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A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett]

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#1Mary Wraith 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:42 am

Mary Wraith
A romantic walk... When people were in love, even something so simple as walking through the streets became oh so unbelievably romantic. Mary’s heart fluttered at the mere thought. A luminescent blush painted her cheeks. At long last she had found the one. Mister Right. Her future husband. Simply seeing him set her soul ablaze with flames of love, warming her cold corpse to its very core. Ah, she was getting jitters just walking with him. Every step was bliss, every stop was heaven. It was destiny. Had to be.

...So did it even matter that her beloved boyfriend wasn’t really aware of it?

Meanwhile in reality, a grim figure stalked through the busy streets of Magnolia. It slipped from shadow to shadow, hiding behind convenient corners and stalls. Those who passed by hastened their pace, away from the ghastly sight. Long, squirming, black hair framed a set of deathly pale features. Violet eyes reminiscent of swirls were decorated by dark circles of countless sleepless nights, only accentuated by make up. Beneath them an unnaturally wide mouth was split into a creepy grin. Some would call her a woman, others might mistake her for a corpse of one. Dreary robes nearly swept the ground as she shuffled forward. Worse yet, all of her movements were utterly silent. Like she wasn’t really even there...

Every now and then, the ominous stalker follower would stop to admire her target beloved. She had spotted a tall, rugged and undeniably handsome man. It had been love at first sight. Longingly she reached her hand towards the adonis who was so far out of her reach. Oh, if only she had the courage to get closer... Just a little closer... Answering to her silent prayer, a shadow emerged from her large sleeve. Stretching and morphing, it was like a blob of darkness that came to life. Suddenly it zipped above the heads of the crowd and approached the unwitting man.

An old hag running some sort of fortune-telling stall happened to spot the approaching creature. Eyes widening, she beckoned the tall man closer and pointed at the sky. A raspy voice wheezed an ominous warning. “Careful, son... The shadow of death looms over you...” If the man heeded the warning and looked up, he would see... Well... Some sort of shadow looming over him. Actually, the blob of darkness vaguely resembled a bat. Two white dots acted as eyes and wispy wings flapped slowly. It circled above his head without a sound.

#2Barrett Jones 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:23 am

Barrett Jones
A romantic walk...

The very idea of it would've made a younger Barrett gag. The man grew up as a thug, committing various crimes. He was only fueled by money and power...until that fateful day he met Lucille.

It was love at first sight, as cliche as it was. The book lover caught the thug's heart, changing his views on life from that point on. Having someone like her by Barrett's side made everyday feel less shitty. Years later, the two got married, and were now expecting a child...then the cruelty of reality took everything away from the poor man.

His wife, and unborn child...gone. Barrett once again felt lost, not sure of what to do. The echoes of his crooked past were beginning to grow louder at this point, but he refused to go back, not after all the work he has done to improve, which he did all for her...

Then like a beacon of hope, the man was pointed to the direction of Fairy Tail, and with that a third chance at life.

Now, as a fresh new member of Fairy Tail, Barrett was casually strolling down a sidewalk in Magnolia with his hands hidden within his pockets and a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Yet another uneventful day, the guy was on his way to purchase some more booze, something strong, and then hit the library that he and his late wife would often go to once they moved here...although it probably would've been smarter if he did these the other way around.

While walking, Barrett took notice of a loving couple walking past, with hands held, laughing among themselves. The earth mage slowed down and glanced at them. They were young adults, and the woman appeared to be expecting. A hint of envy appeared on Barrett's features, but they were quickly overshadowed by a light smile as it brought back some warm memories. Not wanting to dwell on it for long, Barrett continued forward.

The guy was just about to past a fortune teller stall, not paying it any mind until he heard the voice of the elderly woman calling to him. "Eh?" Barrett paused and looked over to the lady. "The hell are you on about, ma'am?" He asked, a mixture of formality and harshness in his tone. Barret then noticed a shadow on the ground circling around him. With an eyebrow raised, he looked up to see the source...which was some sort of bat thing.

"Looks kinda cute to be a "Shadow of Death" Don't ya think?" the man jested with a smirk, stroking his chin a bit as he continued to watch it, wondering why the odd thing was so worked up.....unless it actually is his looming demise.

#3Mary Wraith 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:00 am

Mary Wraith
Mary froze in shock, withdrawing her hand in the futile hope that she could undo what just occurred. She wanted to call out, to tell her... uh... pet to come back. Unfortunately the words got stuck in her throat. Silenced by anxiety, she could only watch as the living shadow circled the handsome stranger. Before she could gather enough courage to call out, something unusual managed to reach her ears. It wasn’t easy to eavesdrop in the middle of a rambling crowd, so she was unsure if she even heard correctly... Did he say... c-c-c-cute...? B-but technically Umbra was a part of her, s-so that meant... H-he considered her cute too?!

This had to be destiny!

Emboldened by the kind -albeit misunderstood- words, the ghoulish woman started drawing closer. The crowd around her parted like a herd of startled sheep. Step by silent step... Just a little closer... Sadly, her attire wasn’t exactly suited for shuffling around like that. Distracted by lavender-colored daydreams, she accidentally stepped on her robes. Arms flailing, she hit the ground. Hard. Yet... The fall was completely soundless, muffled to nothing by the unnatural power that blessed her. That only fueled the murmuring of the crowd. What sort of creature seemed to glide along the ground and made no sounds...?

The ghastly mage twitched. Her pale fingers scraped against the ground, struggling to push her upright again. Blood trickled from the scrapes on her face, painting her features with an unsettling touch of crimson. Drip... Drop... It stained the ground at her feet... But she refused to give up! Even when she must’ve looked like a mess, she pressed onward, fueled by unusual fervor. It was now or never! And nothing could stop her from confessing her feelings!

...Buuuut fate took that as a challenge.

Upon seeing the bleeding ghoul stalking its prey, the old fortune-teller nearly choked on her dentures. “Aaaaah! Eeevil! Evil approaches!” She dug out a huge bag from beneath her table and stuck her hand inside. “Begone, foul spirit! BEGONE!” With a commanding cry, she tossed a handful of... salt. It hit the messy woman in the face, right in the open wounds. “H̝͕IEE̶E̱E̞͔͜E͖͖E̴E̡̙̗̠E̲̖!̝͍!!” She recoiled with a chilling scream, like a damned soul wailing in misery. The reaction only fueled the misunderstanding. Clearly the purifying salt was working on this undead monster. “Go back whence you came, demon!” ...Well, to be fair, the salt was indeed driving her back very efficiently.

#4Barrett Jones 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:46 am

Barrett Jones
Despite the fortune teller's protests, Barrett didn't budge and continued to watch the bat like creature fly around him. This was certainly something one does not see everyday, especially since bats were normally found flying about at night...if this was a bat.

"Heh, hey if ya like booze, then you're more than welcome to tag along." the earth mage claimed, not sure if it could understand him or not. He was mostly joking, but it didn't really matter to Barrett if the creature actually decided to follow him or not. Though, he wasn't sure how the bartender would react to it....

The guy would start walking again, hands back in his pockets and unaware of the ominous looking presence slowly inching her way to him. Even though he didn't hear her fall, the earth mage took quick notice of the mumbling onlookers which caused him to stop in his tracks once more, barely leaving the fortune teller's stall. At first, Barrett assumed that the folks were getting worked up over the bat thing, and was just about to comment on it until he heard the old hag screech. "The hell...?"

Turning back around, Barret was just in time to catch this...odd exchange. The elderly woman was throwing salt at some what the guy could best describe as some ghostly looking chick who was screaming as a result. At first, Barret tilted his head. He was...not sure what to make of any of this. He then squinted his eyes, noticing the scrapes on the violet woman's face. With a sigh, Barret turned to towards the fortune teller. "Oi, calm down already." he'd say before attempting to take the bag of salt from her. If he was able to, Barret would then dump whatever remained on to the ground, much to the hag's dismay.

If she were still there, Barrett would make his way to the woman who was just assaulted, and took a good look at her face, the toothpick in his mouth sliding from side to side. There were definitely cuts on her face, from what he wasn't sure. "Yeaahhh, that doesn't look so good." he claimed before attempting to grab her hand. "Alright, come on, ma'am." Barrett would say, attempting to lead the way since he wasn't sure if the woman could see well with the salt on her face.

He'd then try to lead her to a nearby public restroom and gestured her towards the door leading to the woman's bathroom. "I'm no doctor so this is the best I can do. Just go in there and get yourself cleaned up." If she actually went in, Barrett would step away from the door and walk over towards the entrance to the men's room.

He'd then lean up on the wall near it with his arms crossed, waiting for the strange woman.

#5Mary Wraith 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Thu Aug 13, 2020 8:37 am

Mary Wraith
Being continuously a-salted, the gloomy woman couldn’t even defend herself. There was salt everywhere. Her eyes watered and wounds burned. She could barely even see. Luckily, someone was there to save her. Granted, the old fortune-teller didn’t quite share the same appreciation. She was much too feeble to protect her precious ammunition. “What are you doing, you rude thug?!” She could only screech while the man poured the salt on the ground. Kneeling down to scrape back what she could, she shot a venomous glare at him. “You will regret harboring a demon! Mark my words!” Well, it seemed Barrett didn’t put much faith in the ramblings of an old hag.

Much too dazed to really resist, the wounded ghoul followed along. Her cold fingers clutched onto the warm hand weakly. Soft sniffs and sobs escaped from beneath her breath. If she hadn’t been in terrible pain, she would’ve probably appreciated the gesture more. Unable to say anything, she simply nodded at his suggestion and headed into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, inside the bathroom three schoolgirls were skipping class and having some silly fun. Two of them held candles beneath their faces, while the third one stared at the mirror intently. After a long, pensive silence, one of them piped up mockingly. “She’s not gonna do it.” The other one agreed... “Yup. She’s scared~” ...Much to the annoyance of the third one. She glanced back with a huff. “I’m gonna, okay? It’s just a stupid story anyway...” Turning back to the mirror, she took a deep breath. Even if she knew it couldn’t possibly be real, her heart hammered anxiously.

“Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary.”

The absolute silence returned as all three held their breath. Just as the bravest of them dared to turn and open her mouth... “See, it’s not re-” Something caught her eye... A shadow near the entrance looked far too much like a person, a pale woman to be exact. Drip... Drop... Blood stained the floor. The teen raised a trembling finger towards the specter. Her voice was barely even a whisper. “D-do you see that too...?” The rest of them turned too, just in time to see the shadow move towards them. A shrill scream shook the whole toilet. Within a heartbeat, all three girls rushed out. If the waiting man wasn’t careful, he was at risk of getting knocked over.

Once the confusing moment was over, the anxious woman finally dared to approach the set of sinks. Young delinquents always scared her... Fortunately they went away... While washing her features, she winced at every motion. There was a lot of salt... And blood. Little by little her vision returned. She had plenty of time to ponder too. Something the man had said was still haunting her... He had called her... 'ma’am'. Not 'miss'. Closing the faucet, she looked into the mirror and sighed deeply. Perhaps... That was right. She wasn’t a young girl anymore. She could see horrible wrinkles covering her face and ancient gray spreading across her hair, as she rapidly turned into a dry mummy.

...Okay, maybe that was just her self-esteem crumbling.

Mary’s shoulders sagged with another solemn sigh. So much for a good first impression. She had ruined her chances. But... The least she could do now was thank the kind soul before running away. She owed him that much. Mustering all her courage, she came up with a battle plan. She would head out, properly introduce herself and then thank him. Keep it simple. Name. Point at self. Thank you. Bow. ...Yes, she could do that.

However, the second the gloomy woman stepped out of the bathroom, all that courage went down the drain. She turned even paler, if such a feat was even possible with her complexion. Standing stiff and lifeless, she just stared silently at the handsome man. Her lips parted, but words refused to come out. Absurdly sharp teeth gleamed in the light. Eventually, a raspy whisper crawled from her throat, haunting like a voice from beyond the grave. “Maaaaarrryyyyyy... meeeee...” She pointed at herself, as if that would somehow clarify the vague words.

#6Barrett Jones 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:43 pm

Barrett Jones
"Yeah, yeah I'll make sure to check under my bed every night." Barrett said to the fortune teller as he gave her a half ass wave. It wasn't that Barrett didn't believe in things like spirits, and demons, it was more so that he wasn't really bothered by these supernatural things, and despite how the purple haired woman looked, he wasn't really convinced that she was some unholy being...though she did still feel a bit eerie...and there was also the fact that every step she's been taking hasn't produced any form sound what so ever...

The earth mage waited patiently by the public restroom, arms folded together as he casually looked around.  People were just walking back and forth, going about their daily lives, but their were some who glanced in the guy's direction and started whispering among each other....most of them being about how thuggish or suspicious he looked just standing by the bathroom like that. Another man was just about to enter the men's restroom, whistling without a care in the world until he noticed Barrett standing by it. The moment the earth mage glanced at him, the other guy did a complete u-turn and decided he'd go pee elsewhere...while still whistling.

"Man, what's up with these people...?" Barrett muttered, but he couldn't ponder on that for long as the door to the women's room swung open, and three girls who appeared to be in their teens came running out, screaming! Two of them ran past Barrett, nearly hitting  him, the third wasn't so lucky as she collided into the man's built chest, causing her to fall on her rear!

"Aghh..." the girl groaned, rubbing her forehead just as Barrett crouched down and offered a hand to help her up. "You oka-" Before he could finish, the girl slapped his hand away from her and got up. "Ewww, don't touch me you shriveled old creep!" she said before running off, causing the former thug to furrow his brows as he stood back up. "Tch...little shit." Barrett mumbled.

The bathroom door would open once again, the sound catching Barrett's attention as he turned his head. He watched the purple woman come out, with all that salt on her face now cleaned up. "Heeyyy, feeling better now?" he asked while walking over to her. Barrett took notice of how timid she was being. It was obvious she wanted to say something, but it looks like nerves were getting the best of her. Before he could say anything, the woman finally spoke up...or rather whispered all ghostly like.

“Maaaaarrryyyyyy... meeeee...”

Was what she said.

Assuming she meant something else, Barrett stood there silently and blinked once before blinking three times. His puzzled expression then shifted to complete unrestrained laughter, his toothpick flying out of his mouth and onto the ground. "W-Whahahaha! C-Come again!?" Barrett continued to laugh. He was no stranger to attracting attention, but no one has ever went this far before.

"Geez you're cute. Let me take you out to dinner first at least." Barrett jested with a wink, his laughter dying down. At this point, Barrett assumed that the woman was joking around which was cool because he liked being around folks who had a sense of humor.

"Name's Barrett, and yours? Unless you really are some ghost." the man chuckled before making a gesture with his head. "Was on my way to the library, and to stock up on more booze. Wanna come with?" He offered, pointing his thumb back in the direction he was previously heading.

As he did this, a small breeze would blow by, blowing the earth mage's unbuttoned shirt a bit. If the woman was paying attention, she'd notice the Fairy Tail tattoo on the right of Barrett's chest, paralleling the hawk tattoo on the left, both black in color.

#7Mary Wraith 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:10 am

Mary Wraith
In a single instant, everything went from bad to worse. The stranger... laughed. It gained a haunting echo inside Mary’s head. Her gaze turned hollow. Tiny, glimmering pearls formed in the corners. The wavering attempt at a smile died on her lips. A sound similar to glass shattering rang through her ears. Ah... It was just her heart breaking. At the same time, the living shadow stopped hovering above the man. It shuddered, nearly dropping from the air. With weak flaps it hurried to its owner’s side and swooped right into her roomy sleeve. The white eyes glanced back at the laughing man, before melding into the darkness.

The heart-broken woman recoiled from the teasing words. Some desperate part of her wanted to believe he was being genuine with the offer, but the wink stabbed like a knife into her chest. He was... just jesting, wasn’t he...? How cruel... A weak sniffle escaped her breath. The pearls started rolling down her cheeks. By the time Mr. Barret had introduced himself, he would find the creepy ghoul on the verge of crying. She was holding it in, but just barely. Everything he said now sounded like a mean-spirited joke to her. After all, she was fairly certain that the local libraries didn’t sell alcohol.

After a painfully awkward moment of silence, the gloomy woman managed to respond with a weak mutter. “M-mary... M-my name is... Mary...” One question was answered, but the other one was left lingering between them. She was no good with jokes... Trying to figure out an answer that wouldn’t get her bullied more felt like an impossible task. She clutched her dress to stop her hands from trembling. However, she was spared answering when the wind brought a distraction. Her eyes widened at the sight. At first she couldn’t believe it. Or perhaps didn’t want to believe... Yet as she got a good look, she had to accept it looked all too real. Fairy... Tail...? The guild name was spoken with grim disbelief. Like she had just seen a ghost. ...Although, she probably would’ve been excited to see a ghost.

#8Barrett Jones 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:14 pm

Barrett Jones
"Hm?" It was then that Barrett noticed the tears that were streaming down the woman's face. His grin had started to falter, starting to realize that the purple woman wasn't joking at all. "U-uh...hey now..." the earth mage muttered, not exactly sure what to say. He simply rubbed the back of his neck and looked away, and started to notice some onlookers, whispering among themselves. Despite not being one of the most sensitive of people, Barrett couldn't help but feel guilty about this.

The poor woman still managed to muster up the courage to introduce herself. Mary....That's probably what she meant earlier, not....Now Barrett felt more like an idiot. Still, he was not sure what to do in this situation since he never had to comfort anyone before, not even his late wife because of how strong willed and confident she was. This was new territory to him. Barrett opened his mouth, but before any words could come out, Mary uttered two more words, the name of the guild the earth mage currently resides in. "Eh?" Barrett looked down at the tattoo on his chest before looking back up at her.

"Y-yeah. Joined up with them fairly recently." Barrett claimed before looking elsewhere. "Haven't got a chance to get my ol bones dirty with some jobs yet, but I'll be fixing that soon." He claimed, giving a light chuckle. His attention then went back to the woman, and smiled lightly. If he allowed her to, the guy would step up to Mary and attempt to wipe those tears off of her face with his thumb, at first being a bit hesitant. Was this the right call? Hell if he knew...This was all weird.

"Apologies about er...laughing. Wasn't tryin to do you any harm." His days of hurting people were behind him now, having learned many things from his mistakes. "Hows about we go for a little walk, Mary? Works wonders with easing the mind." Something he learned from Lucille...the thought of this causing Barrett to smile warmly, getting lost in the past for a moment. I'll even treat ya to something, to make up for me being an ass." the man chuckled.

#9Mary Wraith 

A Romantic Walk [Social | Barrett] Empty on Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:31 am

Mary Wraith
Perceptions could change quickly. Just moments ago Mary had been stalking enjoying a romantic walk with a man of her dreams. Then... Everything had started going wrong once again... Now she found herself facing a towering behemoth who laughed at honest effort. She listened to his answer, reading far too much into the wording. H-he wanted... to get his bone d-dirty...? And intended to fix that very soon... It sounded like something she had read in detective novels. All of a sudden, he seemed so much taller... And muscular... An imposing giant with a fiendish glint in his eye blocked her path. In stark contrast, she felt like she was shrinking by the second. Smaller and smaller...

Perception was a powerful thing.

When the misunderstood man drew closer, the gloomy woman instantly flinched and recoiled away from him. Her all too vivid imagination painted visceral images across her mind with a splash of crimson. The icy fear on her features grew even colder. N-no, she couldn’t let those massive hands anywhere near her eyes. Otherwise... He might try to get his fix... The sudden change in his tone didn’t go unnoticed either. Clearly he was trying to get her to come with him somewhere more secluded... She wanted to say no, but... “O-okay...” The fear gripped tightly, moving her mouth before her mind could form the right words.

Seeing no other way out, the meek mage would follow along wherever the imposing stranger decided to lead. At the same time, she was desperately trying to find a way out. M-maybe she would run into another guild mate and they could... Oh. Right. All the others were... gone. The creeping, uncomfortable silence wasn’t doing any favors for the jittery woman either. Her imagination was running wild, picturing all the possible and impossible ways this could end. Most of them were... bloody. This was no longer a romantic walk, but a hostage situation!

When the silence grew too much to bear, Mary finally dared to open her mouth again. Only for a weak whisper. “I-I... am from... Fairy Tail... too...” She hoped it would discourage him from trying anything violent. Laying a hand on a guildmate was strictly against the rules. ...B-but by that logic she should’ve been expelled too because of... the incident. Nope, not a good thing to think about. She needed something, anything else. Quickly! Uhhh... “M-mr. Barrett... Do you... believe in ghost stories...?” Well, at least it was a topic she liked. Better than nothing, right?

At the same time, responding to the eerie woman’s inner turmoil, a certain spell met all its conditions. A magic seal depicting a grim skull appeared at her feet. Her shadow stretched like a thin tendril, trying to latch onto the man’s shadow. If he moved away, nothing would happen and the magic would simply fade away... But... If the shadows touched, he would suddenly feel a deep chill, like someone walking on his grave, as his constitution slipped away. Another skull seal would appear behind his back, haunting him as a Grim Omen.

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