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Clean Up Crew [Quest]

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

Clean Up Crew [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:18 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi hadn't expected body cleanup to be her first job in Oak when she had arrived, and yet that was exactly what she'd apparently signed onto. She'd met with the strange, yet well dressed, Remy Martello almost completely by accident. All she'd wanted was a meal from a nearby stand, and yet he'd roped her into helping him out with some kind of job before she even knew what was going on. The work, he had explained, was simple but a bit messy. Dead bodies left over from a little argument between two rival families, and Remy needed help getting rid of them before things became too unnecessarily heated, or even more disgusting than they already were. Not really one for the kind of work being asked for, Vivi had been ready to turn him down. But, the man was a smooth talker and before she even knew what was really going on she'd been pulled along towards the building with little input from herself. In the end, she simply decided to roll with the situation. In the line of work she was looking to get into, a bit of a mess like this would probably become commonplace. Best to just get used to the carnage before things really took off in her life.

"Alright," Remy said as he led her inside. The place looked abandoned by comparison to any other locale on the street, though judging from the tools and materials lying around Vivi could tell it was also under construction. "There's ten of 'em. Simple enough work, you grab the bodies and I'll chop 'em up." He hefts an axe out of his jacket for emphasis. "Three of 'em are some of ours, you'll know when you see the good suits. Take them out back instead so someone can come by an bury them, understand?"

Vivi groaned but nodded her head. "Yeah, alright. Let's just get this mess over with. I'm not looking forward to how I'll smell after this is said and done." She walked past Remy and headed deeper into the building, being almost immediately greeted by the grisly sight of ten bodies thrown about the room. It looked more like a warzone than a fight. There was evidence of magic and physical altercations both. It was a wonder that the authorities hadn't shown up sooner. But, that wasn't her concern anyway. Groaning again, Vivi grabbed the first two bodies and dragged them back up front to meet with Remy and his axe. She made quick work of the other five, bodies don't tend to struggle much when you toss them about. They weren't light by any means, but the short distance made it easier to handle. She carted all seven up to Remy in no time, ignoring his sickening business as he chopped them up. Returning to the remaining three, she took her time and handled them carefully as she took them out the back door and placed them side by side on the ground for pickup. She wouldn't want to offend Remy or his family by messing their bodies up. Her grim work finished, and her clothes sufficiently stained by things she didn't wish to mention to anyone in polite company or not, Vivi returned to the front of the building only to find Remy standing outside with his sealed bag of what she could only assume to be body parts.

He turned to her with a smile and extended his hand. "Thanks for your help, friend." She gingerly shook his hand. When she pulled it away though, she found her payment already in her palm. "If I ever have any more work that needs a strong back, I'll let you know," Remy finished. "Be seeing you." Vivi only nodded before she left the strange man behind. With any luck, she wouldn't actually be seeing him any time soon.

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