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Food Festival [Open]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:04 pm

Suki Lesalt
Today was a special day for food lovers as many people from different cities and even countries came to show off their food. Both cooks and bakers were at their designated table with several servings of each. Suki today was a Judge for Blue Pegasus as she was not well known, but loved by her guild. She was the little sister to them and even people out of her guild. She wore a pretty pink sundress with a white apron that was tied around her waist. It was sunny out so a hat was required as she was not too fond of the sun.

Her nose could smell pretty far ever since she became a dragon slayer so it was easy to smell anything bad. Her long black hair flowed slowly with the wind as she walked forward through the crowd. Being only five feet, she was hard to notice unless her pink jewel eyes gazed at you. Mr. Fluffemz decided to hide in the shadows in case someone decided to rob her. Who would rob a poor small girl? Mean people of course! Very bad people liked to steal from anyone. The judging was not starting, but she walked around anyways to see all these sweet desserts and mouth-watering food. It was exciting for her.

Mama Judith was supposed to come here, but she has not seen her at all. It was a sad tale for sure, but she was sure she had her excuses. Her mouth, covered by her bamboo shoot was in place as she gnawed on the tissue within. She felt nervous and judged, but once they look at her eyes there was no more judging. They probably thought it was some medical reason, but now it was because of her teeth. Her teeth looked like what vampires would have or even a feline. It was not normal to most people.

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#2Natsumi Duranndal 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Sat Aug 15, 2020 4:17 pm

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi hearing about some sort of food festival, having grown quite a ferocious apatite while training, doesn't help that she can smell the food from across town, due to her Dragon Slayer sense of smell She can easily track down all of her favorite food, mainly feasting on meat dishes are her favorite.
Feasting on the delectable meat, bitting down into the tender flesh and the tantalizing meat juice, the scent so irresistible.

Heading towards the food festival she soon sniffed about, tracking down the meat stall as she drolled quite abit on the way, once she arrived she placed a huge order, waiting for such an order she sat at the table. Once it arrives she started to dig it, having atleast 3 dishes of 5 different meat dishes.
Digging into the flesh of the meat, like a beast. Tearing through the flesh, swallowing as she even grilled some with her own fire. Enjoying it all as soon she sat back relaxing as there are plenty of empty dishes with bones and picks on them, burping fire as she gets up. Soon smelling a familiar scent, not able to smell scents she never met before but this one, is one she would be able to, another dragon slayer.

Getting up she started to track down such a scent, soon coming upon another female, shorter then her, seeing the girls unusual appearence as she walked up.

"Wow you look pretty cool, that bamboo seems interesting."

She stood at 7 ft tall, her eyes more slitted and teeth sharper looking inhuman compared to others so she thinks she can atleast relate with eachother

#3Suki Lesalt 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:16 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki's mind was lost as she wandered the area. She did not have a certain place to go at the time so her thoughts were free to roam. Her eyes watched where she went so she did not bump into anyone. Her mouth was covered, no teeth to be seen as the bamboo was there to hide it all. Her voice sounded muffled as she spoke to anyone who came to speak to her, this tall girl for example was one. She was a couple of feet taller than herself with snow-white hair and ruby eyes. Her skin was pale as if the sun does not shine on her. It made her wonder if she too was not fully human.

Something smelled differently about her though. It was the scent of another slayer as her eyes widened and sparkled. "Y-you're so tall." She muffled in surprise. Her arms straightened against her sides as she began to get on her tippy toes. Her eyes then crossed to look at her bamboo in which she complimented on. She had to keep it on, ever since she was young. It was more like a muzzle than anything. She was treated beautifully, but deep inside she knew she had a monster inside - other than the fact she was a dragon slayer.

"What's your name, beautiful lady?" She wondered sweetly as her eyes showed all her emotions, as of now she was happy.

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#4Natsumi Duranndal 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:48 am

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi looked down at the other Dragon slayer, finding her appearence quite interesting. Seeing the bamboo tube in her mouth, hearing her speak.

"Ahh yes I am quite tall, sometimes I wish i wasnt but anyways my name is Natsumi Duranndal, The fire Dragon Slayer of Pumnubral Guard. It is a pleasure to meet your aquiantence."

She said as she couldn't help but think to herself how the girl looked so cute, she was just a doll to her as she kneeled down so she didnt have to look up all the time.

"I hope we can meet again someday too be honest, Oh I forgot to ask, what is your name, if you dont mind me asking, your welcome to not tell me at all and just leave, it would be understandable after all.

Saying that she looked into girls eyes, her own eyes shimmering as she soon looked around, still  hungry as her stomach growled.

"Ahh sorry about that, despite having just ate, my apetite is equal to that of a dragons too, I could eat some places out." She laughed abit and blushing finding what she just said emberressing to herself.

#5Suki Lesalt 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 3:05 pm

Suki Lesalt
The girl started to talk and keep her company, how nice!~ She has introduced herself with her name and the guild she comes from. The name was long, longer than the guilds she has been introduced to by others. She seemed to bend and get on her level like some height joke, but Suki did not mind. She saw no ill intentions over this at all. She tilted her head as her eyes gazed at the ground for a few seconds and then back up at her.



She cutely clapped her hands together and gave off a closed smile. Her head went straight and straightened herself up. "My name is Suki from Blue Pegasus.". She introduced herself back as it was only kind to do so. Why would one leave during a nice introduction? Was there something wrong with her? Did she look weird to where the girl was too nice to tell her to leave her alone? Was it her bamboo? Her thoughts were quite negative, but it was swept away by the talk of food.

"I'm a judge, perhaps you can try the food with me if you'd like." She offered since if she was hungry, it was free on the house of a judge. There were plenty of servings to go around. Perhaps she will help her find a winner and maybe make a new friend. The judges were gathering as it was about time to judge every table out of about fifty.

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#6Natsumi Duranndal 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:28 am

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi had never met anyone from blue pegesus before or atleast that she knows of. Looking at the girl as she introduced herself and hearing that she is a judge, the offer was tantalizxing for her as she starts to drool some. wiping it away she smile big.

"It is nice to meet you then suki and I would love to taste them with you but I dont quite know if it would be alright......the offer sounds so good tho"

She couldnt help but think that she would devour anything in sight if she were to take the offer, after giving it some thought

"You know what sure I will take you up on the offer, Most of the food around here is so good, I havent ever tried such good food before, why hold myself back"

She stood tall raising her arms showing her eccentric personality traits once more, as all that was running through her mind was the idea of eating as much meat as she could possibly stuff into her mouth, loving meat to the extent she learned how to hunt awhile back, tho not like that would do her any good as she always burned it in the ends while trying to catch it.

#7Suki Lesalt 

Food Festival [Open] Empty Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:19 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki looked up at her new friend and made a closed smile behind her bamboo. Even if she was not her friend, poor Suki saw everyone has her friend, sister, brother, or even her parental guardian. No one can replace her real mama and brother though. She knew they were still alive somewhere. She could feel it! The girl agreed to go with her and judge some food. Her eyes sparkled with satisfaction and started to grab her board, pen, and walked off with her. She had to go start at her beginning as the other judges had their own section.

Her eyes spotted her first stall that had a large pot of Nabemono. She could smell the spices with the meat and noodles. The type was sukiyaki that had; rice noodles, a rich type of beef, egg, cabbage, and mushrooms. On the side of the bowl was a green type of leaf that looked almost like cilantro, but it was not. Within the broth had chicken stock, sugar, and some soy sauce. "Ah, my dear Suki. Have a try.~ You too!" He laughed in a lumberjack way as he handed them both a fresh bowl. The bowl was large enough for three servings. "Alright, first up!" She cheered with her new friend as she tried it confidently.

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