walking out. Most of his guildmates were out fetching contracts at the moment, which worried him even more… he slept over, too? Could this day grow even worse, eh?

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#2Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
The pain wouldn’t go away even as he ventured down the stairs - no, not really venturing, but his advance was more like lumping forth with what strength that he could muster. “Urgh, please… C-Coda, good girl, help me,” he begged his avian companion, not really specifying what exactly he wished from her. Coda merely rolled her head before flapping her wings, followed by a tons of pecking onto his skull.
To no effect, sadly. The pain in his belly deafened much else.
… However, the constant pecking did wake up his brain a little. He remembered the matron from the hospital where he helped and accompanied Criss back to the guild. Maybe she could help him… she was clearly an experienced nurse who would likely have some herbs in storage. Just something strong and green to knock his belly out, that was what he wanted more than anything else right now.
Until then, he went to the nearest water reservoir - a tank meant for filling small cups with water for visitors or bypassing clients - and opened the faucet. His mouth was ready to intake as much water as he possibly could, dunking it all down his throat for at least 5 minutes straight. His belly was having an uproar, but the water functioned as butter; it smoothened the walls of his intestines and would, hopefully, dampen the pain just a little.
The pain was still there - grinding against the walls of his stomach, poking him from the inside - but the water gave him refreshment and the motivation to continue on his way to the hospital. Sadly, he still needed to hold his own belly as he lumped forth, but he could stretch his back a little more than before, and he didn’t look like falling at any time.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
People did throw strange gazes at him. That was expected; they didn’t know what the hell was the matter with him! Daiko tried his best to just ignore their looks and head for the hospital where he needed to find the matron - she was so helpful back when he retrieved Criss, so she would more than likely help him with his clear issue.
Stupid thing… this condition. This disease. Why was it that Daiko kept having food poisoning like this? Was it because that he was that used to eating… unusual meals? Raw meat was usually a bad idea to digest directly, which was something Daiko never bothered worrying about. He could stab an ox in the throat, take a chomp off and wolf it down, no problem. However, cakes… no. Crepes? No. Soda pop? No, no, no.
At one point, his thinking allowed him to stumble upon a bucket. Now, his right foot was soaked in water. Great. It could’ve been worse, though… he could’ve fallen down and smashed his nose into his skull. However, he did draw the attention of a couple of kids who didn’t look too happy to see him. It had to do with the bucket, as they would reveal now.
“It took me SO long to collect that!” the little boy with blonde hair complained, “Now we gotta go back! What was that about?!” “L-Listen, you two… urrgh, it’s back,” Daiko growled as the stinging, unbearable annoyance grew back into his belly. The two boys looked at him in confusion, until the ginger-haired one asked: “You okay, sir?”
“I-I’m… not so well, but I’m *argh* manage.”
“Oh… well… you still spilled our water. We were gonna use that for something.”
“O-Okay, so sorry, b-but I’m dying, so uh, just-“ Daiko begged before moving away from them.
“Couldn’t you, at least, help us refill it? Here, the bucket’s almost empty.”

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#4Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Daiko was nowhere near the hospital right now. Just by listening to the sound of his footsteps, one could guess that he walked on uneven ground with sharp rocks rolling off of his advance. There was a water reservoir nearby with what would be revealed to not be water - no, no, no, the boys tied to fool him to think that he was fetching water, but water was more common in Myras than what it looked like - but a vineyard.
Vineyard, that was what they called it. Not exactly a name that rang a bell in Daiko’s head. He had drunk wine once in his life with Alisa, basta. She never told him of any ‘vineyard’, so he had no way of knowing or even taking an interest in it. Usually, most people would know of it - at least people with quite traditional wine enthusiasts as parents - but alas, when Daiko reached the reservoir, it turned out to be locked inside a farm of sorts. There, he hugged the gate while the stomachaches killed him from the inside.
… He could’ve just went to the hospital first, though?
“Hey, who the hell are you?!” one of the residents called out to him, looking down from the homemade watchtower, “… Do you have an accountment with Ms. Voila?!”
“No! J-Just… open the- I need a bucket of water for the two… t-the boys-“
Daiko’s forehead suddenly clapped the ground as he kneeled down, grunting heavily. The watchman gled down from the tower’s ladders and rushed to his aid, confused but curious as to what this random guy was even doing here and what his purpose was. He mentioned boys, which only told the watchman of a couple siblings of his, but that could be a mere coincidence, right…?
Helping Daiko up on his feet, he began asking again: “What exactly is your business here, again? You mentioned boys… did you meet Cyrus and his friend? Ginger-haired and blonde-haired-“
Daiko grabbed his shoulder violently and nodded. “Yes, them… u-urrgh, I hate this…”
“The hell’s the matter?”

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#5Daiko Flayme 

Ventri Crocodilis Is Back [Private] Empty Mon Aug 31, 2020 9:30 am

Daiko Flayme
Daiko had a bench to sit down at the gate, since the watchman wouldn’t let any random enter the vineyard - the production of wine was sensitive and required lots of hygiene and disinfection. Not a place for a travelling mage like Daiko. Daiko spent 5 minutes explaining why he was having these convulsions in his belly, which would lead to a strange and comedic event.
“… Maybe a cup of wine will dull the pain,” the watchman suggested, “But that’ll cost coin-“
Daiko shoved a handful of Jewels at the man’s chest, not in a scarce possession of them recently. Maybe he would’ve asked himself where and how he got this many jewels if he wasn’t breaking apart. “T-Take them! I feel like fainting…”
The watchman gladly accepted the coin and went back into the vineyard, leaving poor Daiko outside. At this point, the watchman could just leave Daiko be and give him nothing, since the Jewels were already in his possession, but since seeing the mark on Daiko’s neck, the watchman felt a bit more helpful today. A delicate cup of freshly pressed wine was brought back to the Fire Mage, and the watchman barely opened his mouth to talk about the wine and its special properties before Daiko emptied it in one slurp like the savage he was deep inside.
“U-Uh… that is highly strong wine, y-you should’ve been more careful,” the watchman warned him, “Otherwise, it hits hard, y’know…”
“As long as this… this dumb stomachache disappears, I’ll take it… I’ll… heeeh…”
Ah, it seems to be kicking in. Hey, you’re not about to faint or anything, are you?” the watchman asked him while waving a hand in front of Daiko’s face, “… Uh… oh, anyway! I should probably go and stop those two rats from angering the Silk Sisters agai-“
Daiok’s burp would’ve not only interrupted the dude’s self-commentary, but a flare of fire escaped his breath and decorated the air above them. It was deep-red in color… a certain, wine-red that tickled one’s belly in the good way…

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#6Daiko Flayme 

Ventri Crocodilis Is Back [Private] Empty Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:47 am

Daiko Flayme
“Heeeeh…” Daiko sighed out in delight, “I can’t feel my belly anymooore…”
The wine had an immediate effect on him - strangely so, given by his metabolism or whatever function his body had that dealt with the intake of alcoholic beverages… it was a talk about metabolism, right? High metabolism equaled high tolerance, right? Daiko wasn’t a doctor, but surely that was the case…
Right? Right?
“Right… right? Right? My belly tickles, heheheeee…” he chuckled, patting his stomach, “Last time it tickled like this was back when… when… when… Alisa scolded me… for having wings. She’s so weeeeeeird, I can fly whenever I want, just look!”
In a sudden burst of bravery, he leapt up in the air and released his magnificent wings of fire that began basking him upwards while he stretched his limbs out to embrace the world beneath him. “Seeeeeeeeee?! No problem with fly-“ While looking downwards to take in the view from above, Daiko crashed right into the gate of the vineyard and landed face-flat on the dusty floor. The works of karma punished him for his sudden act of hubris.
“N-Not fair… not fair at all…” he sulked under his breath covered up by the stone floor leading into the vineyard where the watchman looked at him in utter confusion at what just happened. “… You good? Not exactly a seasoned drinker, are you?” he questioned the Fire Mage lying on the floor in defeat. Growls and grunting were his response as Daiko helped himself up on his feet, slowly and troubled.
“I’m fine, hmpf,” Daiko spoke up in disdain, “I gotta go now. Coda is waiting for me… Cooooooooooooooooodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The Fire Mage roared out to his avian fellow who was perching on the vineyard gate, judging Daiko heavily with her raptor eyes, “Cooodaaaaaa! Get back down here, you flying flyer! I can’t fly that high!” That wasn’t true.
Coda basked her wings and landed on Daiko’s shoulder, then began pecking him irritatingly. Daiko ignored it and walked away, steam escaping his ears.

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#7Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Phew… Myras City looked weirder when drunk. So much weirder. Daiko could’ve sworn that he saw Alisa everywhere, lurking from blind angles and giggling at his very being, calling him childlike and immature with that smug face that always pissed him off. What kinds of pent-up frustrations were surfacing from Daiko’s inner being thanks to that cup of wine? Frankly, in this state, he couldn’t care less about the consequences of his intoxication and would rather go get something more to drink. He was thirsty.
He was mature… just look at him! Freaking Alisa, always poking fun at him…
His mind was misty, and he didn’t even realize where he had gone. He was inside an inn - the same one where he found Lambert - and was sitting at the bar desk like a frequent visitor. His eyes were heavy and bubbly, and he could faint at any time. “Uhhh… what am I doing here… again?”
“Uhm, do you want something, sir?” the bartender asked, “You don’t look too high in spirits right now, though… I suggest you go home and take a nap.”
Go home and take a nap… kids did that. Daiko wasn’t a kid! What the fuck was he saying to him?! It almost brought the poor Fire Mage to tears, for he genuinely wanted to prove how immature he was to the phantom silhouette of his Guildmaster laughing at his every action from the corner of his eyes.
His teeth gritting against each other, he widened his eyes and responded: “I’m fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Iv’e drunk this before, I can drink it again…!”
“Wait, you’ve been drinking? Don’t you think you’ve had enough for today? It’s not even evening yet…”
“I can still feel my belly pain!” Daiko protested, slamming his hands on the table, “I can handle anything! One mug! A thousand mugs! I’m not a kid! I’m not afraid! I’m not immature! I’m not childish! I’M A MATURE ADULT! I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE LOOK DOWN AT ME LIKE SOME BESTIAL CH-“
“Okay, okay, just tone it down a notch, would you?” the bartender surrendered while handing the Fire Mage his mug, “But whatever happens from now on ain’t my business. Suit yourself.” Joyously, Daiko took the mug and emptied it… and then everything went black.
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#8Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme

That chuckle… it was sweet. It wasn’t annoying at all, in the end. In fact, it was familiar.
Why did he hate it so much? Why did it frustrate him so much?
She had never held any ill will towards him. She was his friend… and here he was, drowning in something black and uncontrolled… but it wasn’t black. It had a deep-red tint to it.
He wanted to cry out. He felt hopeless, but he didn’t know why. What sick images had he thought of Alisa? Why did he antagonize her like this? He was being a terrible friend right now, and he couldn’t help but feel like he was standing at the very bottom of a coal chamber.
His throat was sore for some reason… what had he been doing? His head spiraled, not remembering anything. All the tint from before began igniting, and the bleak darkness was exchanged by a raging, unstoppable fire. Soon, light from the fires blinded him, and he woke up…
“Urghhhhh…” he teared up while hugging his belly, “I f-feel less… w-wait… where? Where am I?” He rose up on his bottom and looked around, confused for this wasn’t Myras City… he was in some random cave! How had he gotten here without knowing?
Slowly, he found balance on his feet, but the pain from his belly had risen up to his brain, and he was suffering from an intense headache now. “I-I’m never drinking wine again…” he cried while trying to find a way out. The cave was spiky, but he could see light at the end of one of its tunnels. Slowly, he approached the light, but a shadowy figure jumped in between that light and him, growling in displeasure.
Daiko had invaded the resting place of some golem. Ree.
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#9Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
The golem was eager to throw him out of the cave again. This was its home, and some drunk bastard invaded it and treated it like his own bed. Unforgivable. The golem stomped and shook the walls around the cave, causing Daiko to lose a little balance - too bad that his head wasn’t entirely there as of this moment. While he was trying to stay on his feet, the golem rushed forward and attempted to grab him. It managed to get a hold of his jacket and flung him over towards the exit where he landed harshly on the granite surface.
“O-Ouch…” he grunted in pain, slowly lifting himself up, “Damn it… that’s it, today’s the worst!” Violently, he sledgehammered the ground with his clenched fists and gained an adrenaline boost, his eyes reddening in fury. His hair blitzed up in flares, and he was ready to beat the crap out of this asshole. The golem appeared outside of the cave now, the light revealing its form; it had hair growing out of cracks around its stony build, so it looked a bit like a yeti. Its eyes were green gems emitting blinks of light, and its limbs looked like they were attached to its body like toy blocks.
Daiko rushed straight towards it and slammed into its belly, continuously punching it with his bare hands while roaring a battle cry. His punches were doing nothing. Its stony body took every hit, and Daiko wasn’t focusing enough to activate the Mero Gauntlet. His Fire Magic wasn’t effective against rocks like that…
The golem, though, merely turned around and sent its heel at him, toppling him over the edge of the mountainside. First then did Daiko realize that he was at the Avvar Mountains… and that he was falling straight to his demise.

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#10Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
He flapped his arms in panic, having forgotten a lot of the amazing things he was capable of. The liquor messed with his mind, crumbling down his confidence as he cried out: “Oh nooooooo! NOOOOOOO! I’M NOT FALLING! I’M NOT FALLING-“ It was so strange to see that as anyone who knew that Daiko could grow out wings, but he was alone now, and look what heavy intakes of alcohol did to your brain…?
Man, if Alisa had seen him, she would be disappointed… that was when Daiko’s mind took a turn for the worse. The sky darkened, the ground disappeared, and he was now floating in a void with demonic grins laughing at his direction from everywhere… all donning that smooth, raven-black hair and wine-red eyes. He held his ears, desperately trying to deafen himself from all the taunts and jabs at him - all such delusional nonsense that the real Alisa would never say to him.
It got to the point where huge flares of fire escaped his body, making him look like a descending meteor that fell down to the granite floor with a huge explosion that woke up a few snow leopards and eagles. The snow had melted immediately in a wide radius, and there he lied on his face in the deep crater with molten magma around him; he was still alive, somehow, but he wasn’t feeling well… like he felt any well earlier. This was terrible.
Coda came flying down to him with loud shrieks, trying to warn him from the descending shadow from above. The shadow belonged to the golem, and it charged down with increasing velocity. It hadn’t had enough just throwing him outside, but it wanted to squash him, and if he didn’t roll out of the way, then he would be toast.

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#11Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Daiko spotted the shadow on the ground - his shadow being part of it to begin with - widen up with the descent of the golem, in which he was alerted by Coda’s shriek to move away. And so, he did; he clawed himself to the side and rolled over to avoid a crash that just deepened the crater that he formed with his Fire Magic. The golem was extremely heavy, and its feet dug several meters deep into the cold ground and exposed a few roots from a nearby oak tree, but it hadn’t had enough and climbed back up to get Daiko. Its thick arms swung out at him, forcing Daiko to evade and actually use his brain again, while he strolled around the slow golem.
“Okay, now…” he mumbled with a hiccup following up, “*hick* Could’ve sworn I had something good against rocks and boulders… oh-“ He came upon the realization that his left fist was wearing a gauntlet, but before he could act upon it, the golem finally reached him with its arm and slung him into an oak tree, causing the gathered snow from its tree crown to fall right down and bury him. For a brief moment, it looked like he got knocked out, unable to continue fighting in that pile of snow… but the snow… it was melting.
It didn’t just melt. Something worse happened to it, for solid snow became vapor while passing straight by the liquid phase. The amount of heat needed for that sublimation was out of control, pouring out from Daiko’s feathery body as his Takeover kicked in.
With a deafening shriek, a blast of fire escaped his mouth and pummeled straight into the golem, forcing it away in waves of blazing, scorching energy. It tried to wave it away from its torso, but Daiko was unrelenting in his magic.

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#12Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
At one point, the heat was so unbearable that the golem toppled over and fell on its stony back, cracking open by the impact and exposing its empty torso. It didn’t look like that was all it took to bring it down for good, which begged the question; could it still attack him if it was broken into a thousand pieces? If that was the case, which Daiko assumed at first, then… welp, better run for it.
He shouldn’t have disturbed its cave, anyway. He could just take it as a lesson and find a way out of its territory, then he would likely return to civilization. He was still in the Avvar Mountains, anyway - just one of the caravan roads through the tunnels would lead him to Myras, and from there, he could find his way back to the hotel and call it a day. Sadly, the golem was right behind him in hot pursuit as they played cat and mouse, with Daiko releasing jets of fire from his feet to boost his acceleration. He had to get out of its sight, for otherwise, he would lead it straight into Myras - no go, that creature was unfriendly.
“J-Juuuuuust leave me alooooooooooone-“ Daiko shouted at it with his face turned back to glare it with angered eyes, “I’m not ssssssss-sober yet, pft…!” Coda soared up high and enjoyed the chase as the mischievous raptor she was, but it was about to come to a halt as Daiko was running towards another wall of another mountain after a dozen minutes.
“Oh, perfect!” Daiko commented the view as he simply charged faster towards it, while the golem was trying its best to grab his flaking jacket. Just when it was about to grasp him, Daiko ran up the mountain wall and let it crash straight in…

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#13Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
As he dashed off of the mountain wall, he saw how it cracked up and had a ravine-like holing riding up due to the impact of the golem, who was now reduced to many a rubble laying on the snowy bed. With a heavy thud, Daiko landed on the snowy surface on his thick boots, coughing a little and sighing in relief over the view - the irritating golem had met its end, and he could finally return back to Myras… God knew what else he had missed today. Maybe Alisa was still waiting for the update on the situation with the caravans passing through Avvar Mountains - wanting to know if things actually turned out better with Blue Pegasus’ presence…
… What was that sound? It sounded like rocks smashing against each other, akin to how Daiko used to trigger embers between two rocks for a bonfire. He looked back and spotted that the golem was recollecting itself through some arcane magic; strings were tied between each rock, and the strings all brought them together in a view that made them look similar to the inner veins of a human being. The golem soon recovered from its complete demolition, still cracked up but more alive than ever.
“… L-Listen, it’s getting cold and late, s-s-s-s-so… w-why don’t we c-c-call it a-“ Daiko was about to reason with the persistent golem in front of him, attempting to go a way that could prevent any more mouse chasing… but the golem replied with a roar - strangely enough, given that it possessed no mouth - and went on the hunt for his broken bones once again. Coda shrieked as she flew above them both, trying to find a passageway that would lead Daiko out of the snowy ravine and into more open areas where he could unfold.

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#14Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Coda shrieked once more as she flew a little higher up in the air, for now that the chase had led further towards the caravan roads, Daiko found himself running out on the cleared roads with signs pointing the direction to various hotspots - one of these signs including the direction back to Myras, where Daiko’s day began. The golem still chased him, but unlike the firebird, it wasn’t tiring out. Daiko was losing stamina on a harsh pace, so he had to end this ridiculous bout here and now. However, against a golem whose stony exterior as well as empty interior rendered it nigh unphased by his Fire Magic, what was he going to do?
It wasn’t like he had a weapon-
“… WAIT, WHEN’D I PUT THIS ON?!” he screamed in shock, looking at the gauntlet equipped in his left hand. His eyes were popping out, for he had no recollection of putting this damn thing on, but hey! The gauntlet was pretty sick; it could break the road itself with one punch, so it could definitely break the golem to pieces!
But then again, the golem was able to regenerate itself through that weird magic string thing… he would have to figure out something against that.
However, trying wouldn’t hurt. He sprinted forward, clenched the gauntlet fist and decided to meet the golem’s counter-punch with his own, which at first didn’t do much but fling him backwards. His arm, albeit broken for an instant, suddenly felt alright again… but he was too fucking wasted to notice that. The golem, however, immediately noticed that its arm was crumbling away… some strange magic surged through it and turned it into another rubble… no, more like a pile of dust. The destructive energy was really concentrated, much to Daiko’s surprise.

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#15Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Whatever the function for his gauntlet was, damn was it effective. Daiko watched the rubble in front of him in awe. It had been almost completely vaporized or something, and despite his magical potential, Daiko knew that his Fire Magic was more of a ‘magma maker’ and not a ‘dust maker’. This had been his first fight against a golem, so he didn’t exactly know the limits of its regeneration factor, but he safely assumed that it had been defeated. He sighed in relief and flopped down on his butt, trying to process all of what had happened in his humble bird brain.
Today had been ridiculous. Thankfully, the alcoholic forces running through his veins at the very moment were weakening - overtime, his body had converted it and caused its concentrations to lower, allowing his mind to return back to normal. Some thoughts began to pass through his skull as he regained some of his clairvoyance, clarity and self-awareness… but most of those random thoughts - like how Coda was doing, if she was alright and well, if he had accidently done something dumb while he was completely lost in it, if he had robbed someone etc. etc. - were overshadowed by a sudden, stinging pain right through his belly and out of his back. Nothing seemed to hurt him from the outside, but he held his belly in great pain… and once the pain intensified, he realized just how and why he had gotten into this whole, ridiculous mess to begin with.
Coda wanted to perch on his head and check if he was alright, but Daiko was rolling on the floor and wringing in shock. He began rolling his way across the road, aiming for Myras where he knew a certain nurse who could patch him up.

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#16Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Once Daiko actually began to hear the buzz from pedestrians near Myras, he began smiling a little… but he was still holding onto his belly with much restraint. Ventri crocodilis was one tough bastard, but he was approaching his wished destination - the clinic where he met the nurse… the nurse who had taken care of Criss, a present member of Blue Pegasus. He was convinced that she could patch up his bellyaches, but he had to hurry up or he would just die in pain on the road… while it must’ve looked weird for the passers-by on the way, Daiko was in a life-or-death situation right now. Did he wish that the wine from earlier still had its effects? Well, given the adventure he had just been in, that might’ve been even worse than having his intestines wringing out. At the very least, he wasn’t brawling giant golems anymore.
Once he finally reached the gate to Myras, he tried to help himself up on his feet and walk closer to the location where the nurse was. It wasn’t too difficult finding the way as he wouldn’t have to be stopped on the way by any suspicious entities like the first time he visited Myras - no secret business war between two families, no ridiculous barbarians terrorizing the mountains, no dragons flying around-
Wait, what was that? It felt like an image from his drunk state that passed his mind… the image of a roaring dragon passing by the mountain where he had been training. How was that, huh? Was that a dream or a fake memory?
He soon reached the clinic, so he forgot about it. He entered and approached the same room where he first met the nurse who took care of Criss’ beat up form, but he accidently walked into someone else. He was promptly asked to leave the room immediately…

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