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[Quest] A New Mine

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[Quest] A New Mine Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 8:04 am

Having exited the metal shack, Yugo carried in a bag on his bag 4 explosive charges, and in his hand was the control for it. He could help but marvel at it. So much death could be caused with just a single button. But he didnt find that as fun as doing it by hand. There was something pleasing about ending a life by your own hand Yugo had found. He took a swig of the booze he carried in a waterskin he had at his hip.

The liquid poured down his chin as he did so and he drained it without even thinking about it. Setting it back on his hip, he got to the entrance area of the mine and after backhanding one of the miners, the others fled after he told them his plan, those that fought found themselves out cold shortly after. He made his way deeply into the mine. Once he got to the back he started placing the charges.

By the time he had made his way back to the front of the mine he was met by a group of Miners who weren't gunna back down easily. He clicked the button, exploded the mine and rushed the miners. He slammed his fist into the first mans face, holding back just enough to not kill him. He grabbed the mans unconcious body as it fell and threw him at his friends, they caught him only to have Yugos leg crash down on their position with a harsh force. The 3 miners he had hit went flying back and laid down out of the fight.

Yugo blocked the attacks one of the men launched, using a sledge hammer to batter Yugos arms. He took the blow and slide back a little bit as he was hit once against and slide back a bit further. He grabbed the metal head of the hammer and flexing his wrist, he snapped the head off and slammed the flat side of it back into te mans face, breaking his nose but jot killing him, only knocking him out.

Another rushed him using mining equipment. The mana powered forklift he drove was caught by Yugo who slide and laughed. "HAHAHA! GOOD!" hugo dug his heel into the ground and with a mighty war cry, he lifted the forklift off its front wheels and tossed it backwards over itself. The drive was trapped inside but alive. Yugo was hit by a bolt fired from a bolt gun.

He roared in pain, the pulled the bolt out of his flesh and flicked it back at its owner, it took a finger, but the man was still alive. Yugo let him run and he laughed as the man did. "You are all very lucky I'm not allowed to kill you. I'd love to turn this whole mine into a pool of blood, but unfortunately that isnt in the plans." He then left to get his reward, and to go get drunk.

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