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Temporary Aquarist

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Temporary Aquarist Empty Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:34 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr was preparing for today's events. He was shaving today, something he had not done in quite a while. While his cheeks were usually clean-shaven, a light stubble had developed there. He hadn't gotten the chance while in Hargeon. He had been keeping busy and was going through work at a rapid pace. Grooming his facial hair was near the end of his priorities list. He had begun to like his facial stubble, and maybe he'd even grow a beard sometime later. He had been bound by duty while in the Rune Knights and then the Holy Knights. It had never crossed his mind either. But you have to say it didn't exactly look very professional. And he had to look professional (and unintimidating) to make contacts and move up the social ladder for the time being. He could not afford a beard right now, and while it irked him, he accepted it as it was.

Being distracted by his contemplations on the beard, he had accidentally cut himself on his right cheek while running the razor there. That was a rookie mistake. As soon as he noticed, he applied the antiseptic and the bandage. It was a small cut, and would likely heal very quickly. Thankfully, he had already finished the rest of his face, which was now spotless, except for that one bandage. 'I hope this will not make things complicated.' he muttered, staring at his cheek in the mirror. Aleksandr had risen before the morning sun today and had slept very well and felt energized. The dream helped too. While he did not remember the details, it was pleasant. And intense.

Raina had summoned him to her aid once again. He had to look professional today, as he was watching over the aquarium during which she was gone on a quote-on-quote expedition. The cheek patch did not help his look, but Aleksandr was hoping that he will not need to explain it. That would be kind of awkward, and he wanted to avoid that. He might need her help in the future, so a productive (and comfortable) professional relationship was essential. He put on his best pair of pants, dress shoes and a white shirt. He did want to overdo it with a coat, as it was hot and humid in Hargeon, and he did not want to end the day clawing at his collar for a breath.

Soon, he was in the lab, and Raina had departed, leaving Aleksandr to take care of the aquarium. Raina had definitely noticed his patch (she wasn't blind) and was about to ask on it when Aleksandr interrupted and simply explained it as a 'Shaving accident.'. He was to take notes of what the fishes did and then feed them. It seemed simple enough. He began rounds of the aquarium, carefully inspecting the fishes. While he did not understand their behavior much, he tried. It seemed as if the octopus was making fun of him? It was stuck to the glasses, waving his 'hands' about. It was unsettling, and it seemed as if the creature was following Aleksandr with its eyes. Maybe it was just curious because Aleksandr was a new face around here. Whatever it was, it creeped Aleksandr out. That was about the only remarkable thing that happened the whole day. He fed them as Raina had instructed and then took a seat near the octopus tank, still watching it closely, and the octopus seemed just as curious.

"Uh, what are you doing?" Raina was right beside and was squinting at him. "Oh, nothing." Aleksandr spoke, trying his best to hide his surprise at her sudden appearance. "Well, nothing much happened. The fishes just swam around in their tanks, but this octopus seemed like it was watching me, which is why I took my place here." he quickly explained the day's events before Raina had even asked him to. She didn't look entirely convinced but nodded, handed him his reward, and allowed him to go. Aleksandr complied.


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