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Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:47 am

Raymus Kouris
Now usually ray wouldn't be seen hanging around his guild mate Jan Ren unless they were on a mission and to an extent it applied here. The two were just after finishing a mission with a bratty noble and were on the way back to base. On this occasion though there was a slight mention between the Pegasai. Mainly because they had lost said bratty noble and Ray was taking too long to sniff her out. He wasn't going to say anything on the matter to Jan since he seemed to have made his mind up and was the one who found the girl. Even if his nose was the thing pointing him in the right direction! Besides, his teammate didn't even thank him for that! It was enough to make the werewolf pout as they walked along the harbor. They weren't the only ones around the docks either as there seemed to be a certain mage walking around with a very old costume.

"Oi! You two!" He called over to the two. Ray was going to ignore the stranger until he was the one who came up to them. "Ah I'm guessing you're both Blue Pegasus Members?" He asked pointing to Ray's collar bone, where his guild tattoo was just visible. "I need help and you two are being conscripted to help!" Wc 222

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#2Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Now this here is a story of old.

With one request done for the day and twilight dawning, the two Pegasi were back from their recent, surprisingly quick mission. Though they were personally assigned, the two still had to return to their guild and report it to their master -- a task Jan had absolutely no doubt, that he would be stuck doing. Especially as with the request not having an official file through the guild, it was up to him to write it from scratch. How troublesome. With Raymus alongside, the Sinese had decided to stay put, not to say a word to the werewolf as they returned. He had nothing to say, especially after the man had posed such carelessness even when handling a sick little girl. It was enough for Jan to outright antagonize him, but not near enough to act on it.

On their way though… “--and you two are being conscripted to help!” ...of course they would.

Irritated, but listening in; the Sinese’ hands were folded in-front of his chest as the poor page explained his last-minute request. Another one to file off nothing?? Seriously!! But the trade-off for the request seemed to calm Jan down, or rather… “--In short, you guys get to be Rune Knights for a day!”

...An actual knight, for a day. “Well, come on then!” Jan broke off, his seemingly upset mood all but disappeared; “We’re off to find us some drug dealers!!” Probably not the best thing to announce there.

What sparked excitement and eagerness in the foreigner wasn’t the chance to meet girls or get money, this time around. Not even close. It was something from his childhood, which seemed to have been reopened. His parents once suggested he would enlist into their region’s army for Sin, though due to complications, it never came to fruition. This opportunity was something akin to a reliving experience for the young man.

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#3Raymus Kouris 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:48 am

Raymus Kouris
Raymus wasn’t sure what he hated more. Being forced to do a job because someone with some sort of made up authority said so or the fact that Jan Ren was so fricking excited about it. Quite frankly the werewolf would have been more happy with the previous tension between them. At least they were both on the same page with their feelings! Now Ray was more pissed off while the Sinese was as happy as ever.

Dragging his heels as Jan went skipping off, Ray was too annoyed and tired to even chastise his partner on shouting out about drug dealers. What was this guy’s problem just doing the one thing that would directly infringe on the mission! As they walked it was clear that the docks were incredibly quiet. It seemed like most of the big shipments were done for the day and any boats in were small dinghies carrying no more than 2 people. Most of which were carrying out nets of fishes. To the man from Seven it didn’t seem like much drug dealings could be going on. It really seemed like the client was just some random kid playing knight and talking out of his ass. It really didn’t seem like there was much to look for, so Ray didn’t bother going out of his way to look for anything suspicious. Wc 226+222=448

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] VKsDy2Z
#4Jan Ren 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:48 am

Jan Ren
As per usual, Raymus remained completely silent despite Jan's uplifted mood. That was fine, even if the werewolf was sluggishly dragging himself behind the newly appointed (temporary) knight. He wasn't going to let this get to him, this was practically a dream come true! ...Of sorts. The opportunity was slightly misplaced, what with the country being different and all. But as the Sinese settled in Fiore, he at least had to find some readiness in himself to give back. If he was recruited to Sin's army however, that would have made things simply perfect.

Despite the skip on his step, Jan Ren wasn't oblivious to the empty scenery around. Barely any people at dusk in the docks. It made sense that resident workers would fold for the day, having probably closed a little earlier than two hours ago. But with barely anyone around, only few boats and some dingys docked, it was inevitable to think that perhaps the page boy was overreacting.

"Hmm." So with not a soul, and the Dog's nose seemingly not reacting in particular to anything in sight, Jan decided to take another detour. Off to the inner st--

...Welp. "--!!" He held a yell, right on cue. One guy was some random man, but the other. Ohhh, the other. That was without a doubt! Reagan Hullston. The good news was, he came across these two right as the transaction was about to be held, meaning Jan had successfully intervened with a drug deal. Score! The bad news was, as soon as he saw them, they spotted him as well. Both immediately began running in opposite directions.

--"Raymus!!!" The Water Mage yelled out, as the random ran in his direction. With his nose and Jan's cry, it really should be obvious what was going on, and what he was to do. At the same time, the Sinese took to chase the dealer himself, taking initiative to split. Preparing as he collected magic power in his hands.

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#5Raymus Kouris 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:49 am

Raymus Kouris
In any other situation a high powered nose would probably be a great asset when it came to sniffing drugs. Both Raymus and Jan both thought so. But unfortunately the most exotic thing the wolf had ever sniffed as the backsides of some pedigree animals that one time he broke into a zoo while under a drunken lunatic rage thanks to the moon and a poor choice of heavy drinking. Still, since both mages were under the illusion that Ray could sniff something out it led them into a false sense of security. Hands in pockets and generally looking like he hated the world this was especially true for the werewolf who wasn’t doing anything useful whatsoever unlike Jan whose optimism had actually worked out.

As soon as the culprit came into view, Jan recognised him despite having only seen a pretty poor sketch of the man by their client some 20 minutes ago. As for the person next to him, well that was probably some poor soul who just wanted some fun for a couple of hours. Jan called out to his partner to go after the buy before he got away, but day dreamìng and being in a total world of his own all the werewolf could muster after hearing his name was a bored “huh?”


Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] VKsDy2Z
#6Jan Ren 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:59 am

Jan Ren
God dammit why was he so slow now of all times!! Mentally groaning as he watched the random literally run past the werewolf, Jan Ren came to a stand; contemplating his choices once again as he looked up to the night sky, done with the charade already. His first successful drug deal bust and it'd have to be ruined by his partner deciding to daydream right that instance!?

He wasn't having it. "Liquid Leecher!!" Sprinting as fast as he could, the Sinese turned tail to chase the random; exerting as much of his power as he could simply running to catch up, magic power built up in his arms as the blue magic circle appeared by his hand when in sufficient range. The random man was quick on his feet, but not very fast. He was nimble and obviously knew the area quite well, but in panic from being caught didn't manage to navigate through the surrounding alleyways that well. And in the instance granted to him, the Blue Pegasus wizard thrust his arm forward as several bodies of water escaped from his palm; all sticking to the newly-made criminal's limbs in a disturbing fashion as he fell down from the sudden weight and awfully uncomfortable wet feeling.

"Aaaahh!! What is this!? Get it off, get it o--hnnng!!"

By the time he managed to somewhat scrape the leeches off his limbs however, Jan Ren was already there, standing tall and staring him down. With a solid kick to the man's face, he shut him up. "Phew..." Shoulders slumped, he now knew they managed to score their victim. Through some struggle, the refined Sinese did his best to drag the knocked man, back to where he'd first split from the blue-haired werewolf.

"Couldn't you pick a better time to daze about!?" He chastised, yelling at the other as his face clearly showed signs of effort just pulling this man by the collar. "Our primary target escaped, definitely... But we might be able to get something out of this guy here." He suggested, laying the victim down on the ground as he calmed down some.

Cool off. While he'd only used a single spell, that sprint was nothing he was used to. He had to get in shape quick! "Very well. Let's report this to the knight, shall we?"


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Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] 2_1
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#7Raymus Kouris 

Rune Knight for a Day [Mission/Jan] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:02 pm

Raymus Kouris
Welp it was time to woek after all. Annoyingingly it was Jan who had to after the big bad while Raymus had to go after the buyer. Oh well, playing a quick game of hunter and prey might be just fun enough to get the werweolf out of his laxidazical daze. Maybe. For now Raymus turned around and with another Yawn guaged where the man was running to. May as well give the little shit some time to get a head start. Would be boring to just catch him. Maybe I'd even make Jan wait for once. he thought to himself preparing to run with a few stretches. In truth Ray just thought of this as a way to snap himself out of the dullness and get his game on.

Alright, three, two one an he was off! With an almost glowing complexion (thanks to his magical sun aura), Cid bolted from his position almost instantly and started to make ground incredibly fast. The Buyer had just managed to turn the corner at the end of the docks but Ray was already halfway there. he wouldn't see where the buyer went once he did turned the corner of course but that was half the fun.

Ray could barely hear the moans and groans of Jan as he bolted off. Seemed like his friend thought of him as some amateur. Nah nah nah, Raymus would be a professional hunter if he gave a damn about the human's prideful way of catching game. And this current demonstration would prove that pretty well. The perpetrator managed to turn the corner and seek shelter, but Raymus had turned it only a second later despite giving the thug a few seconds head start after his initial daze. For most people this would be rather difficult to continue. But Raymus wasn't people, he was a werewolf and a couple of sniffs made it clear that the culprit was close. Not even a minute had passed when the blue haired mage came back around the corner, the fugetive held in a single one of his hands by the scruff of his collar.

"Good enough for someone who is just dazing huh?" He jeered at Jan. The two then made their way back to the Rune Knight who sprung the job on them, giving both buyer and byee to him for questioning. Thankfully he skipped any annoying legal talk with them and payed them before leaving with the two.
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