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Ouroboros II [QUEST; KURISA]

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Ouroboros II [QUEST; KURISA] Empty Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:07 am

When Masami realized that the next request was going to take place in Masami's own theater, his face lit up, excitedly (trying to hide the fact that he was worried that his theater was rumored to have said gangsters) tugging Kurisa, wanting to make her hurry up so that she'd see the theater if she hasn't yet. Either way, Masami was still a kid who was excited over little things like... going to his own establishment—okay, maybe that wasn't such a "little" thing but the point still pretty much applies. Although it was nighttime, Masami was pretty much awake, and still pretty much hyper.

"We clean the place everyday!" said Masami, as if he was promoting the place, assuming that Kurisa hasn't seen it yet. "And... we made sure that every wood is glossy!" oh, he really did. Joyans are usually into that sort of thing when it comes to cleaning: everything must be smooth and shiny. "We use magical fire that can't hurt people!" again, trying to amaze Kurisa, but ended up amazing himself instead. Between the two of them, it looks like it was only Masami who had shiny stars on his eyes that were almost legitimate.

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The clock kept ticking as the time was going slow. She felt like she wanted it to go faster for some reason without really knowing why. Masami was excited that the next mission was at the theater, given by Weirdlock himself. She was sure that it was not going to end up very pretty since most of these turn out with a fight. He was like a hyperactive teen who could not wait to go to a certain place for the first time. If it was the theater she was thinking about then she has indeed been there. The Hinoki was the theater she remet Judina and even did her own place. She never knew that Masami owned it or even took part in owning it.

She remembered when she owned a building of her own, but it was not even successful. She wanted to peak Masami's happiness by being excited with him. "Oh?~ I wonder if I've been there yet. Can't wait to see it." She gave into those types of responses as she was serious at the same time. They will have more to talk about if it was the same one. Her long hair was in waves as they touched her back yet not enough to touch her assets. She wore some jean pants with ankle boots. Her shirt was a white buttoned-up one with ruffled in the V-shape chest area to make volume. The outfit gave her hourglass voluptuous shape justice. Her bosoms were large as any milf would have them. Smiling softly, she kept close to her excited son on the way to the theater.



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As if a sakura flower shimmered from Masami's head, he excitedly jumped at least once or twice in excitement. He believed that Kurisa hasn't been there (even if, unfortunately, she probably already had) and even though he hadn't prepared anything that would contribute to a surprise, Masami wholeheartedly wanted her own mother (whom he didn't know completely) to visit the theater that he had managed so proudly. It even got its' own NPCs of the sort, so it should've been well-developed.

Because of where Kurisa's home is stationed at, it won't take them long to go to the theater. It was unlocked for the two to enter, mainly for request purposes as Masami had already informed the staff beforehand. It was only now that Masami realized that there's not much surprise to give, except the whole theater itself, which doesn't really have much until daylight, where most of the shows are ongoing, and a theater is nothing without performances. "Oh well, time to get to the job, then." uttered Masami with a sigh; he was afterwards met with few of the theater's staff members. "Any clues yet?" he asked, this time in Joyan, but apparently nobody saw anything.

"Huh, they said that the Black Dragons and the other White gang would be here, it seems like it's all clean." said Masami to Kurisa, trying to get a hold of their main purpose unto visiting the theater late at night.

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They walked towards the theater together on the cobblestone walkway as the lights above them lit up to the point that attracted insects. Some died at the first site as she could have sworn she heard 'Help meeeeee' as they fell and died. Lights were very hypnotizing to insects to the point where they swarm into their deaths. She felt like that with people and their wishes. It made them so insane that they follow into death just to get what they have always wanted. She wanted love and she has indeed died a few times to get it yet she never did receive it.

It was a lesson, but a lesson that she will never learn.

They finally got to the theater as she spotted the door that she went through to sign in for her own play. "Oh.~ I did my play here." She talked as if towards herself, but also Masami could hear. They went in to check on things to find out that they have not seen anything. It was supposedly clean, but if it was clean then why would they be sent here? She walked away from Masami to go check around since she felt like this was really odd. She went up the stairs to go on the stage and towards the right. This stage had a right and left exit towards a different room. She forgot which one was the dressing room, but it did not matter. Soon enough she ran into some guy who was a cleaner according to him.

"Greetings Ma'am." He tipped his hat and was dragging a cart of supplies. Kurisa questioned him to see if he saw or heard anything. It was odd that his answer was soon to be a no as this place was cleaner than a polished button in England. Her eyes looked around him and then his cart, it seemed clean so he could not have been the suspect. The gangs were supposed to be here, but why were they not here? There was something missing...




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'Ah, what?' thought Masami when Kurisa told him (or herself, in which Masami still heard) that she performed here and... when? What? Were the staffs recruiting random people again just because of their appearance?! Masami sighed at himself, knowing that he didn't 'raise up' his workers like this... he was the same, anyway – Masami used to have this habit of recruiting people who looked 'good' as actors for theaters, even just once, but it seemed to be coming back. Kurisa went ahead to check up on some things, while Masami checked what's behind the curtains, but apparently there was nothing there apart from theater props.

Masami instead sat on the edge of the stage, swinging his legs while gazing at the inside of the theater from top to bottom. Honestly, he doesn't remember when he started managing this, but it looked like the Kami-sama (God) was blessing him a lot (for a second life, that is). He waited for Kurisa to come back and when she does, Masami would utter: "Doesn't look like anything's here, mother. We didn't skip over certain information from the paper, right?" even the kid was starting to question his own theater, some people are too young to even stress out about these things.

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Kurisa gazed around more as she took a breather while wondering where everything and everyone could be. This was not in the job description or anything at all. It was quiet, people that worked here saw nothing and all she could hear for sounds was the clock ticking and people talking about why were they here. It felt off, really off. "We should continue to patrol just in case we missed anything." She told Masami and then went to scout around the areas they did not scout around last time. The woman was not sure how he felt as she felt that something was off. It was the bond thing, wasn't it.

She tried to pay attention to the mission so she did not miss anything while looking at details. Her fingers felt against the walls and ears listened for anything specific, but there was nothing. How long has Masami owned this? She never knew that he was the one that owned it. She even did a play here and did not even get to know the name of the owner. Sometimes people made the name of the business their own name. It was sort of an ego thing so people knew what they had. She was glad Masami was not like that. Now that she thought about it... She did not know much about him other than; name, age, and his real mother who... also had a curse. Her heartfelt a little disheartened as she felt like her time with him as her son was starting to end.

Even if he did not come out of her womb, he will still be precious to her as an adoptive son. Maybe if he will ever forgive her - even if she got his consent, that he will let her help his mother.

She went back to meet up with Masami and shook her head. "We should go back to Weirdlock's office and tell him. This is sort of odd.~" She assured and headed towards the exit. "Let's go.~" She smiled to him and went outside. She gazed up at the sky and wondered something as they walked together, enjoying the peaceful day. "That felt like a waste of time, but then again not really. At least we got to go see your theater." her head turned to look at him. "We should go there together sometime. Maybe act out a Joyan romance one if you can.~ I love romances." She made a soft sigh in a dreamy sort of way. Soon enough though that train of thought changed when she saw guards around something, or in this case someone.




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Huh, looks like they didn't skip over anything, after all.

"That's alright." Masami smiled back to Kurisa, holding her hand afterwards as he follows her back to the Weirdlock's Office, because then they would be spending the night here, over complete nothingness. "Romance is tiring," said Masami, someone who has been taking the lead roles often when he was still in Joya, "it's always either senseless or overly-sacrificial, I don't get it." Masami was still a child, after all, but some would say that he 'nailed' the acts that he did in the theaters back in Joya, but Masami has never actually placed himself into the shoes of the character he acted. He was still himself, even if he could change his expressions and convince people that he was being honest. Little did he know that Masami has the capability of being manipulative, but so far, he hasn't taken the lead role of a terrible manipulator, and hopefully he won't get pushed into that sort of cast.

Now that Masami and Kurisa will be going back to the office, Masami had realized how awfully distinctive this scenario is... and nostalgic, too. For a person who knew that a pile of dead bodies smelled like, this definitely resembles it. He shrugged it off initially, covering his nose: "Mother, I think—eek!" in front of them were what Masami was expecting this whole time. The bodies, deceased bodies, to be specific, and the city guards were investigating them. "Argh... what exactly is going on?" Masami tucked his head behind Kurisa's arm as the smell of dead bodies were so sudden that it was making him nauseous (and anxious, for a child who had witnessed multiple deaths in a single spot). "I feel like they killed each other... the two teams—or something."

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Kurisa gazed at the guards who were hovering some dead bodies. She wanted to know and study them as she felt like they could possibly be from the gangs that were supposed to show up at the theater. What were they going to exactly do anyways once they got there? She forgot the details and everything other than having to wait for them to show up. why was she forgetting it? Was it just useless or pointless information? The place was quiet other than this going on. With that, she walked towards the bodies, "Halt!" They put their palm in front of Kurisa and Masami to make them suddenly stop.

She understood the worries, but she showed a paper with Weirdlock's information. It made them nod with an understanding that they were here by his orders. She explained to the two that they were supposed to wait at some theater in hopes to find these two. Her eyes studied the two while she was talking. Masami assumed they died by fighting each other, but was they able to hit each other's vital spots at the exact timeframe to do so? Her arm felt a nudge as Masami kept close to it. Did it make him feel off? Nauseous? Her hand patted him on the mid-section of his back softly and smiled.

Her eyes went back to the guards and tilted her head a little in a sleepish way. She has not seen guards around much ever since the Rune Knights disappeared and did their own thing. She remembered back in the day when Holy Knights were a thing as well. That war changed everything, but it was mainly the people that changed it fully to how it is now. There were not supposed to be slaves around here nor people owning them. That was what Zade wanted when they fought him. That was what the people who were bad wanted so why was it like this? So much injustice was happening in the world today.

It made her want to go and change it herself no matter what it took. "We'll inform Weirdlock, thank you." She waved goodbye to them. She felt bad since law enforcement wasn't like how it used to be. They were everywhere, trying to help people, but you also had the corrupted ones that did things behind the gate to their castle-like building. "Let us go, Masami." She smiled and lead him to the place they had to go next. She wanted to talk to him, ask him about how he was feeling, but it felt like he already had a lot on his mind. Kurisa felt lost for a moment and for the first time other than when she was around most men she felt anxious about. He was like a child of hers - to her of course, but maybe the experiment failed and he remembered everything as she did do.

Since it failed on her, it probably failed on him as well. "Masami, I wondered if perhaps you remember your old life... It's okay if you did." She made a freely smile while gazing up at the sky. "I understand. After we help Weirdlock with everything and the city. Perhaps we can send letters when we go our separate ways." She brought it up of course. She still cared for him even if he felt indifferent about what happened between them. Between all her thoughts and now, they would be there to explain everything to weirdlock.




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Fresh. It would have been better if the bodies were burned immediately, but they left quite the fresh mark on Masami's senses. When the guards had told them to halt, Kurisa showed a paper, unknown to Masami what was written upon it, but it seemed as if the guards had immediately understood. One of the things Masami was most grateful for was the fact that he, now, is a mage of a certain guild. That allowed him to take certain jobs, allowing him to access certain locations, things that normal citizens won't have access upon. Sooner or later, the more Kurisa guides him through, the more farther the scent of fresh death becomes. Masami can now freely breathe, expressing this by a deep exhale.

It struck him when Kurisa asked him a question that was connected to something personal—something connected to the both of them, as if she was completely reading him since the start. Mothers were always like this – reading her children, as if they were a book. Masami tried not to tell Kurisa that she was right, but it was better to tell the truth. "Not completely." admitted Masami, looking away with a straight face, despite trying to change his facial expressions to what was fitting. "I remember why I left Joya in the first place, but I'm sixteen now, my memories from when I was fourteen were missing out."

Masami didn't know how to express what he wanted into words—Joyan words—but if he spoke in Joyan, then the communication barrier will worsen. "I'm pretty sure... that I have died two years ago, I just don't remember why, or how." the vision of him striking himself with a sword on stage two years ago lingered, he knew that he had disappeared, however... he hasn't? He's alive, and rejuvenated, and he wants his answers.

"I don't want to let you go that easily." his tone of voice hasn't change, Masami was still speaking like a child he was. Blissful ignorance, naivety, selfishness, immaturity and pride—he was the embodiment of them all. "If I didn't have another memory wipe, then I must have already found the cure, and then I would have come back home, but I keep wasting my own time." even though his mind wanted to blame Kurisa for this, Masami was the type to listen to his feelings more, and did not want to admit that Kurisa was at fault, thus striking himself with a million needles instead. While they walk before meeting with the Weirdlock, he waited for Kurisa's answer—how was she going to make up for him? "Rather, I won't let you go that easily."

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Her eyes half-closed in sorrow as she has reached almost her limit of how much he can handle when it came to her own emotions. Arisa could handle only so much sorrow till it turned into despair which became wrath and envy due to what others had. The woman knew that something was wrong and her assumptions were correct. The boy partially knew that they were not really mother and son, but something about him made her feel like he could not exactly depart like this. Was it the experiment? Was it a bittersweet success as he could not really get himself to leave her, but at the same time he probably did.

He partly believed he died two years ago, but even that was impossible. Sure, Kuriana can bring people back alive with her science, but not like that. She twirled her hair with her right hand and gazed away. She blushed a bright pink as she heard him talk so dominant. She gulped and hid her face. What was wrong with her? Was it just the way he said that? Sure it could have been better, but she just chuckled and faced him. "Look, even if we're not fully blood-related. I will always care for you wholeheartedly. Our connection from the heart is existent while our past is not. I will have your back.~" she gave a faint smile as she gazed towards the office. They were finally there as they both went inside. Her eyes gazed around for Weirdlock, but finally found him in his office. She explained some of it and then let Masami explain most of it. After they were done he sat there silently thinking.
He started to talk about how he might have something else for them soon if not sooner than later.

Kurisa was unsure what he will have them do since it has already been a lot. Nonetheless, the two have done a lot worse when it came to missions than this one. Even if they had a small deep conversation, she was still happy to have him as her adoptive son and live with her. Hopefully, they will find a cure for his mom.





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Always either too trusting or too cynical, when Kurisa assured him that she will wholeheartedly take care of him, there was some sort of faithless loyalty (as much as Masami could describe it) brought upon his heart. She was kind, and she had proved this ever since the start, but Masami felt unauthentic love, as if she was only being kind because she wasn't human, and that her kind had always been pushed into the mold of being lovable and good. However, this was no pact with the devil. Masami had created a bond with a Nephilim, a true angel, and her blood (even just tiny bits of them) rushes through his veins. His demon soul will be forced to comply even if it doesn't like what was happening to Masami, sooner or later he would notice the changes in his ears and teeth, the complications stripping him off of his own humanity.

Therefore, Masami had no reasons not to trust Kurisa, whom he now recognizes as his adoptive mother while he is still in Fiore. "I trust you," he shrugged, carelessly skipping while walking to their destination, "after all, you've been taking care of me for quite some time. I owe you, too." although Masami knew that Kurisa wanted love and affection, more of them now that because he was her (adoptive) son, he chose not to take advantage of it and pay the efforts back, bona fide. "I still have more to learn from you, too, we can make that easy but you don't seem to be the type to rush things." Masami was a well-known performer in Joya, so interviews weren't quite rare. He would be able to write a scroll of information that were only about himself, and people sort of liked that: listing all his favorite foods and scenes, but it would be too boring if he did the same for Kurisa. Nevertheless, he followed her on the way to the Weirdlock Office, walking beside her, and finally getting the job done. There was still some blatant mystery in this quest series, wasn't there?

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