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The Event Manager Regulations [WIP]

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The Event Manager Regulations [WIP] Empty Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:37 am



Event Manager

  • Event Managers are individuals that create and direct their own events for the community to participate in. Managers are entirely responsible for the allocation of duties that they dole out to other individuals. Event Managers and those that work with them will be rewarded relative to the work performed and the communities final perception of the event.

  • Failure to maintain any event which they are directly responsible for will exclude the user from making further events in the future, however may still help with others.

  • Members must have completed at least 2 activity checks and have assisted in at least one other Event Manager directed Event.

  • Events created as an Event Manager can impact the site's plot however will be placed under more heavy scrutiny and more likely to be denied as a result.

Event Application

  • The user must go to the Event Quests section in order to apply for organizing an Event.

  • The Event template can be found below, The user must use that template for their entries.

  • In case the Event involves multiple workers, only the event manager needs to post the Event Application, but in the Event Team section they must write down the names of all the participants and their roles.

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