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Pirates! [Solo]

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Another beautiful morning in the port of Hargeon. Of course, this didn't mean that Manzo would want to get out of bed. Which was actually quite normal of him. He was never one for actually wanting to get out of bed, at least not these days. Surely the life of an Ace hadn't gone and made him completely soft now had it? Hopefully not, he would certainly need to stay on his game if what he wanted to accomplish was to be accomplished. The mistress was gone from the guild on personal business of her own. Which meant it was he who was in charge of all the guild affairs within the city. What a drag that was, when all he wanted to do was spend that day doing fuck all. But alas that was not the reality of his situation.

The young dragon picked himself up from his bed, rubbing the new scar on his chest from the implant he received not too long ago. What a strange thing to have to deal with, the healing of a scar that stretched from his collar bone to his stomach. How odd, how odd indeed. The lacrima was certainly acclimating to his body much better now than it was just a few days ago. Which was good, it would be a shame for something like that to reject his body. He was pretty young to have a C.A.B.G, but for something like this, all the risks of open heart surgery was worth it.

As he finally picked himself up out of bed, he walked groggily to the bathroom. It was indeed time for a shower. Bathing one's self is the most important part of the day, the truly only proper way to start it. That and breakfast, which would be next on the docket. Thankfully he had woken up early before his stand in duties for Alisa would have to begin. Did he mention that he was not looking forward to that? Because by go was he ever not looking forward to that. Enough complaining though, it was time. He would then turn on his hot water, with just a smidge of cold water to even it all out. He had sensitive skin, which meant no harsh chemicals on his body when it came to what he used to bathe.

Upon stepping in the shower he was met with the cold water, which was quite the shock to the system. "Fuck me. geez." He would exclaim in response to the cold water. It would seem his new lacrima didn't like it either, because scales began to adorn his arms in response to what it more than likely believed was him experiencing pain. "Well that's new." He said to himself as he began to massage his body with soap made of goats milk. Pretty funny to see a former hit man washing himself with such a luxurious product. Thankfully for him showering wasn't an all day affair. Unlike some of the ladies around here. Though it would seem that they weren't up yet, because there was an abundance of hot water on this day. That was something to be taken advantage of.

A few minutes later he would exit the shower with a towel around his waist, it was time to brush his teeth. He shook out his hair like a wet dog, something he would only do in the privacy of his own bathroom. Not something very becoming in the company of others. Odds are there would be some kind of judgement for an action such as that. He would then open his medicine cabinet and grab both his tooth brush and tooth paste. As he would proceed to brush his teeth he would notice something new within his own mouth. Sharp canine teeth and a forked tongue. That was both new and unusual. The closer he would look at his own reflection, his eyes had changed as well. Instead of his usual ruby red eyes, he had golden slit eyes, much like a lizard, or in his case a dragon.

This was all very new to him, something that would certainly take some getting used to. He could only imagine the amount of teasing he would suffer at the hands of Alisa, and even Sofia. It had been some time since he had seen the Siren. But she too was a member of this guild so at some point she would have to return home right? That was his hope at least. The three of them had become close, and he didn't want that closeness to end. How childish of a thought process that was. But he could not help it, he was at the end of the day, given up as a child. Alisa being the closest thing to family that he had. So of course he would want to keep some semblance of closeness there. Not a bad thing in his opinion. Just something that was apart of him he supposed.

Ah but now it was time to get dressed. Manzo's standard outfit consists of a white yukata with a blue swirl pattern on the bottom and at the end of the sleeves, worn so that his arm only goes through the left sleeve and the right half droops down over his obi. Over this he wears a black belt buckled so that there is leftover dangling from the buckle. Underneath, he wears a black red-lined shirt with a popped collar and black pants. He also wears knee-high black boots, buckled at the top and above his foot, which appear to add about half an inch to his height. Nothing wrong with a little bit of height, not that he had a small man complex, he was a decently tall man, above the national average he would say. But once again not a giant point of contention for him. Height was not the true measure of a man in his opinion.

Now that he was finally dressed, it was time to fill his belly. That of course means him making some breakfast. He would probably go with something a bit light this morning. He walked over to his cabinet and grabbed two pieces of bread. This would be enough to last him until lunch. As long as he didn't have to do much physical labor on this day. Which given how quiet the port had been over the past few weeks, seemed like an easy thing to avoid. Hopefully, at least. Manzo spread the avocado over the toast and sprinkled tomato on top as if it were cake decorations. There was a joy in how he did it, as if for a moment he was happily absorbed by a feeling of love that played in his subtle smile and soft gaze. His was never happier in this world than when he was eating. This toast, oh this toast. It was so wonderful. Such a beautiful melding of flavors he found himself enjoying in this moment. Something he would not soon take for granted for sure.

After finishing his meal he would take his plate to the sink to rinse it, can't be leaving dirty dishes around. That's just unsanitary, no one should do this. Shortly after that he would grab his revolver and place it in his waistband. Now everything was ready, time to start the day. He walked out of his room, locking the door behind him. Beginning his stroll to the guild masters office. Not before that was he stopped by the guild secretary. "Good morning Ace." Said the petite woman with glasses. Manzo grunted in acknowledgement to her presence. "Would you like to know what's on the docket today." She asked. Manzo sighed and nodded his head. "Yeah let's just get this over with." He said as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket and placed it in his mouth. Snapping the scales on his fingers to cause it to light. "Were those scales?" She asked. Manzo grunted and continued to walk with her.

"Well, that's new. Back to business of course. You have paper work to fill out for the new members to be registered with the guilds office. We also have a request from the merchants guild for our assistance in some missing cargo. Pirates from the sound of it." Now the sound of pirates that made something tick in his head. If he did that first and made sure that it took a long time, he would be able to skip out on the paper work. "I'll meet with the merchants guild first. Paperwork second." He said as he quickly ran past her, heading for the door. He jumped the railing of the balcony and rushed out the door.

Now finally out of the guild, it was time to get to work. He was finally gonna see some action after days of paperwork that Alisa had let pile up. He's be sure to give her a real tongue lashing after she had returned. Ha, tongue lashing, that's a funny phrase, at least it was to him. But now it was time to head to the docks about this lost shipment, or stolen shipment, or whatever. Doesn't matter either way, it beat doing a mountain of paperwork. After a few minutes of walking he found himself at the docks, finally, it felt like it was gonna take forever to get there, which was of course an exaggeration but he was finally there. He walked up the company warehouse which had requested them and did a simple knock on the door.

After a few moments sailor looking type opened the door. "Yeah, what do you want?" He asked in a gruff tone of voice. Well, that was rude, but then again they were being robbed by pirates. He would probably act the same way. "I'm here to get your property back." He said while still puffing on his cigarette. "Oh thank goodness, you're from Blue Pegasus. The pirates are about a mile off the coast, if you bring it back we will repay you handsomely." Manzo nodded and then turned and began to walk towards the beach.

Arriving at the beach, Manzo would let out a dragon like call, signalling for his pet Wyvern to come to him. After a few moments he would descend from the skies above and land on the beach below. Manzo would greet his wyvern with a pat on the nose before jumping on his back and setting off for the pirates who seemed to be patrolling the coast. After a few minutes of flying he spotted them below him. He motioned for Ghost to do a nose dive toward their ship. As soon as they reached a distance that was doable for a dismount, Manzo would jump from the back of his Wyvern and land on the deck of the ship.

"Evening Gentlemen, you have something that doesn't belong to you." He said with a chuckle before the brawl would commence. He would begin to treat this ship like the royal rumble. Man after man was hurled over the top of the ship and into the sea bellow. Which he had to admit was a fun way to spend an afternoon. "Oh and uh stay out of my waters, you thieving bastards." He said with a smirk he began to walk to the steering wheel of the ship.

Not longer after taking the helm of the ship he would set sail for the port in order to return the goods that were taken. He would drop anchor and make his way back to the warehouse the company used. He knocked once more. After the door opened he would tell them he had retrieved their stolen property and let them know he had also taken the liberty of donating the ship to their cause. Which they were grateful for. Upon informing them of this, he was paid handsomely for his efforts. Today was indeed a good day at work.


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