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Devil Tarot I: Lilith

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Wandering through the streets of Hargeon was not exactly an uncommon occurrence for someone like Esperia. Considering that Blue Pegasus was situated within the port, making it somewhat akin to their base, Esperia had spent the last months within the port, although she was not exactly spending time there with any purpose in mind. In a way one could say that she felt lost, without a goal or ambition, and if she had to be honest? It felt somewhat infuriating. It made her realize that one of the things she had lost was her desires. Ever since Fia had disappeared Esperia had felt like her existence had paused, but no matter how much she searched, no matter how much she pleaded or prayed to god or devil alike, there seemed to be no chance for her wish to be granted. Fia was gone, and her disappearance had taken away so many thing, made her feel empty and incomplete.

So then why in the world did she decide to wander in the port today? She was not certain, it felt as if she was moving on instinct, or rather as if her body had done the motions automatically and before she knew it, the young woman found herself at one of the taverns of Hargeon.

Taking a seat at one of the tables she waited for one of the waitresses to arrive, and ordering some wine she placed some coins on the tablet as the waitress excused herself, meanwhile Esperia merely glanced around the area. Why was she here? Why was she doing this? She didn't know, all she wanted was to see Fia again...

That thought alone filled her with a unpleasant longing in her chest, and yet before she could dismiss the thought, a voice called out to her. Her gaze lifted upward as a waitress served her drink, yet when she was about to leave Esperia called out to her.

"Stay a moment, a wine as delicate as this requires an equally delicate company~"

Little did she know what was about to unfold today...


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The waitress blinked in confusion for a moment, turning to face Esperia whose gaze had been fixated onto the lass her face. She had to admit the waitress was a cute looking girl, perhaps not as high ranked in beauty as the likes of some of the people she knew, but there was a certain attraction in the humble beauty of this girl.

"I- I'm afraid I will have to decline miss, I'm still on my shift."

Of course, it was to be expected that a waitress wouldn't be able to just spend time with a customer, and the tavern seemed quite filled also. Yet something urged Esperia on, placing a pouch full of jewels on the table. "I insist my dear~ I'll cover the expenses of your shift." Of course, subtly as her gaze lingered on the waitress her eyes, the feint hue in her irises showed that she had slightly activated her charm. It was not enough to entrance the girl, but certainly more than enough to make her more trustful and relaxed toward her, and with a gentle sigh the waitress took a seat at the table.

"Let us begin with proper etiquette, shall we? My name is Esperia~ I am a member of the Blue Pegasus guild."

The waitress nodded her head gently as she replied in a soft tone. "Tatsuki, it is a pleasure to meet you miss Esperia."

The soft politeness in the girl's voice earned a soft chuckle from Esperia who shook her head gently in return. "Just Esperia is fine Tatsuki~ and I'll promise you: the pleasure is all mine."

It didn't take much time or effort till she had started to have a lively conversation with the young lady, a pleasant conversation all things considered. However, there was also something about seeing that sheepish smile on the waitress that reminded Esperia of something--- or rather: of someone.

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