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Hi-Ho Silver! (Travel to Hosenka)

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#1Kyorari Yotsujiki 

Hi-Ho Silver! (Travel to Hosenka) Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:03 am

Kyorari Yotsujiki
Kyorari seized the instant the young girl had in order to recline her thought. She never had the time to reflect on what it would be like to travel. The time she had to think about it, was when the young girl could narrowly stand on two feet. A desire to roam the lands had occured in her thoughts as time tend to proceed. The girl decided to leave hargeon, and shift gears where strong folks reside. Staying in Hargeon wouldn't mean greatly for the sorcerers, and for her to meet people, the girl will then have to seek out and explore.

At the time as she began wandering about, Kyorari never held high regards when facing a possibility at which, the young sorcerers had to go on adventures. She never had been the outdoorsy time, and each passing time made Kyorari think that, she's doing this only for the sake of a certain goal. The girl will proceed to focus on what the heart demanded, and heed from needless companions. In the end, Kyorari found herself in a guild, so for she had for the time being, met one person. A side of her started to reflect on the matter of if the girl wanted to meet more peolpe within the guild.

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