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(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank]

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#1Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 4:09 am

Ko Lesalt

"So let me get this straight."  Ko leaned back in the plush couch where he was seated, propping his feet up on the coffee table separating him from the spindly man seated across the room.  The spindly man was one of the portly business tycoon's associates, or at least that's how he'd introduced himself.  Despite all the work Ko had already done for the company he hadn't met this other man more than a few times, and he hadn't left an impression.  Now, sitting across from him, Ko had to wonder if that was deliberate.  He certainly wasn't a striking or handsome man by any stretch of the imagination.  His black hair was slicked back and shimmered in the light, suggesting it was full of grease.  His clothes were pressed and carefully maintained, but they closely hugged his body, broadcasting his skinny physique.  Ko supposed to man's face might pass, if you squinted just right.  

All in all, it was easy for such a man to make himself unassuming.  Right now, however, he was anything but.  His beady eyes were watching Ko like a predator, expressing a cunning that Ko couldn't help but respect.  "Your company spent good money on me to ensure the mine stayed in its control.  Now you want to pay me to start messing with your supply chain?"  The skinny man nodded in an exasperatingly exaggerated way.  "That is correct.  You needn't completely disrupt production, just interfere enough to cause a problem.  That will be enough to give me what I need."  Ko was curious about just what exactly it was this guy needed, but he didn't need to think all that hard.  He and the portly man worked for the same company, but portly man was in charge; he had also been getting more and more reticent about hiring Ko and other mages to keep the workers in line.  Ko had a feeling that was about to change in a big way.


#2Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

As much as this sort of underhanded work didn't agree with Ko's sensibilities, he at least respected the intent behind them. Maneuvering in the business world was almost like making moves on a battlefield. You had to be a master strategist to get ahead; either that, or you had to have a head start. The portly man had been given a head start, and to his credit he'd taken advantage of it to the best of his ability. Unfortunately for him, his early success has made him soft, and that was an opening for the true strategists like the spindly man. Having realized the spindly man's ambitions, and finding them to be in line with his own values, Ko readily agreed to the job. It paid just as well as the previous jobs had, so he had no reason to refuse other than if he found it personally disagreeable.

The question now was how he'd go about getting the job done. He couldn't just go in to the mines guns blazing, like normal. The goal was to diminish the mine's productivity, not stop it outright. That meant he had to take a lighter approach. It was for that reason Ko was in a different place for once, looking out over a mountain pass that the mining company used to cart their ore from the mine to their various refineries. While there was a risk that he'd be caught in the middle of attacking one of these caravans, as long as he was careful there was little to no chance of a worker escaping and surviving to tell who had attacked. This was the middle of the Sieghart mountains, after all. Even just taking a wrong step could lead to certain death, and that wasn't taking into account the dangerous beasts that lived in the area as well. Like a certain Flamewyrm that was eager to follow Ko's instructions.


#3Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:01 pm

Ko Lesalt

The mountain pass Ko had chosen as his ambush point was a narrow one. Slopes on either side of the pass were incredibly steep, and there was no room at the bottom for carts to maneuver feasibly. Instead, the path through this part of the mountains followed a fairly broad ledge that ran the length of the pass on one side. It was still exceedingly treacherous, as the mountains were prone to landslides and inclement weather, so there was no telling when a pass might become unsuitable for making the journey. Thus far, the employees of the mines had been able to use this pass continuously for some time, making it a given that they'd choose it over some other unproven path. Whether or not they would continue to use this path depended on the manner in which Ko disposed of the evidence.

For someone like Ko, who had methods of traversal beyond simply walking on two feet, there were plenty of places one could hide in wait for a passing caravan, however. His vantage point up the slope was fairly close to the ledge where the caravan would be crossing, but not so close that he'd be easily spotted if he kept his head down. Nantosuelta, because of the confined area, was actually patrolling further down the path, waiting to cull any survivors that managed to get away quickly enough. All Ko had to do now was wait for the caravan to arrive. As he had learned early on in this line of work, waiting was somehow an integral part of the job. Hurry up and wait, as they say. It was easily his least favorite part of the job as well. All he could do was lay on his back under the sun, sweating in his armor and fiddling with the clasps on his gauntlet as he waited for the sounds of the approaching caravan.


#4Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:39 pm

Ko Lesalt

Finally, the sound of the approaching caravan reached Ko up in his hiding spot, and he promptly rolled over and slid towards the edge of the narrow ledge where he was hidden. The Caravan was larger than he had expected; they had 5 carts filled to the brim with raw ore, and more than 2 dozen workers accompanying the carts themselves. No doubt they were workers leaving the mine for their off-time. In addition, Ko could see they had guards alongside the regular workers. They were fairly well organized, but not on the same level as the mercenaries the rival company had hired to keep the mines safe previously. If anything they looked more like those adventuring types the miners had hired during their little strike he, Steel, and Ragnar had broken up. It made Ko wonder if the miners had been the ones to hire them, rather than the company. That was suspicious, now that he thought about it.

Still, it didn't make any difference in the long run. Whether the miners somehow caught on to what was going to happen ahead of time or not, Ko was going to wipe out everyone on that ledge. Holding his position, Ko watched as they slowly passed beneath him, snippets of their conversations filtering up to him. What really caught his attention was a conversation between two of the guards. "I'm telling you, something doesn't feel right. Its too quiet, and this pass is too narrow." The man speaking had a rough look that seemed out of place on a bodyguard. "You're just getting stir crazy. There's no place someone could launch an ambush from here, and its the fact that the pass is narrow that makes it so hard to ambush. Wherever they come from, we'd have plenty of time to set up a defense." The last cart in the line was passing under his ledge, leading Ko to start grinning once again. Pulling himself up from his hiding spot, Ko leaped from the ledge without fear, landing in a crouch right in front of the final cart. The horse pulling it reared up in surprise. A violet magic circle appeared under Ko's feet, and he uttered a few words. "Darkness Dragon's-!"

And then chaos broke out.


#5Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:51 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ko's shadow retracted to show the cart utterly devastated, the horse and its driver torn to shreds while the contents of the cart had been sent tumbling into the ravine below. The carts further up the path, their horses having been startled by the sudden noise and violent cries, were stalled. The drivers couldn't let the horses run unhindered or they risked careening off the side of the path. As he'd expected, the guards wasted no time in rushing towards the back of the caravan, trying to build up a defensive line before Ko could reach the next cart. The first guard to reach him had a simple sword and shield, which barely even slowed Ko down. His fists were wreathed in wispy shadows as they slammed into the guard's shield, denting the metal and sending the man flying like a ragdoll. The next guard wasn't so lucky, as Ko didn't bother making a fist, simply raking his fingers towards the man like claws.

The darkness wreathing him was like a living entity, following his actions and devastating his opponents. When he clawed at a guard the shadows formed into razor talons that split armor and rent flesh like Ko was a beast. It was staggeringly clear that these guards weren't all of the same caliber. In moments Ko reached the next cart, and with one blow shattered the wheel facing the ravine, sending it and its contents tumbling down. Already Ko could see some of the workers rushing down the path in the vain hopes of surviving. They had no way of knowing Nantosuelta was waiting for them. Ko continued working his way up the caravan, decimating guards and carts as he went, until finally he'd tipped over the last cart. The hard part of his job was done, but he wasn't finished. Ahead of him stood the last four guards, who seemed resolved to keep him from passing and defending the workers who managed to escape. Even though they were sweating in fear, they still stood their ground. Ko had to respect them for that, at least.


#6Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko Lesalt) What's Mine is Mine [A-Rank] Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:04 am

Ko Lesalt

"You'll go no further, bandit!" That sudden outcry gave Ko pause. The man speaking was standing a step ahead of the other three, a single blade forward. "You have your spoils, let these people go!" Ko had to stifle a laugh at that. He didn't quite succeed, however, and was forced to cover his mouth with one hand to avoid laughing out loud. Did they really think he was just a bandit? "You don't really think I'm a bandit do you? What kind of bandit dumps his spoils into a ravine with no way to recover them?" That seemed to make the man think, and while his brow was furrowed Ko actually saw the moment one of his friends realized what was going on. The fear that washed over her face was rather amusing. "See, she gets it. This isn't about stealing the ore. This is about making that ore disappear."

For just a moment, Ko's eyes shined just a little brighter, his magic billowing around him. "And everyone else along with it." The four guards swallowed heavily, but still held their ground on their leader's mark. If anything, Ko was surprised to see that the leader was even more angry than before. "So that's why...we were assigned this detail because...you backstabbing sonuvabitch..." He didn't seem to be speaking to Ko, which brought Ko around to realizing who he was talking about. The spindly man must have assigned extra guards to this caravan because he wanted them gotten rid of alongside the ore. While Ko didn't like being manipulated in such a way, he couldn't deny the efficiency of it. Killing two birds with one stone, as it were. "It doesn't matter. Even if you kill us, the others have already escaped by now." That got Ko to smile for real, eyes gleaming.

"You didn't think I'd be wasting time talking to you if I didn't have an answer for the getaways, did you?" As if on cue, the sound of explosions reverberated through the ravine, along with the sounds of Nantosuelta's roars. Immediately, the tension in the leader's shoulders melted away, along with his resolve. Such a shame. Taking a deep breath, Ko braced his feet and tilted his head back, a magic circle appearing in front of his face.

Another job finished, nice and clean.


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