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A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus)

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A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:36 pm

The sounds of rain pelting the ground below and lightning raging from the heavens echoed through the streets of Hosenka. This town was well none for its clubs and spas, almost a town of leisure and debauchery. A well known cabaret club, located in the middle of the busiest district in the city, seemed to be almost fighting to make more noise then the raging weather outside. It was not odd that the club was jam packed and loud, this was almost a daily thing for the club.

The stage in the back of the main room was light up with sparkling light lacrimas, emitting a bright iridescent light, powerful but yet with a hue of fragility, almost as it was being controlled by an outside force, being bent to someone's control. A sweet melody played as a white clad figure stepped to the middle of the stage. Her curvaceous body drew the eyes of many in the club, even before she starting to sing. Her body was dressed in a white dress with a long slit up the right leg exposing a good amount of skin. Her bodacious breasts adorned in lace, seemed to draw more attention then she cared to admit. Her sparkling crimson eyes scanned the room, noticing the different exits and the patrons of the club, just in case something went down that she needed to be aware of. It was obvious that she was not just a normal singer of a cabaret, there was an aura of strength, as if she has been through many a tough time.

Her voice radiated through the club, an angelic like voice that enamored patrons of the male and female persuasion. The music continued to play as she started her song. Her body swayed and danced as she performed, adding a bit of movement unique to most cabaret singers. After her set she walked off the stage and was going to head to the back before something caught her vision from the corner of her eye. A man was harassing one of the hostesses near the bar and it was obvious she was not into it. She was trying to get away when the man grabbed her wrist and forced her not to move.

She tried to make her way through the crowd but was blocked by too many customers before she took a few steps back before running and front flipped over the group landing on the bar counter. "Let her go, Now!" She said with a clear interpretation of anger in her voice.

The man scoffed at her and said, "Mind you own business, bitch! Wait your turn and I can have you singing all night." He said with an almost evil laugh before looking back to the hostess. Anyone looking at the scene with easily see a streak of red hot rage on the pink haired girl's face as she swung her right foot as hard as she could, kicking the man straight in the face, knocking him down. As he fell and hit the ground she flipped off the counter and landed straight on the man's chest, knocking the air out of him, knocking him unconscious.

"Next time, tip your waitress." She said as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and checked up on the hostess.

#2Venus Rosé 

A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:03 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus Rosé walked through the streets of Hosenka; a home to leisure and entertainment, the best place she could possibly asked for herself. It was still early when the clouds gave of their rain to the grass and trees, when the road became alive with more splashes than her eyes could appreciate. Rainy days were her favourite kind of days – that is, if she wasn’t required to leave her house. The evening was the best time for people who sought the glee and wonder of a night-time refuge to hopefully distance themselves from their lives when the sun calls them in. By this hour, people have fled to the safety of their own shelter, into the arms of their beloved ones, but one young woman with bright cherry-wine hair sauntered over the cobblestones of Hosenka’s roads, an umbrella above her to shield herself from the soft pitter-patter.

Her stiletto heels clacked each step she took, while she received some passing glances from the strangers who walked by. The woman didn’t want to acknowledge whatever they found interesting on her features, be it her clothes or her scarlet hair, and she simply busied herself with the thoughts of the excitement and thrill she was going to have once she arrived the destination. Her choice of clothing was perfect for the evening, perhaps a tad bit revealing; a sheer black top paired up with a silver sequin mini-skirt and her signature red stiletto heels.

The oaken doors to the cabaret stood right before her where loud music pounded behind the doorway and where cigarette smoke curls from every doorway. As she pushed the doors open, the scent of smoke and the loud pound of music blasted into her face. The redheaded beauty found herself a vacant seat and while she ordered a strong glass of whiskey for herself, not long after, she found herself enjoying the company of a few people who’d approached her – not in an inappropriate way – but rather, they’d noticed her amongst the crowd and Venus took the opportunity to amuse herself by engaging in a conversation; a trick of hers to get useful information out of them.

The lights had dimmed out and the spotlight finally shone down upon a young girl beautiful enough to attract the attention of the entire audience in the cabaret. Her voice was just as mesmerizing as her appearance and she’d watch the entire hall falling into silence as they listened to her voice echoing against the wall of the cabaret. It had been a long while since she’d last heard someone singing this beautifully in front of her eyes and she had to admit it was truly a blessing to her ears. Applauses and cheers rippled through the audience and the cabaret quickly returned to the rowdy state as it was in originally after the performance was done. Venus figured it was the cue for her to get some drinks for herself and get wasted.

It was hardly halfway into the night, but it seemed that a fight had already broken out when she heard the bar stools clanging, some shocked gasps and a small crowd gathering near the scene. ”Here we go again.” The usual expected occasion of ‘perverted man harassing the young girl played out before her, quickly intervened by the singer who was on stage just a moment ago. ”Interesting,” a grin spread across her lips, raising her glass of whiskey onto her lips and took a sip as she watched the girl pummelled her feet into his face. The man was dragged off against the floor by the security guards with his nose bleeding out; poor man was probably unconscious but he quite deserved that kick.

The horde quickly dispersed once the fight was over and Venus would approach the girl with a glass in her hand, her dark blazer draped over her shoulders. ”What’s your name? Care to have a drink with me after you gave him that beating?”


A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:15 am

Raina smiled as she did her best to make sure the hostess was not harmed. She had a small bruise on her arm from were the ruffian had grabbed her. "Do not concern yourself with this ugly bruise, I will take care of it." She said with a caring smile as she raised her right hand to the bruise. Sparkling lights of all shades of colors illuminated her hand as she spoke. "Iridescent dream illuminate! Vita!" She chanted as the lights seem to soothe and heal the bruise on the woman's arm.

The hostess seemed to lit up as the bruise vanished and her arm instantly felt better. "Wow, Raina this is amazing! I did not know you had magic. Thank you so very much." She said as she quickly ran off the other staff members nearby. Raina sighed as she was approached by a red haired girl asking her to have a drink with her. Raina did not know how to feel about it, honestly. She was a little hesitant to accept the invitation. She used to be so good at this, so good at being able to be social and friendly with just about anyone, but the new Raina, the one who had left her whole past behind, disappeared the day she went into stasis.

She wanted to get back to her old life, but did she have any right? The thoughts swirled in her head while she realized she was just sitting there, like a total spaz, not answering the girl. "Um... uh... sure!" She managed to squeak out before a huge shade of blush struck across her face. "Unless. unless you are gonna hit on me too." She continued as she hung her head down and hair covered her face. "I am... really not in the mood." It had been a while since she used magic of any sort besides just basic lights, it really seemed to take it out of her. She had not felt right since her stasis. She breathed heavily as she awaited the girl's response, hoping her quick change in breathing was not noticed.

#4Venus Rosé 

A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Fri Aug 14, 2020 5:37 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Hm, healing magic. Interesting. The red-head bemused as she watched the female stranger who had attracted her attention worked the wonders of her magic upon the other girl. When Venus had proposed the idea of having a drink together with the girl, she seemed hesitant and was rather half-hearted in accepting her offer. So, the hunter quickly chimed in to clarify that she was by no means approaching her with any sort of intensions, ”Don’t worry. I’m not here to harm you or anything, just want to have a chat – to know more about you.” It was no lie the singer was a beautiful woman, but Venus’ heart already belonged to someone hence, it wouldn’t be possible for her to be flirting with someone unless there was something significant to gain out of it.

”Let’s have a drink.” She tilted her head over to the bar counter, gesturing her over to the vacant spots at the bar and Venus would occupy the seat next to the girl. ”Rania, was it?” She had asked her name earlier after the fight had broken out, but perhaps the other female was occupied with her own thoughts since Venus never received an answer to her question. ”Name’s Venus.” she spoke, smiling softly down at the girl who still seemed to be rather uncomfortable with her approach.

The Siren had attempted her best efforts to be tolerant with the pink-haired girl, not wanting to coerce her into answering her questions especially since she seemed unwilling to have Venus as her company. Albeit, her persistence remained, mainly because there was something she wanted from Raina. ”You were really talented up there, did you travel to Hosenka to become a singer?” she enquired, hoping to get the response slowly out of her newly attained acquaintance to see whether Raina would be ready for the question Venus was about to ask next.


A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Thu Aug 20, 2020 6:43 pm

The woman spoke to her about just wanting to chat, and going to the counter for a drink, and honestly Raina was surprised. Normally when people approach her here, they want something, whether it be company, or to an extreme situation, to claim her for their own. Honestly it was a draining situation, something that just took everything she had not to deck the next person that asked for her company. "I ended up here after losing myself and five years of my life." She answered before walking towards the bar. She walked to the bar at a moderate speed, hoping that what this woman said was true. The sound of her heels clacking against the wooden bar floor rang through the room as she traveled. She picked a spot not surrounded by people and took a seat.

The bartender walked towards her and brought her the usual drink. She took a sip before brushing her hair over her shoulder, awaiting for the girl to join her. She kept herself guarded as she waited. She was really not in the mood for someone to hit on her. She motioned for the barkeep and said in an almost whisper, "If she starts hitting on me please bail me out." The barkeep smiled at her and winked before walking away.

#6Venus Rosé 

A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:29 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Truth be told, there was something that Venus wanted from the girl albeit, it wasn’t the sort of inappropriate requests that the other girl often received instead, she was planning to make an offer to her – one that could possibly help her. The Siren joined the female at the bar, seating herself next to her and when the bartender approached, she’d order herself a glass of whiskey, strong and chilly, just like how she usually ordered. Despite volunteering to introduce her own name, Venus wasn’t given the response so she was rather left dumbfounded on how she should address the singer but quickly came to the solution that she would simply call her as ‘girl’.

It was apparent that she didn’t trust Venus, despite not showing any hostility and honestly, she couldn’t blame her. The times they were living were unjust so it was usual for everyone to be guarded with strangers and even the huntress herself felt the same, except that she had the ability strong enough to fend for herself that not many people dared to approach her – perhaps excluding the ones who were out on a hunt for her head. When the singer requested the bartender to look out for her stead however, the Siren couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Rebellious in nature, Venus was also a woman who was easily irritated when she wasn’t given the chance to correct herself.

”Trust me, I’m not here for that. Besides, I have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be hitting on a stranger for no reason.”

The whiskey glass was eventually placed before her and the fiery red-haired woman swirled it in her hands as she watched the ice cubes clink against the glass before she lifted it against her lips. It had been a while since she’d consumed alcohol; her elixir of life and she was more than glad that she’d encountered this younger girl at a bar, for it blessed her with the opportunity to indulge in her favourite type of beverage.

”You’re an amazing artist and I see that you’re a capable healer, no less,” she spoke once she’d taken a good sip of her whiskey and hovered it over her lips again. ”Ever heard of Daeva Eye, by any chance?”


A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:39 pm

Raina sighed as she took a sip of her drink. She was being a bitch and she knew it. She swirled her drink a little as the woman reassured her she was not here for anything sketchy. The mention of the woman being claimed honestly helped her feel at ease. Her body language relaxed and it was obvious to see that she was more relaxed. "Sorry for my behavior. I swear I am not always this tense or hostile. My name is Raina, Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar. It just has been a rough time for me. Trying to get my life back on track after such a long time has not been easy." She said as she looked into the woman's eyes, sadness clearly spread upon hers. The woman asked her about a Daeva Eye or something. Raina cocked her head to the side cutely as she thought.

"I am sorry. I do not know what that is. Is it a magic guild? If so.. I do not know if you would want me there. I was in a wizard guild once, a pretty prominent one, before I was taken. I do not know if they even think I am alive. When I awoke my guild mark was gone, and my head fuzzy. Plus my magic is not as strong as it seems, sure it can heal and affect light, but I am still not on par with a ton of other wizards. Please do not waste your time with me. I am a lost cause." She said as tears welled in her eyes and she took another drink.

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A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty on Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:54 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

”You’re alright, everyone has those days.” Venus lifted up the glass up for a toast, before bringing it against her lips to take another sip. It was finally good to see the girl, Raina – as she introduced herself as – finally relaxed around her. She was only here to enjoy her drinks and possibly learn more about the beautiful singer, without doing any harm of course, so she would feel uncomfortable if the young girl was always tense around her, especially since Venus might even become her guild mistress if she were to accept her offer that is. That was the plan; to recruit Rainer after seeing her abilities to captivate the audience as well as her skills as a renowned mage: they would suffice to a good addition to their guild.

The Siren merely observed her as Raina explained in regards to how she’d been struggling with her life in general. From her forlorn facial expressions, it seemed that she truly was, and even from the way she spoke of her own abilities, they were with insecurity almost as if everything took an impact on her confidence. Venus had gone through a lot of things that existed, but losing confidence wasn’t one, so she couldn’t possibly relate to her own experience albeit, seeing her struggling this much almost made her feel as though she was dealing with a person who was lost for directions. The woman sighed.

”It is a guild, the only all-female guild existing in Fiore, in fact,” she spoke proudly of her own; one that has become almost like a family to her. The guild has had its own achievements, namely the Grand Magic Games where they were placed the winner of the tournament and certainly, has a lot of potential members that could rival many other guilds. Perhaps it was just her arrogance playing here but nonetheless, they’ve made a name for themselves in recent years ever since the new guilds were established. The information given to her that Raina was part of a guild before was useful enough to tell her that she’s had the experience of being in one. ”We’re not at all about power, or being strong. We’re mostly just young girls in a guild finding a purpose – well, it is that for me at least.” She chuckled, lightening the conversation.

”At the very least you’ll have some precious girlfriends around you.” The hunter smirked, propping her elbow onto the bar counter while she rested her cheek into her palm. ”You don’t need to make a decision now, anyway. Feel free to take your time. I’ll be available for you to contact if you’re interested.”


A Caged Bird, Freed! (Raina/Venus) Empty Yesterday at 2:09 pm

Raina blushed a little as Venus spoke explaining the merits of the guild and the lack of men. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as the thought of returning to guild life excited her. She wanted nothing more then to just return to normal, to put the past behind her, but could she do it? Was it possible for her to be her old self? Her body shook a little as she took a sip from her drink. Anxiety and excitement performing in an obscure dance, each vying for control. She shook her head a little trying to shake the nerves from her system before she spoke.

"I.. would like.." she stuttered out before talking a gulp of her drink, "to join please. If you will have me." She head her head down as her face lit up with a deep crimson blush. It was almost like she was breaking down a wall she built as she spoke. "May I, please?" She continued in an almost too soft of a voice. She was scared of what could happen, flashes of her past trauma ran through her mind, but she had to move past it. She has to live her life instead of being frozen in time.

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