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A travel from Ground and Sky [Travel: South to East]

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#1Aura Chou 

A travel from Ground and Sky [Travel: South to East] Empty Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:35 pm

Aura Chou
Aura could not wait till she went on the adventure to Hosenka. It was supposed to be filled with culture from her country. Were the people scary though and what if people tried to capture her?! Her walking became slower as she became scared. Her ears bend downward and eyes closed half-way. she was not sure about all this now, but a part of her wanted to keep ongoing. She felt like if Suki was anywhere she was going to be there. Her eyes saw what Manzo was talking about, his Wyvern. It was white and wondered if he was going to ride on that while she walked.

Her head tilted cutely and nose wiggled at the thought. He most likely will since traveling was good to be lazy once you have something to ride. She understood clearly of course. She gave a reassuring smile that everything will be okay. Once it was all figured out she started on walking away from this city. Aura only visited this place for a week or so - she lost tract. Upon each step on the grass the flowers grew underneath her feet. The wind breezed against her hair and her eyes gazed forward excited for this.


A travel from Ground and Sky [Travel: South to East] Xz55h710

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