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Marigold to Hosenka [Flight Travel]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Marigold to Hosenka [Flight Travel] Empty on Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:19 pm

Günter Von Wolf

After dealing with Farmer Jim Bean, Gunter makes his way to the guild and finds it to be empty. Sucks for him, considering he still hadn't met any other members of his guild, but oh well. He decides to start heading back in the direction of Dahlia, but wants to stop off and see the sights first so he decides to head to Hosenka. Maybe grab some coffee, get some food, and shoot the shit with the locals. Literally.

Gunter gets onto the bridge and whistles. His Leviat, Leviathan, comes flying up from below the bridge, lands on it, and Gunter hops on. He looks at his mount and says, "Let's ride.".

They take off in the air. It was his first time being on anything of that size and speed - he wasn't prepared for how fast it could go, and how strong the wind flow was. He eventually got used to it, or was forced to so he wouldn't end up as a red stain on the bridge. Or the road leading to the guild. He was surprised how short the trip was. Before he knew it, he was in Hosenka, and dear god did the place look like shit. Reminded Gunter of Dahlia, and he felt right at home.

Word Count: 100/100


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