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A Trinket for You. [Private | Suki ]

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Suki Lesalt
Her eyes were watering as she was embarrassed about being scared of something so simple as crowds. "No no, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make it sound like it was your fault... I just... don't do well surrounded by people, but then again it's better than..." Her eyes winced as a shock of pain smacked her head. She was remembering things ever so slowly as she was in a room all alone and then the door opened for a shadow to appear. A flash of light before her eyes as she turned out just gazing at Tien. "Let's go.~" She nodded to him and once they both got there she closed her eyes.

What did she want to wish for?

She did not know. She has never really thought about it. She remembered those girls who looked formed, looked their age unlike her, and how she wanted that. That was one, but not worthy enough to use here. Her eyes closed and wished for the second thing on her mind. Her head tilted to look up at him as she was told to pick somewhere to go. Where did she want to go? She did not think of these things, things to take a boy to. Her eyes watched many females who had a boy with them. Some were closed up into each other more than some.

"We could walk around for now." she proposed. With the start of that, they went on with their walk. Her head slowly turned to look around and then stopped, "What's a kissing booth?" She pointed towards booths for all ages of teens +. It was strange. She tilted her head and started to watch to see if anyone was going to it.

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Tiên tilted his head in confusion a little at what the girl was saying. Not once did he ever feel like she was blaming him, but instead he was blaming himself. As a warrior, it was his duty in a way to protect those around himself, and in a way he kind of gave himself that job whilst agreeing to enjoy this festival with Suki. Tiên wanted to protect her, whilst enjoying time with her, and since he couldn’t even get to her before she was swarmed by the crowds after the dance ritual, he felt like he had failed in some way or another. “Mhm, it’s fine. I don't feel like you are blaming me one bit, Suki. It’s okay.” Wiping the tears from her eyes a little, before pulling away when she looked to be in pain. Had he hurt her by accident? Hopefully not, biting the inside of his cheek, Tiên just softly patted the girl’s hair, hoping that it would help in some way or another.

Once they were done with the wishing, Tiên just watched quietly as Suki tried to figure out and decide on what they could do now that they had got the wishes and the dancing out of the way. ‘What could we do… We tried food already, but what else. I could take her to some more game stands, but then that would get boring…’ Thinking to himself, Tiên almost missed what Suki had proposed, only to nod to the girl and once more follow her, as she led the way. He didn’t mind following the girl around, after all it seemed that it was possibly her first time experiencing a festival.

When Suki stooped, Tiên blinked confused before glancing to where the girl was staring, and he instantly felt his ears burn in slight embarrassment and a bit of awkwardness, because he wouldn’t take her to one of those, and yet Suki seemed extremely curious about the place. “Ah! I-It’s for… U-uhm…” Rubbing his neck a little, and lowering his gaze away from the girl and the place in general, coughing into his fist. “It’s a place for uh… For couples… who are well you know…” Scratching his nose a little, he glanced at the pairs around the two of them, and back to Suki. “Who are in love and stuff like that…” He could feel his face burning up in embarrassment, as he just folded his arms, subtly gripping his sheathed blade a little tighter, hoping that Suki didn’t want to advance further into that territory because he wouldn’t know how to tell the girl, that they shouldn’t go there, as they were not an actual couple like some people who would go there.

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