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Literally, a Fated Encounter [Kazimir]

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Literally, a Fated Encounter [Kazimir] Empty Wed Aug 26, 2020 11:44 pm

Literally, a Fated Encounter [Kazimir] 4809d3714c2b4f22fa69c9ddc2a55aa0

"Well...I spoke to nearly every bartender and every hotel receptionist in the city. Hopefully guild master Kazimir is still here and finds me. If not, we will leave." Ezekiel plopped himself on the ground as his Dardian guardian stood beside him, watching the people roam through Starlight. His arms were folded as he awaited the dangers of the night. The Elf turned his head towards his companion and snickered briefly. "Aw come on Mlezi, there's no need to be on edge. These people would not dare approach a person with you standing beside them." Zee teased. Mlezi grunted. He obviously disagreed. The Savannan smiled warmly. He was glad to have Mlezi beside him. Even if his friend didn't say much, he knew he'd never feel alone with him around. Ezekiel turned to face the rest of the Palace, falling onto his back and embracing the stars above him. They twinkled, speaking to one another much like the beings of earthland did. "We have traveled all the way here from Magnolia City. I would be sad if I did not meet the famous Wind mage..." The life mage raised his hand towards the stars and wiggled his fingers. "After all, Aizo believes that he is the one."

Aizo was the god that Ezekiel's people believed in and as the Ainko, Aizo often spoke to him. Aizo gave him the gift of sight and led him towards the path he was supposed to take- not in the way mortals spoke though. Mlezi grunted once more, expressing disapproval. "I know. It is true, I do not know if this man is who the people make him out to be. Still, he is the guild master of one of the most profound light guilds. From what I know about him, he saves people. Plus, I have no doubt in my heart that Aizo would not lead me astray. That, I am certain of." The Dardian remained silent. Still, his back was towards Zee, his arms crossed in front of him overseeing the space they occupied. If anyone would even attempt to come close, Mlezi would stop them in their tracks. "But I appreciate your concerns, my friend."

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Literally, a Fated Encounter [Kazimir] Empty Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:59 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had taken the day off. The embers of his ruined guildhall still simmered in his mind, but there was nothing to do about it now. The only left was to move forward and do his best to hold onto the charge he was given by Adriana. Before he'd venture out any further, the doors of an old tavern swung open. The wooden tables were garnished with wine and whiskey.

"Oi Kazimir come er," the barkeep waved.he was a stocky man and forced his hand into a cup with a rag to wipe it clean. "Some Fairy Tail mage has been looking for you. A bright young lad with a powerful looking beast alongside him."

kazimir responded with his hand reaching up to his shoulder to rup the new guild tattoo. So it was already happening. "It seems fate has found me sooner than I expected. Did he say where to find him." The bartender pointed the wind mage towards the nightly parades and the grassy center of town.

The wind mage left with the doors swinging behind him. He paused as the rush of people poured by. All in custom and lifting banners high, for the nightly march of festivities in a town that never slept. Kaz pressed up on his tiptoes to see above the masses. With a gentle sigh, he dashed upwards and out over the crowd.

Scanning the area it didn't take long to see the odd man out. The giant maroon companion towered over a slender looking man who was basking in the starlight. "Brown hair and a strange companion. Suppose that fits the bill." Kaz landed a little way off and dusted the dirt from his clothes.

His boots bent the blades of grass down as he approached calmly. Kaz wasn't even five meters away yet when the guardian uncrossed its massive arms. Kaz rose his hands and shifted his head to the side to peak beyond the Dardian and at the young man. "The stars are surprisingly clear at night here. Hope I'm not interrupting. I'm looking for someone," he shrugged, "Who is looking for me," and gave a small laugh.

"You wouldn't happen to be a Fairy Tail mage, would you? I'm Kaz."
A soothing breeze drifted between the two mages, ruffling the flower petals that dotted the greenery.


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Hosenka was truly one of the most beautiful places Ezekiel had ever seen. In fact, he had absolutely no problem sleeping here if it came to that. As he gazed upon the stars, visions of his past life flashed in his mind. He remembered his mother's face as if he'd seen her yesterday and his father's face too. Oh, how he missed their souls. When he finally arose from his deep meditation, not even of his people were around. He could feel many of their spirits but did not feel the spirits of his parents. Wood-Elves had very long lives compared to a hand full of other living beings. So if all that remained of his people were their spirits, then surely they were murdered somehow. What bugged Ezekiel the most was that there was no time for him to figure out what had happened to them. Right now, he had other important matters to think of. Just like that, his family was no longer on his mind. Suddenly, a voice spoke. This voice was completely new- a voice he had never heard before mentioning the stars before apologizing for interrupting. The voice was looking for someone who was looking for it.

Quickly Ezekiel turned around. His ears lifted as the man continued speaking. At first glance, he could already tell who it was. The long hair, warm voice, tall stature, and slanted eyes. The Ainko stood up and bowed formally, much like how they would in Joya. "Ah, it is you!" Zekiel smiled brightly. "Yes sir, I am indeed a Fairy Tail mage. My name's Ezekiel, a pleasure to meet you! I'm glad you found me, I was looking everywhere." Mlezi the dardian still stood between the two Fairies with his arms crossed. With a little chuckle, Ezekiel approached the Dardian before placing his hand on his shoulder. "No need to be so tense, friend. This is the one. I can feel it." Quickly the Paladin turned back to his superior. "I suppose you want to know why I was urgently looking for you?"

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Kazimir Seiryu
He stood up straight now that the young man emerged from behind the guardian, with a bright smile. his eyebrow rose at the man's excitement, wondering what the situation was and how he had tracked him all the way down here, an impressive enough feat. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Ezekiel. I suppose I should be thankful, you are the second Fairy tail mage to end up in Hosenka. I hope I wasn't too hard to track down." Kaz replied warmly as he still peaked around the guardian standing between them. When the man bowed, Kaz waved his hands, "Please no need to be so formal. And you can just call me Kaz as well." He gave a respectful bow back out of custom and appreciated Ezekei's sentiment. Even in the knights, he was not so big on the formality of it all.

'The one?' he heard Ezekiel say to the golem. But what on earth did that mean? Surely just about becoming the guild master, he reasoned. "Yes. I suppose it has to do with my just becoming the guild master of Fairy Tail. In which case It will be my honor to work alongside you. Unfortunately, if you are looking for the previous guild master," he began and then looked away towards the flowers that lined the grassy area. They reminded him of the former master, given her elegant exit from this world's problems. "She has already gone and does not intend to return, at least for some time. I'm sorry you didn't get to say your farewell."

He fixed his robes and looked back at the guardian, "That's a powerful looking ally you have there?" He said as he stepped to the side and extended a hand to shake Ezekiel's.

"I suppose though, you have some questions for me, and I of you,"
he nodded and took a seat in the grass. Placing his staff to the side and not realizing the man may have something more pressing to talk with him about than just a meet and greet.


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Ezekiel was nearly taken back by how warm and cuddly Kazimir seemed to be. At first glance, many people may have thought that he was cold, or militant at the very last. The long-haired guild master spoke with sincerity and may have been the purest being he's come across since arriving in Fiore. In a matter of moments, the Savannan learned that he was the second Fairy Tail mage to end up in Hosenka. Zee wondered if the other Fairy had also been looking for the guild master. Everyone had an agenda these days. "Kaz." he repeated with a nod. Simple, cute, kinda hip too. Kaz already had his own ideas as to why Ezekiel had been looking for him. Something about him being the newly appointed guild master. He mentioned the previous guild master, who Ezekiel had known thanks to his own research, alas this conversation had nothing to do with Adrianna. The young man rubbed his chin. Why would Adrianna just pass on such a responsibility- especially now? Ezekiel had his own ideas of what the world was becoming, surely someone like Adrianna would have a similar idea. If that was the case then maybe she too had some sort of Agenda. The Wood-elf didn't waste too much time thinking on it though. Those answers would come if he looked for them a little later. "Oh?" He managed.

"Ah, yes. Mlezi! He has been my Dardian Guardian since birth. He is indeed very strong. Sometimes he can be a bit overprotective, but he has my best interest in mind." Kazimir extended his hand for Ezekiel to grab and shake. The boy gripped and shook firmly, showing the utmost respect for his superior. Where he was from, showing respect was important. It was an easy way to receive respect. Mlezi grunted and stepped to the side, having no choice but to allow the duo to interact. Still, he faced the rest of the crowd with his arms crossed just waiting for the moment he could crush someone's skull. Zeke sat beside Kaz, folding his legs with his arms leaning on his thighs.

"Well, actually..." he began. "Why I was searching for you has nothing to do with your role as guild master- or at least not as far as I can tell. Apparently you are a very important person in this world-" He stopped abruptly, holding out his finger for a moment to think. "Apologize if speaking Sinese is not strong. Sinese hardest language for me to articulate but common tongue too dangerous." He continued in Kazimir's native tongue. "I am sure you know Zagan is alive- or is soon going to be alive... my god believe you are one of most important pieces to the puzzle. Like chess, you are Knight. Knight moves around all other pieces, something not even Queen can do. That is what makes you important."

Ezekiel stopped to think for another quick second, looking away to gather his thoughts. His teachers would be disappointed if they heard how broken his Sinese was now. It seemed like the 100-year meditation really had some effect on him. "Zagan is likely building strength, Zagan is likely building team. Zagan is threat, but Zagan is not only threat." Was the last thing he'd say in Sinese. Perhaps it was all too much information at once but Ezekiel had been waiting so long to speak to Kaz. It was better to get it all out now. "I do not know what else is coming, but I do know that Zagan is not the only threat. I know for certain that we'll be facing different entities at once- different agendas, different battles. I fear that if we do not connect with the other guilds now and prepare for war, then this world as we know it will cease to exist." Ezekiel moved his dangling braid from out of his face. He looked Kazimir in the face before noticing the purple diamond on his forehead.

"Woah, that crystal on your forehead is so cool." He reached forward to tap it lightly.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked at the man, seemingly taken back by his response. The wind mage always forgot that on paper his history looked a lot different than the man he actually was. People would read about a long military career and a brief period of time in the inquisition, which all had a connotation to it. No one ever seemed to bring it up though, of which he was both grateful and curious of. The young elven man seemed full of hope and life though, and perhaps they were more alike than different.

"A nice ally to have since birth. Is that something from your family then,"
he asked without thinking about any repercussions about it. His curiosity always seeming to get the better of him. Already his mind went to thinking about all the benefits there would be to having such a strong ally for your whole life and the missions that one could take on so early. It added an air of mystery to the lad, about what all he had done and gone through to lead him here. Kaz looked back at the grunting guardian, happy that those hammer fists weren't gonna be aimed at him.

"oh," he responded when Zek said it had nothing to do with his new role, adding to the mystery of the whole situation. "OH" he replied when Zek followed up by saying he was important to the world. Kaz felt it was not nearly so. Then the elf began to speak Kaz's native tongue. He followed along with it although having been born sinese he had been gone for so long that he was also a bit rusty on his own language. But he smiled and nodded along impressed b the man's handle of the language and decision to use it.

Kaz's eyes widened as the man mentioned Zagan. "How do you know about that?" He didn't recognize the man from being at the dungeon. No, he was sure he didn't see him there. The memory was seared into his mind and flooded back all the memories of the horror in the aftermath of it. He shook his head and waved his hand, "Wait...Your god" Why me?" He asked calmly in sinese, but inside he was worried it had something to do with his angelic nature finally coming back to haunt him.

"Yes, I saw Zagan emerge from the dungeon and the team of people he now has with him and his need to find others. They have already begun making moves, but I didn't know many people knew him by name."
He leaned back on his hands to prop himself up and look more towards the night sky now. "Some of the guilds have already agreed to combat their forces. Myself included. We have to stop the dragons. You came with a pretty hefty omen of the future. But I agree there is a lot of danger coming." He remembered the power of the good dragon they met and even she was hesitant to face Zagan.

"It seems you have quite a bit of information. other than a fairy tail mage...who exactly are you?" he asked, switching back out of sinese, and turned towards the man once more just as he poked the purple diamond on Kaz's forehead. A brief smile gleaned the mage's face at the carefree 180 the elven man had made in demeanor. "Oh, I forget it's so apparent. I usually try to hide it beneath a headband. it lets me see through illusions and invisibility. I don't like being snuck up on," he said with a laugh and shrug, but his thoughts were more focused on the mystery of the young man than the gem on his head.


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Ezekiel nodded. Many people had no idea that Mlezi was the guardian for many of the Ainko's before Zeke. Of course, the wood-elf didn't expect anyone to know that information anyway. After all, the Ainkens were a very small tribe in Savannah. "My friend Mlezi is a guardian who was born, and trained to protect every Ainko. Ainko's are specific individuals who are connected to Aizo, which is the god we worship. Except...I do not really worship them at all, they just send me messages and my duty is to walk the path they set before me." That was a brief enough description, right? It was a lot to get into when it really came down to it. Kazimir seemed genuinely interested though, so perhaps the he was worthy of the Lore. Ezekiel glanced over at Mlezi to make sure he was still around but truthfully, the guardian wouldn't ever leave his side. Still, this was a very sensitive time for Ezekiel. He was afraid of abandonment.

The Fairy Tail guild master had a lot of questions, as the wood-elf expected. It was best to answer them all honestly. In order to create valuable sustainable relationships, transparency was key. Plus, he liked Kazimir's vibe - oh and his little crystal thing. In moments he learned that it was just as strong as it looked. It gave the Sinese mage the ability to see through invisibility and disguise spells. It looks stuck in his head... imagine someone ripping it out? Oh gods, that would be painful. he thought to himself. "That is soooooo cool! he exclaimed. It was hard to take his eyes off of it for a while. It had this alluring effect that the elf couldn't explain. Kaz began to explain that he actually met Zagan and he already had a team of fighters alongside him. "Wait...he already has followers? This is bad. I did not expect him to be moving so quickly." Ezekiel turned from his guild master and gazed into the distance. He rubbed his chin, ears still tuned into the words of his superior. "I am assuming that you have seen their faces?"

At least the guilds had already agreed to work together. That was good. However, Ezekiel wondered if that was all there was to it; promising words. Kazimir was curious to know who exactly Ezekiel was. He was just a boy after all right? How could he have so much information about what was going on, and why would he assume that the world was nearing its end now that Zagan was here. "Well..." the elf began before turning to face Kaz. "It is a lot to explain. Where to begin?" He asked himself. After a brief moment of silence, he gathered the words. "So my name is Ezekiel. Just Ezekiel. I come from the land of Savannah, specifically from a small Elven tribe. We call ourselves Ainkens. We follow a fairly new god. One without gender, sexuality, or a physical appearance. We call it Aizo. Many people believe that Aizo is pure light, many people believe that Aizo is the darkness. I believe that Aizo is everything. In my tribe, there are specific individuals who can speak to Aizo through dreams and visions. We call them Ainko's. I am an Ainko. At a certain age, each Ainko is required to perform the Grand Rising Ceremony, which means basically meditating beneath the ground for ten years. It is a method we use to get closer to our god..." Ezekiel spoke fast, so fast that he needed to stop to take a big, dramatic breath.

Then, " However, I was stuck in my meditation for one-hundred years which is longer than any Ainko before has ever meditated at one time." It was becoming a little harder for him to continue to speak... "W-when I woke up... my entire tribe was gone. My dad... my mom... everyone..." he looked away, holding back a tear. He couldn't cry in front of his guild master. Crying wasn't what he was here for. Who the hell cares about some sob story anyway? Kazimir probably had his own problems to deal with. "Anyway... during that very long meditation, Aizo gave me a lot of information. They told me that Zagan was coming back and that he would build a coalition of mages who would ultimately destroy the world. Aizo told me to find you and to protect you at all costs because apparently like I said before, you are the Knight piece in this game of chess. So now I am here, to assist you."

Ezekiel smiled at his new comrade. "I know I may just be a kid to you but I am more promising than I look, I assure you. I have no idea why Aizo chose you. I do not know much of what you are capable of, only that you are recognized by all of Fiore as one of the greatest mages of our time- oh and that you are Sinese!" Hopefully that did the trick. "I would like to know more about you though. You are just as mysterious as they say. Where are you from? How old are you? And why do I feel like you are the closest thing to god? You seem like a great person, but a big part of me is also like 'hey do not fuck with this guy' haha!" He deepened his voice to add Emphasis to his last words.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"hmm, So you get messaged from a God directly. That must keep your head busy." he thought about his own connection to the divine and the annoyance it had caused him since becoming one. The obligation that came with it. Even down to walking the path they set before him. He nodded and appreciated the man's diligence to a cause and service. It reflected back at Kaz for what nearly his whole life had been about. Service to a cause and then to the angelic forces.

he said about Zek's enthusiasm around the little crystal. Kaz rubbed the crystal. he could hardly feel it anymore and often forgot that it was even there. "I'm sure you have a skill set just as impressive," he deflected away from the talks about him.

"Unfortunately, he was released from his prison and a group of strong mages has already joined his side. From what it looked like they were former Fairy Tail members."
The man turned away to ponder the tragedy of it all. He looked just like he Kaz did lost in thought about the turmoils of the world. He wasn't sure how he would take the news about the former guild members now standing on the side of evil. "The guilds will need to mobilize even faster to deal with it. People are in training now to become the next dragon slayers."

He listened intently, wondering just how a new god is made and how they came to worship him, but that was a far deeper question than was probably needed. "meditate for ten years... I suppose for an elf that is not so alarming. That must have been difficult, but to be able to speak to a deity. Worth it, I suppose."

"100 years! That's not so short of a time for an elf. How could that have happened?"
The wind mage quickly dismissed the first question when the boy brought up his dead parents and tribe. He put a hand on the man's shoulder, "I'm sorry about your loss. It's not easy to lose even one person and a whole tribe is terrible. I too lost my family and my tribe in a single night. It will be a hard road but you can make it. Honor who they were." The more he spoke the more he thought about his own home and the namesake that he took from his clan and wait he was doing to bring them honor. He had been so consumed with all the world's problems he forgot his mission the thing that gave him meaning in the first place.

Kaz searched the man's eyes as he recounted his divine mission and his purpose for seeking him out.  "A knight in a game of chess," he repeated wistfully and turned his attention to the sky. That was all he ever was. A piece of something to be moved around. To serve the knights, then to be directed by the angels. All the while the world kept taking from him...or maybe he just kept giving until he was just a conduit of duty. "But what about you...what is it that you want in this world. Ezekiel."

"You don't seem like a kid to me. You seem like a capable mage, and Fairy tail and Fiore are lucky to have you."
Zek kept talking about Aizo choosing Kaz, and the wind mage leaned forward resting his arms on his knees, tired by the dealings of the divine. The man wanted to know more about him, which only reminded the mage that he didn't know all about himself and that his parents were still missing or dead with an unknown story. "I'm still figuring that out myself." he replied in a more esoteric way to the question of where he was from, equating it to his parents more than the physical location.

He smiled again at the carefree and forthright nature of the life mage. Standing up, Kaz looked at the night sky one more time. He let out a small sigh, "About me huh? I'm just a wind mage raised in a small village. I've used my magic to bring destruction and to protect the people I care about and the innocent. I was forced to become a Nephilim and my path had been set for me for a long time," he looked back at Zek, "If there is anything to know about me now...It's that I'm finally ready to define my own path and live for me." He didn't speak in a bitter way about, he accepted the life that he led, but was ready to end his service.

"But maybe this was all wrong. There comes a time when a journey must come to an end,"
he smiled. "If your deity sent you to find me it was for one reason. To tell you that you are ready. I know you are not a kid, because you are the next protector of Fiore." All the talk only served to make the wind mage realize how much he needed to be free of the influence of the divine and what fate it had for him.

"The only thing worth knowing about me now...is that my parents went missing a long time ago. And it's time for me to unravel that mystery and do justice to them." He put a hand on the man's shoulder. "Take care Ezekiel. You will find your path. Use your strength to defend Fiore if that's what your heart guides you to do. I have no doubt that you will be great at it. And that the people will rejoice in having you at their side. But this time...I'm taking myself off the chessboard of others.

He stepped back and wind picked up around his feet to take him airborne, "It was nice to meet you Ezekiel. Stay true to the path that you choose. He wanted to apologize to Adriana for walking away, but it was something he had to do, made more apparent by all the events and conversations with the people around him. His heart was no longer here.


Sorry for the abrupt turnaround and for leaving the guild in such a way. But I've decided to leave the site. Take care of FT."

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