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Name: Esilka

Age: 100 Years old, born on January, X589 but has been stuck in crystal stasis for 100 years

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian Dwarf

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian Demi-dwarf

Class: Warrior

Race: Dwarf (with aesthetic details of a Demi )

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right, on the upperarm, color will depend on the guild she joins.

Liliruca Arde - DanMachi


Height: 1.20m

Weight: 70kg

Hair: chestnut-colored

Eyes: chestnut-colored

When one first meets Esilka it will be quite easy to guess that she is most likely a dwarf. While she might have a petite and youthful appearance, there is something about seeing the girl's physical fortitude in action that makes it quite easy to correct the assumption that she might be a human child. While her chestnut-brown colored hair tests to be in a slightly wild and unkempt nature, there is actually a very good reason behind it, that one might learn about once they get to know her better.

This reason ties into her origin as a half-breed, for Esilka carries both the blood of a dwarf, and that of a Demi-human within her, a secret that has caused her to hide her feline ears and tail due to the unpleasant reactions it used to cause for her in the past.

Extra: N/A


When one gets to know Esilka, most would likely agree that the young lady they know doesn't fit the image of a dwarf in the slightest. Certainly, she might be an easygoing and pleasant to interact with individual, a social butterfly so to speak but it is clear that there is something missing. She often seems to act nonchalantly and smiling cheerfully, but those that known her for a while seem to belief that there is a certain disinterest in the young lady her mannerisms.

This is especially noticeable during the times she interacts with individuals that do catch her interest, the sparkle of childish excitement in her eyes and the energetic behavior she shows as she attempts to learn every single detail about them is in sharp contrast to her usual cheerful and more calm demeanor.

As a dwarf Esilka shares a fondness for the material, and while less than her father, Esilka does have a fondness for conducting business, which might explain why she started exploring Earthland under the idea of being a wandering merchant.

Although money might make life easier, it does not buy one happiness and Esilka knows this. It is for that reason the young lady has developed an intense importance on the concept of a promise and her loyalty as a friend, which if broken could make one learn just how dangerous it is to betray a dwarf.


  • Treasure: Every dwarf loves treasure, and Esilka is no exception to the rule. As someone who adores the idea of discovering some long lost relic or artifact she is the type of person who could be encouraged to take on a dangerous quest in exchange for treasure!
  • Hot Springs: A reminder of the distant past, but Esilka is quite fond of basking in a hot spring, something she often used to do with her mother when she was little.


  • Treachery: Every true dwarf knows that a promise is worth more than any coin can bring, and as such breaking a promise is an act that would bring such dishonor upon a dwarf that they might as well be dead. It is for that reason Esilka hates traitors with a passion.
  • Thievery: Associated with her fondness for treasure and her life as a wandering merchant, Esilka truly dislikes the concept of stealing: there is something about taking away the property of someone else that she finds disgusting, although anything that does not have an owner is fair play~


  • Glory to the ancestors: Although she might be something of an outcast, Esilka hopes to gain acknowledgment and her place among her clan by someday accomplishing something of great importance.


  • Elves: Although a fear mostly born from a children's tale, Esilka truly believes elves are monstrous creatures that would eat her for breakfast alongside a nice cup of tea and some salad...
  • Having no meaning: One thing Eliska fears is dying a nobody's death, basically perishing without having accomplished anything or having done nothing that would make people remember her.


Magic Name: N/A (warrior)

Magic Element:
N/A (warrior)

Magic Description:
N/A (warrior)


~Ancient Tales~
Born to the clan that followed King Bandor into the Marchen Mountains many years ago, Esilka's existence was a bit of a peculiar one. Although many said that she had the heart of a dwarf, the truth remained that her mother was a demi-human, a sign that was visible in the cat-like ears and tail she had.

It was despite this, that the young Esilka still lived a fairly comfortable life, both thanks to her father's prestige within the clan, and her own continuous efforts to prove herself to be useful to the clan. Whether it was small menial chores or jobs others didn't want to do, Esilka gladly volunteered for them, because she knew that by all means, she would have been an outcast if not for her father's influence.

It was because of this that Esilka constantly tried to prove herself, to the point it became an unhealthy obsession for the girl, that would have consequences.

It all happened roughly two hundred years ago, during a mining excavation in the depths of the mountain, some of the miners had discovered a large crystal and were planning to dig it up, but with dirt all over the place they had asked for someone to clean it up first, a chore Esilka was quick to accept.

After receiving directions to the mine, the young lady was quick to find the crystal and started her work of cleaning up the dirt and rumble around the crystal, at least until the alluring glow of the crystal made her want to wipe away the dirt on the crystal itself, a severe mistake on her side, for the last thing she remembered was a golden glow illuminating from within and her consciousness being consumed by it.

~Child of the Crystal~
More than two hundred years had passed when the story continued, and it was an outlandish story to say the least. It appeared that the crystal excavated within the mine had been an ancient Magia Crystal, a mineral that was unheard of in the modern day, and upon touching it the girl had been forcefully sealed inside the crystal.

Two hundred years it took for her clan to figure out what had happened, and it took some of their wisest members to finally figure out a way to extract the child from the crystal, but what she told them seemed like straight out of a fairy-tale. It appeared some sort of entity was dwelling within the crystal, and that it had pulled her inside in the hope to communicate with her.

It told her a story of winged terrors: dragons that would one day come to terrorize Earthland again, and they would not rest until everything they had known and loved, had been turn to ashes. Of course, Esilka was emotionally traumatized by the visions the crystal gave her, and against the warnings of her clan set off in the hope to warn those within Fiore who would head her warning: The dragons were coming...

Reference: Alisa ages ago (Espy here)


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