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Mythal Velanna

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Name: Mythal Velanna

Age: October, 31st X621

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Beastmaster

Race: Wood-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Between her bosoms

Face: Dalish Elf (OCs) - Dragon Age


Height: 7'2

Weight: 198lbs

Hair: White/Lavender

Eyes: Lilac

Overall: Mythal is a rather tall elven woman that is beautiful like the goddesses they worship. Her hair is naturally thick and long, but sometimes to disguise herself she uses magic and tools to make her hair appear short such as; tucking it under with pins and clips. Her eyes are rather large like gems that women love to buy for themselves. As a woman once said;  You elves have such pretty eyes, even the men. It makes me want to pluck them out and wear them as a necklace.

She enjoys wearing many clothes, but mainly clothes that she feels free as she always needs to feel the wind against her skin. Her beautiful purple-tinted eyes glow within the dark as the pupils disappear, but during the day they look like any other gem-looking eyes.

Extra: Body/Face tattoos from her Clan. She also changes them by doing her traditions.


Personality: A happy little girl raised within a group of men and women that hated a certain race. Truly, they always forbid the elven children to go out of their clan's residents no matter where they camp. It made her believe that all humans were bad in nature as well as all those who were not elves. She loves to be carefree and roam along with nature's music with the animals that sing and the flowers that smell. She is rather kind unlike her brethren and sisters as they show more hate at the shems whenever they're around. It was truly saddening.

She is in no way shy as she enjoys the art of flirtatious charms and becoming friends with all - no matter what her beliefs say. She enjoys charming those with honey words, music, and using her magical fingers (her touch). Sometimes she seems innocent enough, but truly she does not mind destroying things that get in the way of her goals or those that dare give her a reason to hate you. Nobles and Royals are those she wishes to destroy and even will kill as they don't care about slaughtering and enslaving those they have interest in. Truly twisted she can be as she will enjoy causing pain to those that are not her friends and sometimes she enjoys receiving pain as well.

Alcohol, her addiction as much as her addiction to her secret powder of lyrium and elfroot - she enjoys the simple pleasures of feeling good. It makes her forget things and the people that caused them. Her only true weakness was her brother who ended up disappearing after the war between them and the shems and the mythical beasts that roam the world. Her kindness and love are only for those that win it, otherwise, there will be distrust within her heart even if she flirts with you on the outside.


  • Watching: Her eyes love to gaze at everything rather for studying something or just to gawk at how hot someone is. Now, watching someone hot practicing battle is her favorite.
  • Lyrium Powder: The powder is the good shit where she's from, as she learned how to make it by her people. It causes her to hallucinate and feel rather amazing. She remembers some quite good adventures while taking some.


  • Royals/Nobles: Royals, Nobles they're both pigs who roll in their wealth by doing absolutely nothing. The buy servants to do their biddings while they gorge on every pleasure money can buy.
  • Unmotivation: Mythal dislikes people who sit around and do nothing. The fact someone can live their lives with no goal in mind sickens her. She always feels like she needs something to do or something to reach for.


  • Revenge: Her people were slain by nobles due to their differences and those who weren't slaughtered like pigs, were sold as slaves. She hopes to overthrow those nobles and enslave them someday.


  • Making mistakes: Making one small mistake can cost her life or even worse, her freedom. The last thing she wants is to turn out like the rest of her people from her group.
  • Death to her People: She fears that someday she will find more of her people and will have to kill them; either due to survival or because they chose to fight her.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26


Magic Name: Keeper Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Double Elemental Magic - Frost

Magic Description: Keeper magic is a magic that goes down the line of Keepers within a Dalish clan. It gives them the ability to give other-buffs, to heal and use it for needs; creating supplementary spells. Its' main use it to help creatures and their people with these spells instead of themselves nor to harm anyone for that matter. Keeper magic mainly comes from the soul and heart of what she wants to do with it, but for now, all she can do is heal, other-buffs and supplementary spells.


History: Among the lands are many cities and towns, but within the forests were people who dedicated their lives to please nature and their beasts. The clans called themselves; Dalish. They're wood elves that stayed away from humans and their drama, but it was not till the war of nobles, royals, and those who opposed them that they were included in the story. Mythal Velanna was born from pure-blooded Dalish as she has never been around shems. Their religion was ancient among the Dalish (wood-elves) as they worshiped dragons and those within mythology for shems. She had a good childhood as she was taught the simple things in life and how to survive. The Breeder has taught her the names of many beautiful animals and which was used for what as somethings Shems did were forbidden there.

When she became the age of twelve she finally met her first Shem. They found their camp and ran away quickly after spying on them. The girl felt confused at first, but when she told the Keeper (leader), she was told they had to move. Ever since she was born they moved every couple of months, hidden within the trees away from the shems and races that wished doom upon them. Everything they needed could be made by them or found in the forest alone. Age forty, she was told she was to be the next keeper and started with the training of magic. Sadly, something went wrong during it as all her magic was still on hold, limited, and couldn't generate mana. It took a few months to figure out that she could soothe the beasts and they will fight for her.

Mythol was loved dearly by all in her clan and when they met with other clans once a year she was always beloved by all due to her kindness, love for her people, and the ability to soothe all animals with her sweet words. The thing no one could understand was why she never bothered with love itself, to mate with someone. She kept on her smile throughout those years till one day a bunch of shems with rich clothing appeared with gates. They raid everyone's tent and dragged the women and child away into the gates that were being carried by carriages. The older men were shot on-site in front of everyone, but her? This was the same she was told to adventure into a cave to carry on a mission. That mission is another story, but this day had enough dark times to make up her mind.

Throughout her time in life, she ran away, kept hiding, and hid whole head so one could not see her. Shady it probably was, but she figured out within time that not all shems were the same, but the nobles? The Royals? They had to go and they will pay, hopefully, she will find her people too.



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