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Run The Jewels [Aura]

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It was a typical sunny day in the port of hargeon. Not something most people would complain about, but for the fair skinned white wolf, this was more of a nuisance than an actual blessing. But as he could only control lightning from within his own body and not all that was around him, such things could truly not be helped.

But the real question on his mind is what was he going to do today. He had, had his fill of guild life for the moment, and was in need of excitement to be sure. That being said, where on earth would he find any real excitement in such a sleepy little port town. There was no real action here, nothing for him to truly get into.

Perhaps the gods would pity him along the way and send something his way. Were he to be so fortunate that is. No, no nothing good truly came his way anymore. Given that Alisa had taken over the guild he was left to his own devices trying to find some kind of way to scrounge up work. That of course was the issue, no one needed anyone taken care of in town with his guild in it. None the less he would hope for something, well anything really.

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Aura Chou
Softly, she yawned while spreading out against the wild grass. It felt pokey, but light as it tickled her fair beautiful skin. She wore a purple kimono with blue designs. Her hair shined a magenta like bubblegum with the sun blazing against it. Aura truly was naive of her own beauty as she saw herself as just some slave. The woman has yet to meet anyone who can truly speak Joyan. Someday she will find someone and maybe they will remember the beauty of that place. The only person she has met as she just remembers was Masami, but something seemed odd with that kid.

What was he exactly hiding? It had to be something dark or so she assumed. Her stomach growled as she as super poor so finding food was troublesome. Her eyes glistened at the sun as she felt lost since Priscilla was leaving her to go to some other location that wasn't in the South. Her pierced lips puckered in a pouting motion and crossed her arms against her chest. "What now?" She wondered out loud softly in Joyan. This small collum of grass was in the port, but to her, it felt like she was back at Marigold with how good this grass was. The seagulls though gave her good flashbacks though; on the ship on the sea for years was a good life, but she had to learn to live on land.

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Within ear shot came some hope of having a day that wasn't completely boring. Joyan, actual factual joyan being spoken. People from the home land were few and far between here. Which meant now was the time. Now was the time to spring into action, to find this great thing that had seemingly fallen into his lap.

As he turned the corner he wondered what kind of Joyan would meet his gaze, maybe someone from his village had the made the trek across the sea. Such things were indeed rare, especially for a captain to brave the storm front that surrounded the island nation.

But even if it was just some random person speaking it for funsies it was still an opportunity to break the dull silence of this too peaceful of a town. Finally having turned the corner he happened upon a fair skinned woman laying on a patch of grass.

"You speak Joyan?" He asked in his mother tongue, hoping against hope that the answer was indeed yes. If the answer was indeed yes there would be no end to his excitement. Inwardly of course, no one likes to be around a human jumping bean.

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Aura Chou
The day was silent other than the birds that flew in the sky that was like a painting. Ships, the sea, and the big blue sky. Her tails were hiding within her single tail that was under her. Anyone who saw her only saw a human woman with fox ears that could be real or fake. She has seen at stores some fake yet realistic-looking kitsune ears. She smiled softly as she felt the warm sun against her pale face. It was like free suntan if only most saw it like that instead of going to some magical machine to get a tan.

Silly humans.

Soon enough she heard a human herself speak to most likely her as he spoke Joyan. Her left fox ear twitched at the sound of his voice - a man. Her eyes cornered quickly and stood up in a defensive mode. She gazed at him with her sun blazing golden eyes. Did master send this man?! She should have known better than to feel relaxed and not prepared for battle. She was not strong at all yet, not ready for any of the master's men. Priscilla also was not here to protect her. What will she do? "I-I do, yes. What about it?" She questioned as if she was anxious and scared about something. All her nine tails formed as they flailed about like an angry scared animal.

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Before his eyes stood a living breathing kitsune. A descendant of the fox god his village worshiped when he was a child. He quickly dropped to one knee in respect for the being before him. "Forgive me daughter of the rice god. Had I known it was you I would have never disturbed you." The one thing he was taught to do all his life, was to respect the kitsune, for they were Inari's love for man kind given shape. A being in both images. Something and someone to respected.

"I am but a humble son of a rice farmer. I apologize for startling you, it was not my intention at all." He had hoped that this apology would suffice for her, to put her at ease. He could tell she was defensive, for reasons he was not sure of, something strange to be sure, but only because he knew only of his peoples relationship with the kitsune. Being that during his days as a soldier of the shogun, his wife a kitsune, took a liking to him.

Because of such treatment he dedicated his life to the protection of the nonhumans. It was his way of repaying her kindness.

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Aura Chou
The man seemed to feel terribly sorry for even speaking to her. What was wrong with the human? Was this man not working for her master? The human master that enslaved her? Her eyes squinted at him and then cornered left, right to look around. Lastly, her eyes replaced back at him as she cocked her eyebrow. "You're... not with that disgusting human master of mine. Are you?" She almost could tell that this guy was literally not someone her human slaver will send to catch her. He looked strong, but being a rice farmer would make sense.

That stuff was heavy.

She remembered how all the other slaves that were originally from Joyan also spoke as he was towards her. This rice god... her parents didn't talk to her about him at all. They sold her anyways so maybe what if they really were not her parents? She was no mere human though, but no god. Just a child of one that was created by one. Her defensive stance loosened as she looked at the ground, dropped and dusted off her kimono. The man was obviously taller than her, looking up at him. "Tell me about this rice god and you may ask me questions about me if you wish." She was hungry as her stomach growled once again. Her eyes lowered and cornered in embarrassment. "It's not like I'm hungry or anything, but could we eat while we talk maybe? Not common to find Joyans here." She cleared her throat and waited for him to show her the whereabouts. She was new here.

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"Yes Madame, I will answer any questions you might have, as well as pay for lunch." He said bringing himself up from his knelled position. It had been quite some time since he was in the prescience of the daughter of the fox god. He had almost forgotten what they looked like.

"There is a lovely little poki bowl shop on the pier at the port if you're interested in that." He would not dare tell her what it is she was going to eat. It was not a mans place to tell a woman anything, especially not a woman of such status within his culture.

"Yare yare, where are my manners. My name is Mattori Manzo. Blue Pegasus Mage and Dragon Slayer." He said with a smile as he stuck his hands in his pockets. Pulling out a carton of cigarettes. Taking one out and pressing it to his lip. Snapping his finger to light it, taking a short drag off of it.

"I know it's a dirty habit but it really calms my nerves in situations like these." He said whilst rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

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Aura Chou
She gave off a simply teasing smile and nodded, "Good! Let's go." she jogged ahead excitingly, but waited each time Manzo was behind. It was rude to leave your guest behind when they will be the one showing you places. This human was amusing as he was gentle and had many manners. It was strange since most men had none. The words he was saying, 'Poki bowl' was that some kind of food in a bowl? She had to find out herself so she kept on followed beside or a little ahead of him even if that made no sense.

The man started out saying his name, he was a dragon slayer? and from a guild named Blue Pegasus. "Never heard of those things. What's a... dragon slayer? Is it in the namesake or more to it?" She tilted her head a little and gazed away while thinking. Her mind sort of went off with everything he said. She forgot to even say her name as her thoughts trailed off on this dragon and guild subject.

It was all disturbed as her nose sniffled a smoke fragrant. "H-huh?" Her head turned to see him smoking. "A lot of humans where I was before here did that. I'm quite use to it." She offered assurance that Aura did not mind at all.

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"Dragon Slayer is a kind of magic. Given to the mortals by dragons during a great struggle many centuries ago. I'm kind of really into history." He said with a chuckle. It had been a long time since he had the opportunity to talk about himself.

It was a nice change of pace to be honest. "Also A poki bowl is a mixture of seaweed salad and fresh fish. It's quite delicious!" He said with a smile, before he realized that he may have accidentally read her mind. He probably should have mentioned that. Better save face before she asks how he knew what she was thinking.

"A lot of people haven't had that dish before, so I end up explaining it, even when not asked." Hopefully that was enough of an explanation for her. He had never told anyone that he was able to read minds. He didn't think now would be a good time, seeing as she was on the defensive before hand. Knowing something like that would only make things weird. And the fact that he could see through her clothes if he wanted to.

You should never tell a woman you know what her bra size is before she tells you herself. Words to live by.

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Aura Chou
Somehow the dragons intrusted these humans with part of their soul. It was to help defend or defeat dragons, but it did not make sense with one defeating the purpose of the other. Manzo seemed to really be into history or facts about magics. It was nice to have some stories be told to her. She enjoyed them as she had many stories of her own too. The dish they were eating was some salad and seafood type of thing. Was it like the fish sandwich she had? It was covered in rice, filled in with crab, and some white thick cream with a vegetable in it.

"Oh alright. I get it now." Her stomach growled once more as she honestly was not a huge vegan eater unless it was gathered with meat. This salad with fish did not sound like a good mix, but she was open to trying it. Men checked her out with every pass by as women looked at Manzo. She was a unique species as it was not often you will see a nine-tailed fox, but slowly she formed back her tails into only a single white fluffy tail. Her golden eyes wandered as this place was beautiful.

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As they rounded a corner, he dared not lay his eyes on her as the men of this nation do. After all they don't have ancestors to answer to when they pass on. Were he to do anything out of turn, it would be the end of him, even in death. "Now where we are headed is Joyan owned and ran restaurant. So if you want something other than Poki, they have all kinds of things from our homeland there." He said in a cheerful tone.

It had been quite some time since he had anything other than cup ramen to remind him off home. Well that and sake, but that was hardly enough for him to feel any kind of connection to home. So this was something worth celebrating. Not only that, but he was taking a child of the rice god to dinner, a true honor where he came from.

As they came closer to the restaurant he stopped his companion for a moment. "So just as a heads up. They might, well treat you in a mnner you aren't used to. Where we come from your kind of a big deal." He said with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck.

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Aura Chou
They walked towards the place where they will be eating. She felt hungry to the point where she could probably eat a farm of no forbidden meat. Surely, she felt like he knew she had no true interest in this salad of which he spoke of. Her eyes watched him while he spoke. She didn't trust him if she had to be honest, but she also felt like he was no threat to her as of right now. Where she is from, most people who enslave people were men. Men were the symbol of empowerment and those who will indulge the sight of many women. It was disgusting.

Once they got to the location she was suddenly stopped by Manzo. He started to talk about how they will treat her differently here since she was a kitsune and not just some ordinary human. Special treatment would be nice for a change, but at the same time she did not want special attention. "Alright. Understood." She spoke calmly in her soothing voice. Her eyes went towards the door and went inside with Manzo once he felt it was appropriate to go inside. She wondered what she was going to order since they had many things here from her Country.

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Manzo would proceed in opening the door for her, as was the polite thing to do. As the two walked through he could tell some of the employees had taken notice as to who it is he was with. They showed the same amount of reverent respect as he did. They too had ancestors they did not want to displease after all. He would walk up to the host stand hoping to secure them a mat with a nice view of the ocean.

"Hi, I would like to sit in the mistresses preferred section. If that would be alright." THe host nodded his head and began to lead them there. One of the perks of being Ace meant you did get the guild master treatment every once a while. Certainly nothing to complain about.

As the two sat down, Manzo would begin to look over the menu, seeing whatever it is that he felt like today. His ruby red reptilian eyes glanced over each line. It didn't take long to decide on what it is he was going to have. "I think I'm feeling just a little bit of everything today? What about you? See anything good?" He asked with a smile, his sharp canines poking out just a bit.

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Aura Chou
The man opened the door for her kindly as she walked inside. They treated her with bows and respect which was new to her. Everyone treated her like dirt where she was from, what she was used to was a speckle to her existence. The kitsune went to their seat by the ocean view area. It was pretty and sometimes she still missed the open sea, but then she will miss nature once there. Very conflicting it was. Her attention was caught by Manzo talking to her instantly. He talked about how he was hungry for a little bit of everything, but what was everything?

She picked up the menu and read over what was all there. "I will have some mango-pineapple smoothie, but for food, I will have; two Teriyaki yakitoris, a bowl of donburi, five onigiris stuffed with salmon and fried shrimp and some honey toast.~" She happily spoke. She gave off a happy smile as she thought of the food. Her stomach was eating itself at this point and looked at Manzo and realized all she ordered. "Oh- uh... Maybe I should order less..." She mumbled and gazed away nervously. She was really hungry, but it was also the fact she loved food. The most non-Joyan thing she ordered as perhaps the smoothie, but it was refreshing sounding. "Ss-soo I'm assuming you spend a lot of time in this city since they seemed to know you." She changed the subject quickly.

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His dragon senses picked up the mumble she was saying to herself. Something about eating less. That didn't make any sense to him. What she ordered sounded like a reasonable amount to him. This idea that women had to watch what they ate, just sounded like more misogynistic bullshit than anything else. But from the look on her face, he could tell she was feeling rather subconscious about her eating habits.
The only reasonable thing to do, was to order more to make her feel less insecure. That and with his animal like appetite there was no such thing as too much food.

"As for me, I'll have the boba tea. And for my main course. Steak and tuna tataki. Sashimi, chicken and beef udon. Six onigir, unagi, a platter of tempura shrimp, Gyoza, and lastly a bowl of miso soup." He said as he flashed a smile towards his dining companion. Who at that point had decided to change the subject. Little did she know he was rarely ever here. Not something most Aces would do but, he preferred to travel. It was just his way of being.

"Actually, I'm usually only here about one week out of the year. Pretty weird for an Ace to hardly ever be in his guilds city, but that's just how it goes sometimes."

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Aura Chou
The guy just ordered as much as her if not more. Her fox ear twitched irritatedly as she wondered if he was just teasing her or perhaps he was going the nicer route in showing her there was nothing wrong with eating a lot. "I-it's not like I eat this much normally, okay? I.. I just haven't ate in a while." She gazed away, blushing lightly. This was embarrassing. Being shown up by a human with some special magic. Who knows what else he has up his sleeve. Was Manzo some type of trickster? She was a little worried now at the thought. Tricksters were bad omens even in the industry she was in.

That reminded her! After listening to him about only visiting this place every so often she had an idea. A little lean over and her eyes of gold gazed at his eyes. "I heard there was this city dedicated to Joyans. Many Joyans live there. I might go to visit. Did you want to join?" She was like a child who discovered something fun to do. She wanted to see if this place had colorful housing, festivals, and even the carts of food that were located in random places. Her eyes saw the drinks on their way, her single tail swaying happily.

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"You really don't have to justify the amount of food you eat Aura. That's your business and no one elses." He said with a smile, not really understanding why it was that she felt the need to justify her eating habits. But that probably had a lot to do with the fact that she was a woman. If a man was to eat as much as she did, people would say "oh he needs his strength.". If a woman does something like that, she would have to fend off comments about her being a pig or, that she was going to get fat. What's wrong with being fat, in his mind nothing. Personal choice is a very important thing in a civilized society.

Huh a city dedicated to Joyans. Sounds like Hosenka. WHich isn't too far from here in the grand scheme of things." He said placing his hand under his chin. It was odd that she would suddenly invite him to travel with her. There may be more to this request. As she did say she was hiding from someone. Odds are she may need some protection, which was fine.

"You know what, sure. I'm in!" He said with a smile.

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Aura Chou
Aura wondered if perhaps her shipmate was there in Hosenka. Suki was a young child who she was stuck on the ship with when they both escaped their country. It was an interesting time there on that boat. Together they became distant towards everyone else. Suki was more on the open side as she wanted to be everyone's friend. She learned more Fiorian than Aura did. Manzo seemed fine with her eating habits and she should not be ashamed of how much she eats. Her face was still red though out of embarrassment.

Thankfully, he agreed to go with her in to which she clapped a few times. "I am happy you agree." She always has been talking in Joyan this whole time. Hopefully, he knew that. As he agreed the food arrived, all the food being put down on the table neatly. Her stomach growled louder like a lion trapped in Rome - only to be let free to eat people. Her eyes looked at his and then at the food. Once again she does the same thing again with the looking as if she was waiting for him to eat first. "So shall we travel after we eat then? To this.. Hosenka." she cheerfully took a drink of her smoothie, foxtail swaying left and right excitedly.

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Shortly after their exchange, the two would see their food arrive, thank the multiple gods above. Because it was past time for him to consume something. He was in desperate need of nourishment, and this would do just that. Because it was past time for him to have lunch. As the food was finally placed neatly on the table he noticed that she was waiting on him to make the first move. No need to send a written invitation. He broken his chopsticks apart and rolled them between his palms before beginning to dig in.

It was time to enjoy the fruits of his labor, which in this case was the food before him. Which he was enjoying quite a bit. Hopefully she would as well. Soon after he began to dig in that she would like to travel shortly after they finished there food. Once he had finished chewing and swallowed he would wipe his mouth and answer her question. "That sounds perfectly fine, I need to run by the guild and let them know I need to leave. " The was sadly a part of his responsibility which he didn't enjoy but it was what it was.

"Are you enjoying your food?"

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Aura Chou
She did not understand what he meant by the guild. She was never apart of one nor did she understand what it was like. Truthfully, she loved to be free so maybe a guild was something to be tied to. It was nice for a change; from arriving here in chains, messed up hair, no bath for a while to super clean, and meeting new people. It was odd as it felt like this was too good of a thing. Freedom was never forever as she has been there personally. "Alright.~ You can stop by there on the way then." She spoke sweetly and took a drink simply looking into it.

"I find this drink refreshing. Never had a smoothie till today. Never had it in the establishment I was enslaved in."
She was lost in her mind. She didn't realize the words she spoke. Her eyes widened as she realized a moment later and looked up at him. "I-I mean, it felt like enslavement..." She tried to cover it up. Some people felt like slaves at home and work. It should work, right? Her eyes gazed away innocently as she sipped on her smoothie, trying to forget, but yet she could never forget the horrors.

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"Ah yes, good old enslavement. Spent a lot of my childhood enslaved. zero out of ten, would not recommend." He said as he started on his steak tataki. Which he had to add was quite excellent. It had been so long since he had proper Joyan food. No, cup of noodles does not count, no matter what anyone tells you. Nothing was better than true Joyan cooking. The freeze dried things would never be better. Sure it was a bit pricey, but it wasn't as if he was hurting for money. The guild kept an open tab here.

"On the subject of things I've never had. I personally have never had fugu. All though, considering the lacrima in my chest, now probably isn't the worst time to try some." He said with another smile as he continued to dig in.

"I remember, when I was a child. I used to dream of eating things like this, coming from a poor family. Then when I was sold to the shogun, I got to eat rice for the first time. It was nothing compared to this, but at the time. It was just as important." Rice was their chief export within the world, hard to believe he didn't get to eat any of it until he was sold.

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Aura Chou
She couldn't tell if he was joking or he was serious. It sounded a little bit of both as she tilted her head in disbelief and gazed at him silently. It was silent until she opened her mouth of course. "You were a slave as well, Manzo?" She wondered as she finished her smoothie and food as it was all empty and gone. Her fingers played with her hair and listened to the rest of what he had to say and once again opened her mouth. That was till he just then answered her question. It was good timing on his part.

The shogun as far as she knew was a high military type of area. She gazed away and put a finger on her cheek. "I was sold to the high monarchy. I was the Jewel of Joya. Entertained even the higher courts with dancing and feeding. It was disgusting in most parts. The only thing I could enjoy was dancing and music. No one was allowed to take my innocence... that was law till... that day..." She ghostly spoke the last part as she coughed to clear her throat and stood up. "I think I'm done here. I will wait for you outside." She nodded and bowed to the owner and the workers before leaving. Once she got outside she leaned against the building quietly.


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Soon after Aura took her leave, he would think about what it is she had told him. He often wondered why the children of their culture. It was indeed a sad state of affairs. Hopefully that would change once day. But for now, it was time to get this show on the road. He would wipe his mouth upon finishing his food. He would get up from the mat and walk over to the counter where it is he would pay, upon doing so he would walk out of the restaurant to meet his now traveling companion.

"I'm feeling a little gutsy today. Let's skip the guild and just hit the road. I'll send a letter vie my wyvern." He said with a smile as he began to walk down the street, hopefully his companion following closely behind him so that they may get the show on the road, and hopefully enjoy some hot springs. It had truly been a very long time since had one. Hopefully they had sake there, it would be a real benefit to him if they did. He hadn't had a proper stiff drink in lord knows how long.


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