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Ricardo De Sylvainn

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#1Ricardo De Sylvainn 

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Ricardo De Sylvainn


Name: Ricardo De Sylvainn

Age: April 1st, X771

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Ranger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Tongue, black

Face: Android 17 - Dragon Ball Z


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 156 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Cyan

Overall: Preferring more of a simple appearance, Ricardo appears with mostly comfortable and practical clothing rather fancy ones like his upbringing suggests. He is a young man of average height, hair sleek and reaching right past his neck. Lanky yet solid in build, he deceptively packs a punch in those average-sized hands. Body language however, screaming for his confidence. He carries himself not in a refined, but certain manner; and such shows in his bold but calm body language. Almost like a cat ready to spring at any point. Typically, Ricardo is a fan of scarves. He thinks it makes him look cool.

Extra: Ring piercing by his right earlobe. That's about it.


Personality: In a word, he's a brat. Shameless, hedonistic and selfish, Ricardo is a boy with only one thing on his mind: how to satisfy himself. He doesn't care about much, let alone many. That is to say, he tends to be by himself and favors working for his sake alone if he can; choosing the path that will easily nab him the most fun. Though his nature also suggests tendencies towards adventurousness, being quite the thrill-seeking individual. He dislikes predictability and the mundane, as he can read into it and to him, there's little fun in that.

Ricardo isn't afraid to speak his mind and isn't afraid to act on it; rather, he's impulsive enough to appear as if not thinking, while in truth he is rather calculating. Often times he will discard logical judgement for the uncertainty that lies without it. Favoring having his way with others, the boy will take amusement not just in his own actions and experiences but also in others; easily fascinated by stories, lore and plots. Behind all of that however, his ego is quite fragile and is easily susceptible to taunting; the same way he would do to others.

Considering himself a man of action more than words, Ricardo views the world and life itself as a game of sorts. Achievements, goals, targets, locations; all part of the game he's playing, all for the thrill that undoubtedly waits at each destination. Matching suit, he can't stand disappointment. Not necessarily failures, but having his expectations remain unmet. Somewhat tyrannical in his ways with those under him, he will settle for not a shard less than what he has in mind. This, goes to the way he handles things as well.

Ultimately, Ricardo is rather similar to a cat. Self-interested, he comes and goes as he pleases, disregarding commitment if it's of no interest to him. Somewhat flippant in his behavior, but not unsophisticated.


  • Freedom: Excitement being at the top of the list, the boy will look to enjoy himself on every occasion possible. For that, he needs the freedom to go wherever he pleases, whenever he wants. The freedom to partake in any activity he wants to at any time. Freedom is the primary requirement to have fun.
  • Chess: Ricardo attributes a lot in life to the way chess is handled. He sees it as the one game closest to reality with all sorts of twists upcoming. Taught as a nobleman but turned into hobby of sorts, he finds himself fond of this unpredictable board game quite much.


  • Lack of Purpose: It's always been very clear to Ricardo what he wants in life. The idea that some people aren't sure what they want or what's the meaning behind their actions, baffles him. This also applies to him however; as he made it a habit to think why he does certain things, though ultimately practical doing nothing happens on occasion.
  • Summer: Discouraging the use of scarves aside; Summer  brings with it heat, and heat makes you sluggish. On occasion, Ricardo would have to choose between having to sweat outside and bear a lack of motivation, versus staying indoors and doing nothing. I'm sure you can relate.


  • Amusement: Pleasure in fear, excitement, the unordinary. Ricardo lives for thrills. Hedonistic to a fault, he's only looking to have fun in his own way; without concern for others. And should anyone try to stop him, they're part of the game.


  • Confinement: Death means nothing to Ricardo. Being trapped and stripped of his freedom to do as he pleases, however, is terrifying. While not one to show fear, he'd claw at his own throat if needed, just to escape a lack of options.
  • Dismemberment: His arms and feet are his primary tools to have fun. Losing them means losing his ability not just to move or to express himself, but to clearly satisfy himself. He'd be damn anxious of losing any of his limbs in a world infested with battle-crazy hooligans.


Magic Name: --

Magic Element: --

Magic Description: --


History: Ricardo De Sylvainn was born to a rich, influential family established in Era as the second born son, being pampered from birth and shaped to understand he can get anything he wants if he just as much as opened his mouth to ask for it. He had everything a boy could ever want, and everything a boy wouldn't want too. This abundance made him quite apathetic from a young age, uninterested in most things despite his parents' warm approach; which, in time, understandably grew cold. Solitary from childhood, rejecting even his older brother and younger sister, Ricardo immersed himself in whatever was enjoyable to him from the start. This prompted his parents to turn a lot more stern and discipline him thoroughly as a young man of their house, conditioning his belongings on his attitude. As such, he eventually caved in to the pompous' way of doing things. Learning to feign interest and act out behaviors fit even for a noble, he grew up in his parents' cage, receiving whatever he wanted so long as he remained quiet.

Until, he got bored. Not even fed up, flat out bored. In many forms of media he'd inspected, the hero would run away and embark on a journey of self-search. That is exactly what Ricardo had done. One night, sneaking through his mansion's window with a bare minimum of supplies, having stolen whatever he found useful from his parents' house, and snuck down using the sheets to dangle himself down to the ground. Running away, knowing he will not return there any time soon.

His reason was strictly in amusement; now that he was on his own out in the big world, uncaring whether he made a bad name for his folks or for himself, Ricardo sought out the best way to 'have fun'; plain and simple. His tendencies might lead him to get in trouble... But where's the fun without a bit of danger?

"...So what now?
...Guess I'll tear down some stuff."

Reference: Alt account ~


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This character has been approved.

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