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Final Chance Weyr

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Final Chance Weyr Empty Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:02 pm

[align=center]Final Chance Weyr

Final Chance Weyr Artboard_1

Home - History - Dragons - Whers

At the start of a long Interval, a virulent disease breaks out among dragonkin. While three of every four infected whers eventually recover, the disease is fatal for dragons and flits without exception. Highly contagious and able to be carried between dragonkin by humans too, quarantine is entirely ineffective. It soon becomes clear that dragons will imminently go extinct, and a radical plan is devised to avert this. Three gravid queens will go forward in time, laying their eggs in a time when, it is hoped, the disease will have died out.

Now the dragons have reached adulthood, and a third generation of new dragons is about to be laid. Tensions continue to rise: Fort Hold is not content with their five stolen dragons and  Syrim Hold, home of pirates, seeks dragons for their own as well. The next generation of the original thirty who traversed space and time are starting to Rise, but with Threadfall looming only three turns away, will their collective efforts be enough?

OOCly, we're working toward opening the stringently traditional and politically fraught Fort Weyr as a second PC location! As always, we are also having regular hatchings for dragons, whers, and pets!

* Follows the revival of the dragon population from scratch
* Seven non-canon dragon ranks with more to come
* Four non-canon wher ranks with more to come
* Three non-canon firelizard subspecies
* Multiple bondable and non-bondable pets
* No sexuality-based impression
* Gendered impression only for golds and bronzes; nonbinary characters considered according to the player's preference
* All female dragonkin able to clutch
* A strong emphasis on wher handlers
* Playable wild/unbonded whers
* Several upcoming player-run dragon and wher hatchings

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