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[Travel] Astera -> Seighart

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#1Vali Onfroy 

[Travel] Astera -> Seighart Empty on Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:42 pm

Vali Onfroy
It's been months. Long, hard, tiring, draining, pointless months of living in the streets of Astera. Vali vanished not long before his guild was disbanded, but none of that mattered. Truth was, he probably didn't belong there in the first place. It seemed the gods were wrong about the young father. Just as quick as he was given the eye of Kaom was just as quick as it was taken away. The Viking had no idea if his people were thriving, but they gave up on him a long time ago. Vikings had no space for the weak-willed- not even if it was their leader. Vali couldn't say that he was hurt- not anymore. He was numb thanks to the Ale he'd consistently spend his money on. The only thing that truly mattered to him was his son, and by now he was with Priscilla. The noble didn't deserve a child like Hassani. He was a failure and wouldn't dare face his only son like this. Everything he worked for had ceased to exist. That was to be expected. A hero, they said he was to be. All that stood before the road towards the mountains now though, was a drunken fool. What next? What could possibly await such a man at this point?

"Valhalla..." he muttered. With a nod, he lifted his flask and chugged the rest of the Ale in it. "Yeah..." he whispered as he dragged his feet along the path to seighart mountains. "There's only one man I'd ever allow to end my life." One of the strongest men he knew.

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