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Vice Gamebell

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Name: Vice Gamebell

Age: August 20th, X769 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Mid back

Face: Doma - Kimetsu no Yaiba


Height: 6ft

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Blonde/silver

Eyes: Blonde/silver

Overall: Vice treats the world as his home and walks around like so. Classical rest-wear is found on the body, unless an event is deemed formal enough. Engaging in melee occasionally, Vice looks naturally toned in figure. Flowing hair mixes through the colors of silver and blonde, but looks indefinitely healthy. Usually hair is managed almost magically enough where, if willing, Vice can part it into any shape he pleases. The eyes are consistently blonde/silver, but they can take on differing levels of intensity. Most of the time the eyes are playful, but if in danger Vice can cry like a baby.

Extra: Occasional scars that heal.


Personality: Vice likes to play within the rules. He doesn't like drawn-out conflict or drama, as it looks ugly. He'll follow a bad lead, but he doesn't mind twisting things for a play. Overall Vice wants improvement, and he'll go off the deep end for it without regret. The human identity is as meaningful to him as it is useful. Traditions he upholds and his history are branches of his family. Destroying his heritage in boring ways is intolerable. Sometimes, Vice likes to test boundaries. Anarchy is an interesting path taken only safely.

Creating new family that will grow with him and his guild is fun for Vice. Approaching people to solicit them isn't unusual for Vice. Most of all, he approaches his journey cautiously, wanting to explore new experiences that grow with him. An average anti-hero, the journey is what the mage likes to make define him. The anti-hero will take sides and get his hands dirty, but disdains the boring deeds. Unfairness is sometimes enjoyable for the character. A fighting chance is only needed if it's for his own guild. Vice can be audacious, and will analyze a person's capacity by their magic power. Magic might be the most and only interesting thing to Vice.


  • Pets: Most monsters weaker than Vice are cool.
  • Power: Vice likes people who spice things up, and doesn't mind being weaker.


  • Stagnancy: The feeling of being in a dark age with boring consistency.
  • Other Guilds: Me against him is the peak event for Vice, if he can.


  • Conquer: Vice takes "the world is your oyster" seriously.


  • Going Backward: Changing a tune, for what?
  • Losing Memory: Growing plain, and losing unique experiences.


Magic Name: Abyss Magic

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Named after aspirations, Abyss Magic is only simple Darkness Magic. For now it's only been used for Vice to chaotically find his way forward. The magic has access to self-buffs, offensive touch-based, and supplementary.


If there was a family of Vices, he would find himself plain. Vice's life is short, but he's pursued the sweetest he can get. In the formulative years Vice was well-taken care of, and he didn't have anything weird done like experiments. At some point, Vice was left to himself, and whether by his own will or not he was left fully to his own devices. Assessing risk, the mini-mage has always been a smart enough character in a magical world. At first Vice just tried to survive and progress normally. Eventually Vice was lucky, and he was able to build up distantly safe experiences toward magic. Step by step magic was learned, while with magic noble status came. Achievements could be stolen easier with magic, at least. Once a wall was hit, Vice didn't flurry toward tragedy. While Vice may make immature choices that defined him, he'd not go back, for choices are meant to be taken.

Cutting pieces away willingly or not, Vice had decided he deserved a broken castle of excellence. In his teens Vice got to take part in many mage camps, in which he'd consider legitimate. By his own merit, Vice tried to accelerate his development to catch up, with what he considered an exciting scholarly world. In fact, no matter the means, the teen always considered a fun and educating pathway before him. While being schooled Vice learned about unfairness, or how it could be ignored. Faced with his own incompetence, Vice became capable of ignoring it.

Finding it impossible to improve his magical talents, Vice became an opportunistic prankster, on the surface. Out of sight, Vice tried to appeal to masters of magic, as he had a juvenile need for an exterior comforting force. It's unknown to Vice how things went exactly as he got to his late teens. True and false about himself became hazy. Unfortunately, a teacher had arbitrarily punished him and blown out some of his brains. Roaming the lands and streets, Vice became ugly. Vice visited magical zoos to learn from the naturally magical creatures. On instinct, some animals were drawn to an unstable state, and one took pity on Vice to heal him. Restlessly reborn, Vice tried to find meanings, but all he still wanted was a quick ascendance. Finding Blue Pegasus to fit his inner ugliness, he found safety while pursuing a new magical reality.


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Hi there, just one little problem.

You put that ' Doma - Kimetsu no Yaiba' is your FC, but the FC on your application picture is someone else. Can you please change it to the correct FC?


Vice Gamebell Empty Fri Aug 28, 2020 7:38 pm

Yes, done, removed Yona of the Dawn person and added Doma.


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This application has been approved.

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