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[Quest] questionable recruitment practices.

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[Quest] questionable recruitment practices. Empty Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:16 pm

Yugo walked his way down the street. His large frame made it easier for him to just shoulder barge people out of the way. He pushed them out of his way with a smile on his face. He had been hired to stop some would be heroes and he couldnt help but be happy about that. His breath reeked of strong booze, yet he walked with ease and held himself as if he wasnt drunk. The large man soon found the group recruiting, he pushed passed the small crowd that had formed and he laughed at the adventurers. 

"You lot are weaker then snot. How can you call yourselves adventurers?" He kept poking at them even as they tried to not give him attention. But the small crowd soon left, having sensed the brewing fight. Soon the hot head of the adventurers would attempt to talk back to Yugo, only to receive a back hand fist to his chin and sent stumbling back, his body destroying their set up table. 

"Let's get this as clear as possible." Yugo cracked his knuckles and cracked his neck before standing ready to grab someone. "Non of you are getting out of this alive." He rushed the closest mage, and as she tried to grab her spell book he would wrap his large fist around her face and slam her into the ground. He didnt care what gender you were, death was equal to everyone. He repeatedly slammed her head int the cobblestone floor, even as one of his friends attacked. His sword tried to cut through his arm, but stopped halfway through his flesh, not even hitting bone. He flexed and snapped the blade in half before releasing his now bloody hand from the girls dead corpse and grabbing the swords mans head amd his sword arm. He squeezed the mans forearm, and after hearing the bones creak, he snapped the mans arm like an twig. The mans screams only made Yugo smile more. 

"You call yourself adventurers? Your weakling! Hahaha not even worth a mage of my caliber." He dropped the man and removed the blade from his forearms and dropped it on the ground as the man writhed in pain. He stomped on the mans broken arm and crushed it beneath his heel. "Remember this pain. Remember how it feel to lose because your jsut too weak to be more then an insect to me. I killed your entire team and crippled you. But I eont kill you, no... I want you to remain alive. Spread my story, tell the world what I did here. TELL THEM YUGO DESTROYED YOU! Bu-HAHAHAHAHA!" he stepped off the mans arm and made his way back to Cain. He managed to get there without any issues and upon collecting his reward, he was told that cain still had use for him. "So long as you keep paying well, I'll do what ever you want." He waved goodbye and left the building for the world outside. 


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