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[Discussion] Improvements

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#1Venus Rosé 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Sun Aug 23, 2020 12:31 pm

Venus Rosé

I'm sure some of you guys have concerns about where the site is going at the moment and on behalf of the staff, we want all of you to enjoy role-playing here. Please post below your concerns and suggestions for the site, as detailed as possible and the changes you would like to see.

#2Jan Ren 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Sun Aug 23, 2020 1:25 pm

Jan Ren
Ninja-ing Lorelei with basically what I wrote on Discord. Will elaborate if needed.

When I first joined, I was told the site is taking a shift towards being more battle-centric. But it kinda feels like the story is being shafted in favor of grinding to get strong and buy big items. Which is honestly discouraging. It gave me the impression that no matter the character you play, you're nothing if you don't grind. Which is awfully unwemcoming to newbies.
By contrast we can have literal balls of stats flying around and be content with the big equipment they have, but aimless story and plot-wise.

This doesn't feel like an Anime RP. It's closer to a plotless DnD campaign IMO. Because, storylines aside (which require 6 months of activity), nothing anybody does even matters.

[Discussion] Improvements 2_1
Clickey for sheety
#3Lorelei L Lakefield 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Sun Aug 23, 2020 1:35 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
I've been a member here on and off for years as you know. I love this site. I always liked fairy tail. But this site has never had the ultimate "fairy tail" feel. From every other fairy tail site I have seen, people's magics are much more free-form, true to fairy tail fashion.

You have things like fire magic, purple fire magic (which is just fire magic but it behaves like solids instead of gases), rainbow fire (which is multiple forms of fire magic condensed together), Fire make! to use this as an example

Whereas when making a character here, I made Lorelei with the intent of starting as a Water-Make mage, but my magic was changed to simple "water magic". it feels stripped down to being simplistic magic casters who all follow the same template.

It's not fairy tail feeling because of this to me.
Fairy Tail has such a beautiful variety of characters and magics. Holder, Caster, Lost, Ancient, Take-over. You name it.

Granted a lot of them wouldn't work on the site (i.e. RIP). But just having more freedom to operate in our own little fashion for starting magic would make the site much more welcoming and make the grind feel less apparent as we are having fun with what we made, not what we had to polish in to.
Another thing is that Holder Magic like has been stated. I'd love to have something like card magic, ring magic, dagger magic. Yes items on the site help give the feel of holder magic. But true holder magic is like having that special item type that you use your magic from as has been sited from the wiki.

Furthermore, using the enhancement system to make magics more unique is amazing, I love this, but it would be nice to make it even more personalized: I'll use nature magic as an example
Say I have plant magic or wood magic: I would love to take a fire enhancement and have it become Ash Magic, rather than "nature+fire". Little reworks would be KEEN!

lastly, I'd love to see summons be brought in. I'd adore to see people forming golems out of fire or snow, etc.

I'll boil it down here as well:
I'm an advocate for more freedom on creation of magic.
I'm an advocate of bringing in holder magic
I'm an advocate of summons

I love this site, and I love you guys. I appreciate being given the chance to put my thoughts here.

#4Shimura Shigaraki 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Sun Aug 23, 2020 2:45 pm

Shimura Shigaraki
I love this site, but in my opinion, it has a major problem with progression and customization. I’ll start with progression and then talk about customization a little.

In my opinion, this site is not friendly to people who have a lot on their plate in real life. I am a college student who usually takes eighteen credit hour courses, I work about twenty hours, I volunteer occasionally, and more often than not, I have a crap ton of homework. Now, I know that it may sound like I am flexing, and that some people have larger things on their plate; but for me my schedule is kind of busy and I have issues xD Lol jk. Whatever the case, I only have a few hours in my day to get a reply done, and in most cases I am too tired. This site requires a lot of grinding, a lot of grinding, and truth to be told I do not have much time for grinding. I want to spend my time making a story, and role playing with a group of people and whatnot.

With that in mind, I feel like progression is too stagnate and slow, and for most of us, when all we want to do is role play and have some fun; progression becomes work. I got lucky with Shimura, but even then, even when I was active, even with the slight edge I got; getting to B-rank was honestly painstaking. And when I got to B-rank, I honestly felt like I did not achieve much. Likewise, getting to A-rank is even more so painstaking, (even though I have not reached it yet). Admittedly, at the same time, I feel like you won’t get taken seriously until you are at least A or S-rank, (sometimes with B-rank).

Now, I understand that you should not be given a XP. But, I also don’t think it should have to be so taxing and annoying to rank up, and that, the site needs to cater more to people with a lot on their plate.

Someone pointed out that this is a role play, and not a video game, and they are right. You can pause a video game and simply pick up where you started. With a roleplay, especially one with activity checks that an take everything away from you, you can’t really do that. Now on to magic. In my opinion, we need some new mechanics for magic, and some more enhancements. To be honest, it occasionally feels like I am making the same spell over and over and over again. I think Lorelei does a great job of explaining the problems with the magic system. But here are my thoughts, we need to make custom magic more customizable, and allow them to do *more*. In some cases, a character’s custom magic or starter magic is almost essential to their character development, but the problem is, starter magic does not do ANYTHING helpful.

Likewise, I think that some abilities that limited magic can do, should be something that starter magic can do, or something that high-level starter magic can do. Damage over time is mechanic is literally almost always a mechanic that all ‘starter’ magics can do in other role plays and games. The same goes for offensive knock back spells, debuff on strike, and bind on hit. And the thing is, *they can easily be nerfed*.

I am also an advocate to bring some form of customizable take-over, summoning, and holder magic. (not really opinionate on the holder magic though).
Here are some thoughts
• Magic that have *truly* unique mechanics, for example, the titan magic, the chain magic, the nullification magic, regeneration magic, red beast magic, dragon slayer magic, god slayer magic, takeovers, and undine magic etc. Should remain limited magics, and only magic with unique mechanics like that should be limited magic.
• Starter magic has one free enhancement slot, and then give players a list of some sorts to choose from; this list could be like, combo-element, DOT, debuff on strike, etc.
o Don’t take enhancement slots away.
• Make more enhancement slots like; knock back, the blind/deafen after a certain amount of hits, damage over time, movable AOE etc.


[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:26 pm

I'll just post one that was in Disc.


Why is it a problem?: People are forced to choose to use magic types/weapon types/armor types they might not like because of classes. Can be frustrating not being able to go the build you want.

Solution:Scrap the current classes. Just make it to where you can make your own class with magic types of your choice. Armor/weapons can be used by anyone with no penalty. Class bonuses moved to enhancements. Rough draft would be choose 4 magic types like below. Maybe make the inferior magic type penalty more harsh(double mana to cast)

Superior: 1 magic type
Normal: 2 magic type
Inferior: 1 magic type

Why is this a good solution?: Simplifies class systems by eliminating weapons/armor from the equation. Allows user to use the magic types that they want.

#6Sofia Serena 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:17 am

Sofia Serena

Hard to say a lot since I’m at work on my phone but I must echo many of Jan’s words. The site it a big grind then more grind, have a fight then grind some more.

Personally I’ve been rather disheartened by the lack of simple options for adventure both in general and more specifically for events. I was excited for the dungeon, a chance to peruse an old ruin and find some interesting stuff and that just became one long boss fight by the end? It felt misrepresented and honestly I feel like unless you’re a hardcore PvP enthusiast the site offers you little other than grinding and social and more grinding.

#7Raymus Kouris 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:56 am

Raymus Kouris
Gonna steal Caius's template and hope I do it justice

Problem: Lack of Items

Why is this a problem?: By Items I mean ring, necklace and relics. Earrings can also fall under this but I think we all know that they're pretty much the added bonus to donating to the site/the last thing you look to buy when kitting yourself out.

The main issue with items is the lack of them and lack of flavor associated with the ones that remain. Any item with a unique effect has already been swept up, leaving the "Reduce cooldown" or "Increase stat" generics behind. Now I know that they are there mainly for the combat aspect of the system however almost all other of those items still follow those rules too. For newer players their options are limited in what they can get.

Solution: At B or A rank (probably the former to tie in with someone's epithet.) Give the player the ability to make a custom Unique item. Other than getting 500 posts for guild level 5 there is no other consistent on site way to get a custom item aside from lottery.

Why is this a good solution?: I don't think I need to justify some free form here. It opens doors, gives members a reachable goal early on rather than grinding for months and gives people some uniqueness to a character. It also literally gives members what they want in terms of making something themselves.

As for grading the items goes, well easier said than done I know but there has been plenty made already and god knows how many in development that have never been so much as looked over, so there really shouldn't be a huge issue since there are so many made that can be used as an example.

As for weapons/Armors etc. They could all be fit under this little umbrella of items too, but I know it would be a lot harder to pick and choose stat gains/modifiers/durability and whatever else some weapons can do. Imo, start small then work up. Little things can make a huge difference and having a set goal for new members that they can reach without it being pulled from under them like with buying a limited item would really give an incentive to stay and do the grind for a realistic goal.


[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:48 am

Storylines should be edited so that there isn’t a 6 month requirement to effect the lore and also lowering the rank req. to B rank. Even average mages should have the ability to effect the lore, even just a little bit. 6 months is far too long anyway and honestly quite unrealistic. That’s half a year. 1 month/1 activity check makes more sense. A person should just need to be an active member. Also, storylines should have a big reward at the end. Short storylines could either have +500K jewels or a chance to retrieve a custom rare item/companion, medium storylines should give +1,000,000 or a Custom unique item/companion, and Long storylines should give +1,750,000 or a chance to obtain a custom legendary item/companion that they’d Still have to buy, but with a 50% discount (like the nine heroes event). Easier requirements, more freedom, easy fix to a system that supposed to influence creativity/imagination.

Also, you should be able to train for stat points- especially now that the gap to the next level is bigger.

Where the God slayers at? I also think that new members (D ranks that aren’t alts) should be able to start as DS/DeS/TOs like the old days. You miss an activity check, it’s gone gone gone.

Bring the teams back. They don’t need to be used for them to be a thing.

Lastly, Bring professions & Sorcerer magazine back. Professions so that people can get jewels and stats for just RPing- everything shouldn’t be about quests to grow as a character. With that being said, I think members should also be able to turn in regular social topics for rewards if it has something to do with plot. Rewards can be INT, or for common/uncommon unlimited weapons depending on the topic. Maybe even up to 100K jewels if someone is stealing money. Maybe topics have a post requirement to be turned in and not a word requirement. This excludes quests, just plot socials, etc. same thing with bounty. That should be able to increase just from a regular topic if someone’s doing some bad things!

Just my suggestions to reward people for just making stories!

#9Venus Rosé 

[Discussion] Improvements Empty on Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:05 pm

Venus Rosé

Thank you all for the constructive feedback! We're all working to make some changes and improvements to the site, so please look forward to them and this thread will still be open for discussions. <3

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