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Test the waters || Kyorari

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#1Kyorari Yotsujiki 

Test the waters || Kyorari  Empty Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:45 pm

Kyorari Yotsujiki
A young blonde with back length hair, scampered around the raging tides of hargeon as it became a busy evening throughout the day. The blonde had her left hand preoccupied with a flier that, the blonde had grabbed off of the walls from a guild. The Blue Pegasus guild grew farther as she traveled to locate a marine biologist. Amber eyes searched through the content of the flier, as Kyorari paid no attention to what's infront. The numerous amount of jobs that ensue in the day to day life of a mage, becomes a life brimming with a new take on the world. Kyorari hadn't expected too much out of being a mage, the blonde sensed that, it's vital to take the mage buisness in a stagnant pace. A mistress sensed incomplition in regards to what to expect from the world. For now it is required to focus more at the task, as there a time to worry about the matter would be set aside. In the meantime, Kyorari's amber eyes spied on a waving woman. The woman who's signaling Kyorari over to an entrance the woman had been standing at. It became the woman who the sorcerers is supposed to partake on this job of hers. Now, the sorcerers had never dabled into marine biologist, so Kyorari had hoped that the marine biologist doesn't put too much faith in the sorcerers abilities. In the eyes of an expert, Kyorari is like an apprentice in this situation. The job is to assist her on the marine biologists test.

The woman experienced eagerness to get starded, in order to determine the right appraoch in solving this problem with Hargeon's waters. Kyorari had enabled herself to learn of the womans nature to discover, and observe the problem; While, Kyorari felt like a helpless woman that, looked like a lost child. The marine biologist would ensure that, this job will be a piece of cake. Kyorari sensed assurance as the pair would commence their opperation to catch a glimpse to the problem. The young blonde is tasked to test the waters, by dipping the liquid into the cylinder shaped tubes that, the marine biologist is holding. The woman expressed disdain in her crystal blue eyes. The young sorcerers had learned about how to test for pollution, as the tasked had required Kyorari to test them for any signs of salt concentation. Kyorari's head was in a daze, but the sorcerers mananged to keep going, despite the complexity of the task

Her worries had heightened once, Kyorari dipped her febble, delicate hands into the crystal blue waters. As Kyorari had placed the liquid into their rightful domain, She began to experience a change of color. As a number of test were running through, the marine biologist series of water samples grew to form a conclusion. This activities of their, felt important to the marine biologist as it could potentially pose a risk if nothing were to be done about the cause within Hargeon's waters. Just as they were about finished with their job, The woman expressed gratitude towards Kyorari's assistance, much to the young sorcerers satisfaction.

The more experienced person in this particular field would understand the importance of their research than the average joe. In this particular case, Kyorari is the average person. But, as the sorcerers spent more time with the marine biologist, Kyorari's understanding had increase. However, her opinion on the matter leaned towards an uncaring side. The sorcerers didn't possess the amount of interest that, the young woman beside her possessed; While, Kyorari isn't bold to exprience how uninterested she is at the matter. Instead Kyorari held a smile. The sorcerers believed in the fact that things can change in time, but those changes aren't always bound to come. Kyorari could only give an ounce of faith totwards the marine biologist success in discovering the solution to the problem.

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