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Baska to Sieghart

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Baska to Sieghart Empty Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:30 pm

Yugo happily sat in storage area of the train cart he had stolen onto. He was on the floor stuffing his face with the salted whole tuna, and the barrel of booze he had found. He took another massive bite of the salty dried fish, the meaty flesh was perfect as Yugo hcewed it down. He lifted the barrel with one arm. He guzzled down the amber beer. 

The Brute of a man was in paradise as far as he was concerned. He happily ate his stolen food as the train made its way to the mountains. Once he was free of the train, and still carrying half the Salted Tuna and the remaining Barrel, Yugo continued on his way to the strong mana he felt. He had been sstruggling to understand why he had been so tense. But now that he knew there was a strong mana nearby he couldnt stop himself from checking it out. 

He walked the mountain path and happily sang as he did of war and fighting. He drank happily, and sang happily. The monkey man seemed very cheerful for once, but only because he knew hed had blood shed soon enough. He couldnt help but smile.

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