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Fragmented Memories - A Digimon RPG

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Fragmented Memories - A Digimon RPG Empty Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:40 am


"Director Laurin rushed to boot up the information for Fragmented Server, and saw that pockets of data had sprung around the region where there were none before. With fright brewing inside Director Laurin’s heart, she grabbed the nearby phone and called the Digi Nations. “Operation Tamer is approved for deployment,” she said, breathlessly.

Sitting back in her chair with a grunt, the director worried about the various packets that had suddenly appeared in the Fragmented world. Only time would tell what this corruption would bring. Thankfully, this is exactly what they trained for."

Two digital worlds collide leaving their residents strewn up anew, backup digital world. And this new world isn't too fond of strangers. Perhaps that's why a number of new tamers are appearing in this world, to fight off this unknown threat.

Two fifteen-year old digimon RP boards, Digital Chance Delta and Digital Dreams, have combined their efforts to create a brand new digimon forum RPG experience. There are more options than ever before - you can of course be a tamer or a digimon, but you may also want to be a hacker, or a summoner.

We consider ourselves a literate RPG with a lot of flexibility options.

If you have any interest, please join us here!

You can also say hi on our discord here!

Want to advertise? Got you covered.

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